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  1. There is no debate about it, the Saints are the teams biggest rival. I am still not a big fan of the offensive scheme and I hope they show me something to change that tonight.
  2. A decent player. Needs better cover skills though.
  3. At the end of the day...LOL. No, this is not my team anymore, I will just go ahead and admit that. As long as Blank owns it, TD is GM and nothing changes, I am no longer a "real" Falcons fan as you guys see it. Matt Ryan could have won a Superbowl, maybe two for any other team in the NFL. His career will go down as mediocre and his skills will continue to diminish as the next few years go by. Roddy White may go to Carolina and win a Superbowl because the GM there knows what he is doing. Blank don't care about this team or it's fans. He wants a Superbowl in his stadium and he don't care what te
  4. That is how I feel about the owner, the gm, the coaches and most of the players. This team is going nowhere in my lifetime and I guess as long as Mr. Blank gets his money, he won't care whether it is from the opposing team's fans or not. He will probably get his Superbowl in the new stadium, but Mr. Blank's team will never play in one.
  5. I am not going to meltdown at all. I wish him all the beat and hope he gets picked up by Carolina. He deserves a shot at the Superbowl and he would have never had had that with the Falcons.
  6. I don't expect anything to be done differently. The draft will be interesting, it probably won't have much of an impact on the 2016 season though. We probably will be wishing they had an 8 and 8 season at this time next year.
  7. I feel really sorry for the Cincinnati fans. That was a terrible let down considering they had the game all but won. I guess there are worst teams to be a fan of than the Falcons.
  8. I like this post and it makes a good point. This team has sucked most of my life and it is not going to change now. So what, it is just entertainment, or is supposed to be anyway.
  9. I am a big fan of his and that makes me hope he gets to play for a good team.
  10. Dude is getting older and with that comes deterioration of his body. Skills that he had when he was younger are not going to be there anymore. His mind and his experience are still great assets, but probably won't be of any value under KS.
  11. Brian Finnerman was one of my favorite players.
  12. If Ryan were in his third year, I would agree with that.
  13. I respect the heck out of that. It is just that I have seen too many seasons where far too much talent went to waste to feel that way.
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