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  1. Thanks.. and Happy Father's day to you and all the other fathers on here.
  2. Obinna in intriguing as a developmental pass rusher.. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2018/10/george-obinna/ NFL DRAFT NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: George Obinna, LB, Sacramento State by Damond Talbot October 3, 2018
  3. Watching some of Darby's play.. does he remind anyone else of Roddy White?
  4. Hooker is very talented, no doubt, but dude can't stay on the field. I think he is well worth taking a flyer on though... especially if it is a cheap deal and we're not relying on him to be a starter. Sign him to vet minimum with incentives built in for playing time and production. Could be a very low risk, potentially very high reward signing. If he gets hurt again, we aren't out much... but if he can finally stay healthy we have a very high ceiling guy on the cheap.
  5. I would agree with this.. which is why I mad that comment in February before we signed Harmon or Harris.
  6. There are a variety of reasons for it. First, as other have mentioned, Mike Smith counted too much on conservative mistake free football to win. That works great during the regular season, but when the big lights are on in the playoffs, you need to step up your game and be more aggressive. MS was never great at that. I think another factor, which explains beating a team in the regular season but losing to them in the playoffs, is that MS didn't make very good adjustments at half time or from game to game. If you go into a playoff game with the same game plan you used to beat a team in t
  7. So Julio trading Ryan for Tannahill.. yeah, good luck Julio. Can't wait to see Tannahill revert back to Dolphins for m without AS calling the plays.
  8. It is nice to see him getting some opportunity. For what it is worth he is one of the only hold overs at RB so clearly the new coaching staff likes SOMETHING about him. With other guys not at voluntary OTAs, this is his opportunity to seize. I hope, for the team's sake, he does well. I would feel better about our RB depth if he does.
  9. Like others have already said, running multiple plays out of the same formation, running the same play out of different formations, play action, pre-snap motion, and making adjustments based on what the defense does in order to catch them off guard. CREATIVITY! which is something we haven't seen since 2016! He also isn't afraid to go against what is "normally" done in a situation if he thinks it will catch the defense by surprise. Look at the Titans game against the Texans ... 10 seconds to go, inside the 10 yard line, clock running... everyone and their uncle thinks they're going to
  10. Hiring DK was the end for Quinn. Instead of trying to be aggressive and go for someone creative and innovative, he went with the "safe, conservative" pick in DK.. and it (among other things) cost him his job.
  11. Totally agree. I really was excited about the prospect of Julio, Ridley, and Pitts on the field at the same time. Makes me sad he isn't even going to give the new staff a chance and instead is going to allow a grudge against a past regime make him want to leave.
  12. Totally. We strengthen the defense, clear up cap space ($15 million for Julio), get another affordable, predictable rookie deal to budget around for the next couple seasons, AND give us some more firepower to continue reloading the roster next year. I see that as a very big win.
  13. It sucks, but I agree. The new regime doesn't need a malcontent undermining what they're trying to build here. Love Julio and all he has done with a Falcons jersey on. He will wear a gold jacket someday... BUT we can't afford to let his current attitude (which still seems odd to me and out of character for the way he has always been) divide the locker room or create drama when we really need the team to focus on getting back to where it can be instead of continuing to underachieve. Roddy did the same thing kind of thing, was shown the door, and now he is back in retirement doing stu
  14. Yep, then he can waste away the last couple years of his career on a team that is worse than what I expect the Falcons to be going forward. There is talent here to win now and, I believe, a coaching staff that can get us back to where we should be (a playoff team year in and year out) instead of perennially underachieving like we did under DQ. How p*@#ed will Julio be if we make the playoffs this year and he gets traded to a team that ends up with a similar record to ours last year?
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