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  1. Panther's fans piling on too... one of them sent a box of Rams pacifiers with "suck it, Saints" on the receipt.
  2. Saints had some Katrina refs today.. problem is they Katrinaed them for once.
  3. I second that! Seeing the smug looks wiped off the Saints faces (Especially Sean Payton) ... PRICELESS!!
  4. Watching the tape, I love his ability to disengage from blocks... but competition level has to be taken into account. Aside from that, dude seems slow and plodding otherwise. Might be worth a late round pick as a potential depth/practice squad guy to develop... but the video comparing him to Donald is kind of absurd in my opinion.
  5. It was a great group back then. Lots of knowledgeable football debate and a level of civility that has gone missing since.
  6. I joined in mid-1998... and miss all the great football talk that used to happen on here.
  7. Good stuff Summerhill. I think free agency is the way to fix the line for 2019 and the draft is the way to fix it long term. TD admitted we are in win now mode so we are going to need guys that can step in and start day one. You can't guarantee that with draft picks. Still need to draft some guys to develop for the future and as depth for this season, but I really think FA is how we fix things immediately.
  8. Mike Smith was the coach the Falcons needed at the time they got him. His even temperament and approach to coaching (along with an infusion of talent) quickly turned around a franchise that could have easily spiraled into some long term lows after the Vick and Patriono fiascoes. Instead, we saw the first sustained success this team has ever seen. Unfortunately for Smitty, the same even temperament that helped him save a sinking ship would ultimately be his downfall. His last few years the team lacked fire, played flat, and started to exhibit his aversion to taking chances. It was clearly time to move on so the franchise could continue to grow. You won't get any hate toward Smitty from me. He took us as far as he could... which, for this franchise, was a very long way: First back to back winning seasons. 5 straight winning season. 4 playoff appearances in 5 years. I wish him nothing but good things and the best of luck with whatever he does next.
  9. It is way too early in our offseason to whine about uniforms. Should wait till the post draft doldrums when we have nothing else to talk about.
  10. ^^^ This also. Who cares if they worked for a 1-AA team 15-20 years ago? Everyone starts somewhere and works their way up. I'd be way more concerned if he was plucking guys who were coming directly from a 1-AA team. He isn't. Morris was a head coach in the NFL and has 17 years of NFL experience since spending 1 (ONE!) season as a graduate assistant at Hofstra. That more than qualifies him to be assistant head coach. You can argue a guy who cut his teeth on defensive has no business being the WRs coach, but since all his defensive experience was with coaching secondaries, maybe he might know a thing or two about how a secondary is going to try and control WRs.. and can teach WRs how to circumvent those things. Flood was a head coach in the Big 10 with 15 years of Big 10 offensive coaching experience since his days at Hofstra. That more than makes him qualified for his new role as in-game clock manager... which isn't exactly a powerful role. Dave Brock was a head coach at a Division I school, has 14 years of college offensive coaching experience, and is going into his 2nd NFL season since his days at Hofstra. Bernie Parmalee has 7 years of Special Teams coaching experience vs 3 years as a RB coach so he is significantly more experienced at coaching ST... and now he is headed back there.
  11. ^^^ This! We have a great set of WRs now... it doesn't make sense to blow more money on a position of strength when we clearly have more pressing holes to fill (O-line.. D-line... secondary).
  12. It must mean the Illuminati are behind it! All these coaches are clearly part of the secret new world order and they're trying to recruit Falcons players to be a part of it. Or maybe Quinn is actually QAnon! They both have Q in their name! THINK ABOUT IT! LOL
  13. You're a conspiracy theory fan, aren't you? LOL Sure, you're technically right, Quinn does have a weak historical connection with these guys, but we're talking 15-20 years ago for most of what you're pointing out. That doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad thing. People like to work with people they've had a good working relationship with in the past. That isn't a Quinn thing, it is human nature. Why do you think some people always seem to end up in the same places over time? Sure, they may have some separate stops in between, but they tend to end up back together again eventually. You see it with NFL coaching staffs all the time. Watch ANY of the new head coaching hires this year as they put their staff together. I GUARANTEE a large percentage of their new staff will be people they've worked with before. I see it at work all the time. A new CIO comes in and eventually a bunch of his former subordinates from other stops along his journey are in management positions around the organization. Is it a bit of cronyism? Sure, but as long as the people he brings in are qualified, it works.. and in some cases helps because the people he brings in can help the org understand the leaders vision based on their prior experience together. Can it backfire? Absolutely. Especially when loyalty takes precedent over bringing in people with the ability to actually do the job. See Mike Smith with all of his Jags players and coaches when he was here.. and then Mike Smith and Koetter in Tampa Bay. Some people have said Koetter's loyalty to Smith is what got him canned. But it DOES work when you bring in qualified folks that you happen to have a past connection with. I'm far less concerned about someone being Quinn's "boy" because of a passing connection 15-20 years ago than I am about about whether those people are qualified for the jobs they now hold. And, at least for me, I feel the people Quinn has brought in are qualified.
  14. To me, this is a "play it safe" choice for Quinn. He knows that another year like this one (injuries or not) and he is likely looking for a job after next season. Absolutely agree with you. I think it is "bring in someone that will require minimal transition because of history and familiarity so we don't lose another learning year with Ryan." It makes sense even if it isn't exciting. And it especially makes sense if you are Quinn and want to keep your job beyond next year.
  15. The guys you mentioned are the same size (roughly) as the guys we currently have on the line. I don't think it is about big and nasty or even the scheme that is hurting us. It is attitude and toughness that is lacking in our current line vs back then. All it takes is ONE GUY to bring that. We saw it with Harvey Dahl back in the Smitty days. Clabo, Baker, and McClure were around and the line looked a lot like ours has lately. Dahl gets signed and out of nowhere our line is suddenly a nasty, scrappy group. Dahl left for the Rams and the line reverted back to being passive. I think we draft or sign a couple of nasty, get in your face guards and we'll see this line get back to imposing their will whether we stay in zone or move to a power scheme.