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  1. As I've been running through a lot of mock draft simulations on PFNs site, I've ran into this guy when researching later round prospects: Malcolm Koonce, Buffalo - 6'3" - 250lbs He sounds like maybe a late round gem who could help in Dan Pees hybrid/multiple defense. TDN describes him as: Malcolm Koonce is a lanky and long-armed defender who has experience playing from both an upright and 3-point position. He’s efficient with using his length and hands with a consistent club-rip move that has become his go-to tactic as a pass rusher. Demonstrating adequate bend
  2. That is a difficult question because I really think a LOT of players will play better under the new coaching staff. * Fowler - Pees defense is more like the one he thrived in with the Rams. * Marlon Davidson - Should be healthy and has the advantage of a creative staff that will find ways to use him.. unlike last year. * Ryan - AS's offense is much closer to the 2016 offense than anything we've had since. Ryan should thrive as long as we re-establish a running game.. so the play action game can come back. * O-line - Finally some good coaches who know how to get the most
  3. The injury history with Hooker would make me really nervous. There is tremendous talent there, no doubt, but if the dude can't stay on the field it isn't very helpful.
  4. Come on man.. didn't we learn anything from the train wreck with Takk? I get the guy has talent and all but he is acting with the same immaturity that Takk showed (and worse with the DUI, being put on the "non-football" list with the team for undisclosed issues) with even less results (just a handful of snaps all last season as a 1st round pick) to back any of his talent up. No thanks! This dude seems like the kind of guy who needs to hit rock bottom before he wakes up (if he ever does) and has a chance to salvage his pro career. I'd sooner give a shot to a guy who was out of football f
  5. Moore: "eccentric hamstring strength" Please, for the love of God, work with Julio to get his annual hamstring issues under control!
  6. Phillips is one of my favorite players in this draft. I would be thrilled if we got him. I think he is one of those guys who is going to make a lot of people regret passing on him. He could be the Grady of this draft.. overlooked but ends up being great.
  7. This is good news that it is MINIMUM $180M. With Baily and Allen gone, that cuts $10M off our current cap number... a few restructures/extensions and maybe another cut (Carpenter?) or two and we'll be in ok shape to start filling some holes once free agency starts.
  8. I agree, which is why Matt Schaub was a good option for us the last few years... but now we literally have cleared the deck beyond Ryan. My thoughts are we should bring in a veteran and a young guy through the draft and let them battle it out for top backup.
  9. Agreed. Especially when your starter is nearing the end of his career. We know Matt is going to be here next year yet, but beyond that, we need to start planning for an heir apparent ... or at least a stop gap until an heir apparent can be found. Guys whose ceiling is a backup just won't cut it.
  10. I had hopes he could develop into a decent backup, and he may still somewhere else, but the new staff must not have liked what they saw from him to dump him this early.
  11. If they give up McCaffery and 3 first round picks for Watson, they are fools. I like Watson, I do, but giving up that much capital for one player is a terrible idea. Are they expecting Watson to come in and win on his own? Because that is pretty much what the Texans have been expecting lately.
  12. Wow, sounds like a great hire with a long history of experience with player contracts and cap management. This was the missing piece from the front office.
  13. I have gone back and forth over who we should take at pick 4.. I still think ideally we trade back with a QB desperate team and get a few more picks, but if we stay put I think the SAFEST pick, and the one that will likely have the biggest immediate impact is Sewell. I think, unless he is gone, Sewell has to be the pick. If he is gone, all bets are off.
  14. I know we need a lot of defense from this draft, but I think we HAVE to spend a pick on RB. There are quite a few in this draft class that would be an upgrade for us and aside from maybe Etienne and Harris, they should be around in round 2-3. I think Jevonte Williams is my favorite but I'd be happy with Etienne, Harris, Hubbard, or Sermon. I think any one of them would be a huge upgrade for us.
  15. ^^ THIS. The Saints draft isn't what you should be looking at for Fontenot. It is free agency since he was Pro Personnel. The Saints have done a really good job of bringing in veterans to fill holes, which is where TD really failed. That is part of why we've been so screwed with the cap over the last few years ... overpaying free agents who ended up not producing for us and then having to eat cap hits to get rid of them.
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