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  1. The powers said they would take BPA and you,ESPN think all the QB's are all top 5 picks....don't think so!!...We will see
  2. Finally a media pundit that gets it
  3. I'm told GM Terry Fontenot did not want to restructure QB Matt Ryan but he felt he had no choice because he needed cap space to sign draft picks, fill out roster. More in here ($1 sale): Media Clown BS
  4. HBD Banker from the Wayback Machine..hope you are well
  5. Yes and **** YES...I don't need the media telling us who is good.Dreaming for tradedowns is ok but rarely happen.
  6. Hope Mack is coaching him instead of the worst OL coach in history
  7. call me crazy,this pick is a reach...blah,blah,blah...for me I am running so dang fast to the podium with Najee Harris as my 1st round pick that Mel Kiper has a complete meltdown.
  8. Sorry man...prayers for you and the family
  9. The players like Q regardless of the recliner GM's....yes!!
  10. He would been traded the next week before any other team saw this BS!!
  11. The only way we win this game is Quinn spends the game in concussion protocol while the mascot calls defensive plays.
  12. Me from 1967 and finally I have had enough.Live in Tennessee,like Vrabel and knew the Titans were tougher on the field.The Falcons still play soft zone and have not been able to stop or convert a 3rd and 1 for 20 years....I am out!
  13. Looks good....but until we start converting a 3rd and 1.....and stopping a 3rd and 1 in real games....I will temper my expectations!
  14. At 26-1 to win the Super Bowl? I am gonna get a piece of that action!
  15. All three will get beat just like every players in the NFL but this fan base will explode and will expect at least one of our 3 corners to be cut at midseason!!
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