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  1. Knapp is old school no thanks...also the a new OL coach would be nice
  2. I would rephrase that...What chance do the VIKINGS have against the NFC Champions on the road??Answer ...not much and the QB will be exposed for the backup that he is!!
  3. Riley needs to help the special teams that have been quite sad.
  4. Bold Prediction....LOL
  5. Trufant has no interference penalties,5 solo tackles and pick 6 to lead the final score of Atlanta 31-17
  6. Cam didn't like the Benjamin trade since he wasn't consulted.So we sack him early he will have an excuse to blame the trade....so I say mopey!
  7. Most of this fanbase act just like Cowherd
  8. Ricardo Allen
  9. Sark tried to hard establish the run...throw that ball son then the run opens up
  10. I dare say we go BPA and at this point I don't see an OL worthy of the pick.IMO
  11. 5 winning season is a ROW....Lets see what Quinn has..My take if he has a losing season in year one,the impatient fanbase will come unglued....hope it doesn't happen!
  12. Well late to the party again,oh well hate to see good people do weird things in the name of football.Probably shots of courage involved which I have been guilty of doing also.Looks like cooler heads did not prevail this time. I have a great chill out place and welcome all!!....Rock the Boat!!
  13. LOL..when a good signing happens it's atta boy Quinn...when a singing happens the board disagrees with it TD's fault....If remember correctly Quinn has control over the roster.Heck Kroy may not make the final roster but man its gonna be fun watching the drama....