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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from Pacific_Falcon in It’s Now Or Never For Quinn/TD   
    The one thing I agree with him on is that this is it.  It is put up or shut up for DQ and this staff.   There are (or shouldn't be) any more chances.
    As for the rest, talk about some cherry picked data.   
    He brings up Vic Beasley, De’Vondre Campbell, Duke Riley while ignoring Deion Jones, Grady, Lindstrom, McGary, Oluokun, Ridley, Sheffield, Kazee, etc.   He also ignores that all 3 of the players he gives as an example are currently starters on other teams.  It isn't like they flamed out of the league or something.  Of the 3, I think only Vic is headed out of the league but that is for lack of heart/love of the game not for lack of talent.
    Throw out DQs best season (he WAS head coach.. whether Shanny's offense was a big part of the success in 2016 or not) is meant to make the numbers look worst than they are.  Yes, Quinn needs to improve tremendously or be gone, but the team fought their way out of a hole for them so he deserved one more shot to show if he can be better than a .530 coach.

    And in hindsight, retaining the staff was the right call, because if we were starting from the ground up this year...  with the Covid screwed up offseason... we could forget about being competitive this season.   At least with DQ and staff retained, we have a shot because we're not starting from scratch.
    For those that agree with MB, don't worry...  if DQ flames out again, there will be no more chances.   At worst we are competitive this year and be looking at a new staff next year.  At best, DQ proves he is a good head coach, we make the playoffs  (at minimum), and we continue moving forward.  
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from dawgsfan426 in Broncos game might be a little easier now   
    That sucks.  Von is a great guy on top of being an incredible player.  I hope he heals up and returns to form whenever he gets back. 
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from Peteshweddy in Broncos game might be a little easier now   
    That sucks.  Von is a great guy on top of being an incredible player.  I hope he heals up and returns to form whenever he gets back. 
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from UnrealfalcoN in Broncos game might be a little easier now   
    That sucks.  Von is a great guy on top of being an incredible player.  I hope he heals up and returns to form whenever he gets back. 
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from NCCooley in Broncos game might be a little easier now   
    That sucks.  Von is a great guy on top of being an incredible player.  I hope he heals up and returns to form whenever he gets back. 
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from Francis York Morgan in Broncos game might be a little easier now   
    That sucks.  Von is a great guy on top of being an incredible player.  I hope he heals up and returns to form whenever he gets back. 
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from Atl Falcon in Broncos game might be a little easier now   
    That sucks.  Von is a great guy on top of being an incredible player.  I hope he heals up and returns to form whenever he gets back. 
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    pa_falcon_fan reacted to Goober Pyle in Falcons defensive alignment may be changing in 2020, and here’s a breakdown of what that means   
    by Eric J. Robinson for the Falcoholic
    Ahead of the Atlanta Falcons week one season opener on Sunday, a hot off the press release of the updated depth chart was released. Sure, may seem a bit mundane to some as a common occurrence from teams, but a more in-depth look at the depth chart shows a unique alignment on defense that exhibits what football nerds have been clamoring for.
    Today, we take a deeper look into the Falcons defensive approach per the depth chart, and what it may all mean once the season commences.
    Same formation, different concept (sort of)
    For those that have been following the Falcons closely during the Dan Quinn era in Atlanta, you are already informed that defensively, the team has been operating out of a 4-2-5/3-4 hybrid scheme with ‘Bear’ fronts. This may be a foreign language to some folks, but as Quinn migrated from the Pacific Northwest to the South, a few remnants of that Seahawks defense came with him, albeit with some tweaks and modifications.
    The nickel coverage look for the Falcons is a true staple of their defense for the most part. According to Football Outsiders, the Falcons defense ranked sixth in the NFL last season in terms of usage of the nickel defense, operating out of the alignment 71% of the time. Saying the nickel configuration is a common theme for the Falcons is an understatement.
    The latest release of the team’s depth chart for week one shows plenty of similarities. Starting on the defensive line is the combination of defensive ends Dante Fowler Jr., and Takkarist McKinley with defensive tackles Grady Jarrett and Tyeler Davison on the interior. No surprise there.
    The expected starters at linebacker play out as such as Deion Jones and Foye Oluokun are manning the middle and weak-side linebacker spots, respectively.
    On the back end of the defense is where things get very, very interesting.
    In past seasons, the Falcons 4-3 Under/4-2-5 scheme was often seen with a slot cornerback as that fifth defensive back. That may still be the case at various times depending on matchup, of course, especially with the Falcons signing Darqueze Dennard. This time around, per the depth chart’s listing of starters, that fifth defensive back that is instead a safety. That likely means the team is looking to deploy Keanu Neal, Ricardo Allen, and Damontae Kazee on the field simultaneously.
    I hear the question that is being posed in your mental compartment right now: “What does the three safety look provide for the defense, Eric?” Well, for one, it gives the Falcons a number of options that they have not explored in seasons past. Unique blitz packages can be examined a little more because of Neal’s ability to be effective near the line of scrimmage, something the Falcons could stand to utilize more often.
    Here is a image of what is asked from defenders in the Tampa 2 concept. Safeties are assigned to cover their half of the field, linebackers cover hooks and curls or deeper depending on play diagnosis, corners are assigned to cover flats first or get depth if no route is in their underneath zone.
    Also, instead of the always utilized Cover-3 zone concept, the Falcons can incorporate more Cover-2 looks because of the presence of Kazee and Allen on the back end. Keep in mind that the new defensive coordinator this season is Raheem Morris, who is a “Tampa 2” disciple because of his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he used it extensively.
    Other capabilities and notes
    As I mentioned earlier, the blitz opportunities can also abound in this particular formation. In 2019, the Falcons were 22nd in the NFL in attempted blitzes, sending an extra defender(s) just 24% of the time. A lot of that was a result of the coaching staff wanting to stay true to the concept of generating pressure with their front four on the defensive line. The flexibility of the three-safety look on defense can improve those numbers because of the athleticism and versatility the defense possesses, and the pass rush does need to improve.
    Many are also wondering what does this mean for the slot corners Darqueze Dennard and Kendall Sheffield. Again, the word for the day is ‘versatility’. It’s possible to insert Dennard or Sheffield in the slot while still shuffling the safety trio depending on matchup and game situation. There is also the possibility of sliding Neal at weak-side linebacker while also having five defensive backs on the field, which would provide a modified 4-2-5 or even a 4-1-6 alignment, depending on how much they want to confuse the opposition. Sowing some chaos and getting their best defenders on the field would be a welcome sight.
    Simply put, this particular defensive concept can open up things for the Falcons. It allows them to get a number of athletes on the field and also gives opposing offenses much more to prepare for. It’s an important season for the Falcons, a time to roll back the sleeves and leave it all out on the field, and this new alignment can help.
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from wartownfalcon in KO/PR man??   
    I'm hoping it is Rowland.  From what I've seen he looks like a pretty impressive return guy... and as a receiver he reminds me an awful lot of Taylor Gabriel.  Similar stature, a little faster, and sneaky shifty.  Throw in that he broke a reception record previously held by Jerry Rice and it makes me think he is someone we should hang onto and see what he develops into.  
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    pa_falcon_fan reacted to Ergo Proxy in Falcons sign Kyle Lauletta   
    To folks asking: Covid contingency. Arms to throw in practice if a QB needs to be quarantined.
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    pa_falcon_fan reacted to k-train in Do y’all believe in the brotherhood   
    Way back when I was first starting to play in bands, I read an interview with the bassist from a band I really admired. That band had built a bit of a reputation for always being on, every single show. No matter how long of a tour, they killed it. Most bands (or athletes, or comedians, or actors, etc.) are gonna have an off night here & there. These folks seemingly never did. The interviewer asked how they had gotten to be so consistently good & the bassist said something which resonated with me to this day.

    She simply replied, "Because we're friends."

    She continued by explaining that you can take a few people that are really great at their instruments & form a band. While that band might put out a great album or two, if they don't get along it doesn't matter how talented they are because they'll stop working together as a unit & the whole thing will fall apart.

    She explained that it makes way more sense to play with your friends... people you enjoy creating with, who have have an easy time communicating openly with, who you respect & who respect you back equally. She pointed out that if everyone is on the same page & willing to work hard together for a common cause, the results will be there, the talent will be there in time, and it seems a lot easier to sustain productivity via positivity.

    So if that's essentially the nature of "the brotherhood", I guess I'm a believer.
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    pa_falcon_fan reacted to Shnikies in Lost A Longtime Falcon Fan Yesterday That Some Of You May Remember.   
    My Grandfather Richard D Zupp passed away yesterday at 90 years old. He was a season ticket holder since 1966. 

    The Falcons did a segment honoring him in 2016 that was played in the Georgia Dome.

    He loved this team for so long and only missed one game when his wife was in the hospital. 

    He battled an infection in his foot for 5 months in the hospital. This was especially hard for him and for us because we couldn't visit him and be with him because of the pandemic.

    He would appreciate one last send off from the Falcon faithfull.
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from atljbo in 9 observations from Falcons’ Sunday practice   
    This is the effect I was hoping Fowler would have on Takk!  Takk has the talent, he just needs how Dwight Free ey (Vic with his 15 sack season) to show him how to be a professional.  Hopefully it has a longer lasting effect on Takk than it did Beasley   
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from VTCrunkler in 9 observations from Falcons’ Sunday practice   
    This is the effect I was hoping Fowler would have on Takk!  Takk has the talent, he just needs how Dwight Free ey (Vic with his 15 sack season) to show him how to be a professional.  Hopefully it has a longer lasting effect on Takk than it did Beasley   
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from PokerSteve in 9 observations from Falcons’ Sunday practice   
    This is the effect I was hoping Fowler would have on Takk!  Takk has the talent, he just needs how Dwight Free ey (Vic with his 15 sack season) to show him how to be a professional.  Hopefully it has a longer lasting effect on Takk than it did Beasley   
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    pa_falcon_fan reacted to VTCrunkler in No Derisive and Inflamatiory Political Talk on TATF   
    We understand there is a lot going on in the world today.  Yet whatever is going on out there, this is considered a safe space to just talk about the Atlanta Falcons. 
    That being said, there will be a zero tolerance policy surrounding political talk on this forum.  Political talk has no place in a forum dedicated strictly for the discussion of the Atlanta Falcons. 
    Thanks for your understanding.  
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    pa_falcon_fan reacted to LightningDawg58 in Entire Organization Out in Full Show of Support   
    -Owner made a statement in support
    -GM made statements in support
    -Head Coach Spoke Out in support
    -Players have spoken out in support
    -Team Website and Social Media have been on board
    *Atlanta Falcons Message Board: "This is a Sacred Place"
    Maybe we should check the bad apples who derail topics in to negativity and not silence the posters who just want to support the TEAM and all the work they are doing on and off the field, ehh? 
    The entire Atlanta Falcons organization have made it known where they stand. I for one am dang proud of this franchise, and am thankful for everyone who is listening and helping. Nothing controversial or political about that sentiment. 
    If this bother's you then you should look in the mirror, and that's for everyone.
    Now let us praise our hometown team for their efforts, because THEY deserve it!
    Be good to one another, awaiting my warning. 
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    pa_falcon_fan reacted to FalconFanSince1970 in Saw This Post From Tandy Tonight. Wow   
    @Tandy I saw this in a thread that got shut down. What a gem. Should be shared around the globe. Thanks ma! Gotta repost it.

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    pa_falcon_fan reacted to PokerSteve in Falcons Trade For DE Charles Harris   
    Confucius say, even if not accomplish anything, making moves always appear very impressive. 
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from PokerSteve in Falcons Trade For DE Charles Harris   
    I don't know about this move.  He was basically in the same boat as Takk.  High draft pick who didn't produce.  5th year option not taken.  Does he really make us better?
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    pa_falcon_fan reacted to gazoo in Small Hennessy factoids   
    Very interesting that elite pass blocking comparison to Lindstrom.
    Too many claim he's too small to play LG effectively while waiting to be moved to center once Mack is gone. This is entirely untrue.
    The best OL in the Matt Ryan era IMO was 2016 when our offence was #7 in NFL history in points scored and Ryan won MVP. 
    Our starting LG in 2016 was Andy Levitre at  6'2' and 303 lbs. 
    Matt Hennessy is 6"4" and 307 lbs. But Hennessy has a thicker, more muscular build, particularly in his lower body.  It is easy for a 300 lb player to add  5-10 pounds of weight and keep it on all season. Although Hennessy is already bigger and a little more powerful  in lower body than Levitre was, if Hennessy added 5 lbs he'd be playing at 312 lbs.  
    I believe strongly Hennessy will be the Falcons starting LG this year by no later than game 4, unless this virus screws up camp so bad he doesn't have time to learn our scheme. He's a very intelligent player, so it shouldn't be an issue.
    Matthews, Hennessy, Mack, Lindstrom and McGary looks like a very talented Oline that could end up reminiscent of 2016.
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from MoFalconsFan56 in Hit by the perfect storm - Jared Pinkney's - TE - UDFA   
    Not at all.  I think Graham is going to be good for us and is locked in as TE2 behind Hurst.  I just think Pinkney can be the TE3 replacement for Stocker.
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    pa_falcon_fan reacted to KRUNKuno in Who do you think will make a more immediate impact Jaylinn Hawkins or Mykal Walker?   
    Walker will see a heavier workload earlier than Hawkins.  
    The thing I love about both of these guys is that tackling is something they thrive on.  Not just laying a shoulder into a guy, but actually wrapping up and bringing the ball carrier to the ground.
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from HolyMoses in Hit by the perfect storm - Jared Pinkney's - TE - UDFA   
    Interesting read on our latest UDFA TE.... and the author nails Pinkney ending up with the Falcons.  
    April 22, 2020
    Back in August, Vanderbilt tight end Jared Pinkney was garnering legitimate, nationwide attention—the type of spotlight that is seldom cast on Commodore prospects. The senior received an excess of preseason accolades, as he was named to the John Mackey Award watch list, Fred Biletnikoff Award watch list, second team All-SEC and first team All-American by Sporting News. In a preseason mock draft, ESPN Draft expert Todd McShay went so far as to rank Pinkney the 22nd-best prospect, placing him firmly in the first round.
    Four weeks later, Pinkney had a meager ten receptions for 120 yards. But McShay, like other draft experts, stood by his ranking. He merely shifted Pinkney to his “first-round sleepers” list, a move he characterized as “cheating” because Pinkney is “suiting up for the 1-3 Commodores.”
    Now, fast forward to April. Pinkney has completely vanished from McShay’s radar. CBS Sports labels Pinkney as a sixth-round pick. The Athletic projects Pinkney as a seventh-round pick. 
    What happened?
    Simply put, Pinkney fell victim to the same odious Commodore offense as fellow prospects Ke’Shawn Vaughn and Kalija Lipscomb. His immense production dropoff, coupled with an extremely poor combine performance, unveiled a perfect storm—one that saw his stock plummet from first-round projections to a Day Three shoo-in. 
    Let’s take a look at what Pinkney brings to the table—could this be the same player with whom scouts once fell in love?
    By the numbers
    Jared Pinkney’s college statistics (Statistics courtesy Sports Reference)
    Statistically speaking, Pinkney’s senior season was a nightmare. The Norcross, Georgia, native managed to underperform in just about every conceivable category; his 20 receptions and 233 yards are both career lows, and his two receiving touchdowns tied for his lowest. He managed to log a single catch in just eight of the 11 games he played (the three catchless games explain why Sports Reference claims he only played in eight). Further, Pinkney had just five multi-catch games, and three of those games he had just two receptions. In 2016, as a redshirt freshman that only started six of 13 games, Pinkney still had seven multi-catch games. Ultimately, Vanderbilt’s star tight end—the same one who was once a preseason All-American—had fewer receptions and receiving yards than the running back Ke’Shawn Vaughn (28 receptions for 270 yards).
    Pinkney suffered from the same poor quarterbacking as wide receiver Kalija Lipscomb, which certainly didn’t help his case. But unlike Lipscomb, who, according to Pro Football Reference, was at least targeted 80 times in 2019, Pinkney’s 43 targets reveal contentious play calling that made success an uphill battle. All season, he seemed to be an afterthought in the Commodores’ gameplan: writers went from arguing that Vanderbilt must use their star tight end more in Week Five, to merely reminding readers that Pinkney is, in fact, still on the team following his third catchless performance in Week Eleven. 
    In 2018, Pinkney was a frequent target on passes of 20-yards or more. This past season, Pro Football Reference noted just four targets of 20-plus yards—none of those four were completed. In fact, on those four throws, Pinkney’s signal-caller had a passer rating of 39.6. Given the obstacles Pinkney faced in 2019, an NFL front office is likely focused on his ceiling—a junior year with 50 receptions (11th in the SEC), 774 receiving yards (11th in the SEC) and seven touchdowns (7th in the SEC)—rather than his floor, which was certainly evident in 2019.
    Height: 6’4”
    Weight: 257 lbs.
    40-Yard Dash: 4.96 seconds
    Bench Press: 23 reps
    With so many coinciding barriers in 2019, one might expect scouts to evaluate Pinkney solely on his junior year. But if that were the case, his projections would likely be higher than the bottom-dwelling, Day Three prospect he’s made out to be.
    Front offices seem to have planted a significant red flag next to Pinkney’s name because of his dismal NFL Combine performance, particularly his 4.96 second 40-yard dash time, which is slower than quarterbacks like Eli Manning (4.92 seconds), offensive linemen like Tyron Smith (4.93 seconds) and many more. In the 2020 NFL Combine, the only players to run a slower 40-yard dash were offensive linemen, defensive lineman, two quarterbacks, one punter and a long snapper. As a tight end who specializes in pass-catching, that 4.96 is going to hurt his stock. To make matters worse, COVID-19 cancellations meant Pinkney didn’t even have a Pro Day to redeem himself.
    Pinkney’s 257-pound weigh-in puts him above the average for tight ends in his draft class (250.4), and his 23 bench reps—second most among 2020 tight end prospects—seems proportional to his size. The 40-yard dash time seems like a dagger, but perhaps scouts are looking in the wrong place.
    Pinkney’s junior year showcased plenty of upside as a receiving tight end. He managed to haul in 50 catches for an average of 15.4 yards per reception, which placed him well in the future first-round conversation. But now, even if scouts look past his senior season, a particularly slow 40-time has damaged his stock. The same analysts who were once fans of Pinkney have labeled him as someone with “no speed or explosiveness as a receiver.”
    In reality, the speed was never what set Pinkney apart. Given his poor senior season, scouts and analysts want to believe Pinkney has very little value. His 40-time just so happens to be the perfect figurehead for an otherwise incomplete scouting report. 
    The traits that he exhibited in 2018 haven’t just disappeared. He’s still a high school wide receiver-turned-college tight end; the excellent hands at the catch point, body control and keen route running ability haven’t gone anywhere. He’s still a massive tight end who uses his strength to his advantage. He’s still able to find the end zone by being physical. 
    These traits are completely independent of his speed. Frankly, after his breakout junior year, no analysts were raving about Pinkney’s speed. Make no mistake: Pinkney is no Vernon Davis. He’s not going to appeal to the masses with a blazing 4.38 40-yard dash. He’s not a wide receiver disguised as a tight end. He’s a true tight end that can set up in-line and hold his own blocking for the run. He can even line up in the slot and use these immense attributes to counteract his lack of burst speed. 
    Ultimately, this is the same tight end we saw in 2018. The areas in which he specializes—balance, hands, physicality and more—are just not tested at the combine. The only red flag is from his speed-test, something in which he’s never been known to excel. Analysts are looking for anything to wrongfully explain his 2019 season, and it seems like his 40-time has fit the bill.
    Two-time Pro Bowl tight end Austin Hooper decided to test free agency in the offseason and ended up scoring a four-year contract with $23 million guaranteed. Now that Atlanta’s star tight end has shipped off to Cleveland, the Falcons’ roster has a gaping hole at the tight end position. They traded the Ravens for former first-round pick Hayden Hurst, but the combination of Hurst, Khari Lee and practice squad players still seems underwhelming, at best. 
    Expect the Falcons to select a tight end at some point in the 2020 NFL Draft. This year’s tight end class is thin; rather than using an early pick to acquire one of the higher-ranked tight ends, they’ll likely wait until the mid-rounds. With two fourth round picks, Pinkney seems to suit their needs.
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    pa_falcon_fan got a reaction from Charles Wright in Nice article on WR Chris Rowland - UDFA   
    I just went down the rabbit hole of small WRs in NFL history.  Rowland could be Trindon Holliday, a good kick returner for a few years. 
    Or.. he could be more. 
    Rowland has the same size and speed as Steve Smith ... and we know how badly Smith torched NFL defenses for years.  He also has similar traits to Julian Edleman (Edleman is slightly taller and slower) who was a 7th round pick. 
    Not saying he is or will ever be either of those guys, but just saying a small guy like him with explosive speed can find a way to succeed in the NFL.
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