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  1. Some other interesting stats on Julio. With 3 more 100 yard receiving games he ties Randy Moss (55) for 3rd most career 100 yard games. With 7 more 100 yard games he ties Marvin Harrison (59) for 2nd most 100 yard games. At that point he would trail only Jerry Rice (76). He is averaging 7.8 100 yard games a year since 2014 so it is conceivable he could be #2 all time by the end of this year. Julio is averaging 1300 yards/season on his career. If Julio stays Julio through the next few years (which I'm sure we all hope he will given the new contract) he will be around top 25 all time after this year.. around top 15 all time next year.. and could be in the top 10 all time in receiving yards by the end of the 2021 season. If Julio is blessed with health and longevity enough.. he could easily be in the top 5 all time by the time his career is all said and done. Enjoy having him here while it lasts folks. We're watching a Hall of Fame career in progress.
  2. He is still blocking him... right out the door in Jacksonville.
  3. The Falcons have said this flat out. They wanted him so they could practice against mobil QBs. He looked good yesterday, but the expectation is PS. If he continues to improve I see a very serious competition between he and Benkert for the backup spot next year. That should provide some excitement for next year.. but this year isn't the one to take the risk of inexperience at backup.
  4. I don't think we have a choice with Simms banged up.
  5. This is mostly how I see things shaking out with maybe 2 differences. Simms isn't hanging around once he is cut. I believe he has PS eligibility left and he really isn't a developmental guy anymore at 30 years old. The PS QB will either be Etling or someone completely different since Benkert doesn't count for a spot while on IR. I also think Zaccheaus and Blake could be interchangeable between the 53-man and the practice squad... I expect both will still be around, but I could just as easilly see Zaccheaus making the 53 and Blake to the practice squad if Zaccheaus has more flashes in the remaining preseason games.
  6. And if you add El to the front of everything, that is how you speak Spanish, right? "El Gono willo geto the elstarto this elweeko." We're working on building international appeal for the Falcons.
  7. Yea, that is the problem. There is a O-line talent shortage in the NFL. Anyone who is worth anything is already on a roster.
  8. 2016 Dolphins Preseason game. The entire line looked like a set of turnstiles. Everyone lost thier minds saying the season was doomed, the line was the worst ever, etc. It took a few weeks, but the line gelled and helped pave the way on our Suoer Bowl run. After rewatching some of the game, I agree with NWFs assessment. Guys need to get used to playing together. We've been shuffling guys in and out in different combinations all camp so the eventual starting group is going to need some time to get in sync with each other. The only guy I am really concerned about is Sambraillo. He looked terrible.. and word from camp has been that he isn't doing well. Here is to hoping McGary is back asap!
  9. I think it is the opposite... I think the Pat's wanted Saubert straight up for Etling and we said no.. so we ended up with a conditional 7th and Etling.. the Pat's got Saubert. Seems a little too convenient that we trade Saubert to them and then they release a guy we wanted.
  10. I would rather get Pats castoffs than Jags castoffs.
  11. Man, the staff isn't playing this year. Doesn't matter if you're a draft pick, free agent signing, or undrafted guy... they're churning the back end of the roster depth to try and make sure we have the best 53 when the season starts. Saubert has athleticism and a good deal of potential but he doesn't seem like he has progressed significantly in the time he has been here. I feel like guys like Graham and Gray are passing him as far as development and, while eventually Saubert might be better than either of them, he isn't better than them right now. This team and coaching staff are in win now mode and can't afford to wait for him to put it together when there are guys who are more ready to contribute than he currently is.
  12. Agreed. Saubert really hasn't stood out at all against depth guys where Graham is showing some potential.
  13. Harlow is looking worse than some of the undrafted guys. He pretty much has no shot.
  14. Yep.. this. You can break your ticket payment into monthly installments. You start paying on them in February and have to pay them off by April 1st. So it isn't like you need to do one big payment.
  15. Yea, no kidding. That is why I said weeks... which is what it took when he had the procedure before. My point was it isn't going to be 6 months.. or the season. No one is expecting him to be back to doing NFL training in a few days or week or two.