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  1. Those of us who have been around for a long time know Arthur Blank is one of the best things to ever happen to this franchise. His ownership and leadership is what allowed us to go from a team who had never had back-to-back winning seasons to a team in the Playoffs 6 of the last 10 years, multiple NFCCGs appearances and a Super Bowl appearance we were a run play and chip shot field goal away from winning. Complaining about Blank is some really short sighted nonsense.
  2. We, as a fan base, have talked about this franchise doing things "The Patriot Way" since the day TD walked in the door. Guess what? We now have the roster, the coaching staff, and the front office to start actually doing it. With our depth, we can now afford to look at a player and tell them, "Here is what we can do for you. If that isn't good enough you're welcome to look elsewhere WHEN you're a free agent but we will have someone else waiting in the wings, ready to step into your roster spot." I get that Julio is underpaid in comparison to players that have signed contracts since he signed his two years ago. The front office and team recognize that too since there has been talk about his contract being looked at for upgrade AFTER this coming season. It isn't about dissing a player like Julio or underpaying him, it is about being fair to the whole team, looking at the big, long term, picture and sticking to "the plan" so we can keep on winning for EVERYONE. I think our front office has proven more than willing to take care of their key players.. and few are as key as Julio... but it has to be at the right time and at the right price. If you're going to be all about the money, have at it, go elsewhere WHEN your contract is up and find out what so many who left organizations like the Patriots and ours in pursuit of $$ have found.. organizations willing to overpay are usually a mess and aren't winning anything anytime soon.
  3. My concern is that Schaub hasn't played since 2015.. and hasn't played significant snaps since 2013. That is LONG time for a guy who is now 37 years old. I appreciate that he knows the system and has a lot of experience, but if Benkert is even just "solid" during camp and preseason I think we have to pull the trigger and free up his $4.5 million in salary.
  4. One of the greatest Falcons games I have ever attended. It was the 2nd loudest I have ever heard the Dome. The only better game I attended was the NFCCG against the Packers.. last game at the Dome.
  5. I'm on it.. or rather will be this evening after work.
  6. Watching the vids back to back, I definitely see the comparison. The choppy, tight footwork on cuts, the sneaky elusiveness, the crisp route running, the size and speed. If he is committed to the game he certainly has a chance to be really good. Harrison good? We can only hope. Can you imagine how good the Colts and Manning would have been had Harrison been the #2 WR and someone of Julio's caliber was #1?? That is what we could have if Ridley becomes as good as he potentially could.
  7. You know you had a good draft when they have a hard time picking which rookie will have an immediate impact.. and end up mentioning 3: NFL rookies who'll make an instant impact Here's a look at which draft picks have the best chances to make an instant impact on their new teams as rookies. The selections below are from different rounds of the draft, not just the first -- quality players who find themselves in situations where they'll be asked to be important contributors in their debut seasons. Atlanta Falcons Deadrin Senat, DT: To single out one Falcons 2018 pick for this article is difficult, because I really like what Atlanta's front office did in the draft. Grady Jarrett desperately needs a quality running mate on the interior, and Senat is a bowling ball with a high motor and active hands. He likely won't duplicate Jarrett's pass-rushing production, but the former USF standout will thrive against the run right away. The sleeper here is not Calvin Ridley, but fourth-round running back Ito Smith.
  8. 1998-99ish. Not sure exactly when, but it has been forever.
  9. Also factor in that that number is max value of the contract. $100M is guaranteed.. the other $69.25M isn't. That could be roster bonuses, incentives like winning MVP again.. winning a Super Bowl, etc.
  10. Yea, he isn't big old Grady "gravy" Jackson. There were a lot of plays where he would just pop up at the snap and just let two guys push on him... LOL I have pretty high hopes for Senat.. especially playing next to Grady Jarrett, Takk and Beasley.
  11. Their sub-headline is wrong. He didn't sign, he was invited to mini-camp. It actually says so in the article: The days of Harding overcoming adversity are not over. Though many hoped and believed the former RedHawk would have heard his name called during the Draft this weekend, the selection process came and went. And, though the Falcons invited Harding to mini camp, he knows the fight is not over. So he has a tryout... but wasn't signed.
  12. He is insanely strong.. bench pressing 500lbs and squating 675. Crazy that he moves as well as he does with that much strength.
  13. Zimmer is a guy who had 3 tackles in 4 preseason games last year and was let go by the Bills and Saints. It isn't like he was setting the world on fire against 3rd and 4th stringers when he had the chance. Yes, no doubt, he has elite athletic traits, but I need to see what DQ and our coaching staff can do with him before getting too excited. Does he have potential? Absolutely. He is a better fit here than at previous stops, but it all comes down to Plan D and Zimmer's ability to absorb and learn the lessons DQ and crew will be teaching. The physical ability is there.. but that doesn't mean much if he can't learn and use technique. I hope it works out, I really do, because we need some solid, young, cheap depth going into next season.
  14. Another interesting kid: Bio: Junior-college transfer who led Cincinnati with 58 receptions and 860 yards and tied for the team lead with five receiving touchdowns in his 2016 debut season. Caught 28 passes for 444 yards and three scores as a senior. Pos: One-time highly rated receiver coming off a disappointing campaign. Smooth, fluid and agile. Quickly gets into breaks, stays low and has a burst exiting routes. Uses his frame to shield away defenders and protect the pass, extends his hands and makes receptions away from his frame. Solid vertical receiver who tracks the pass in the air and easily makes deep catches in stride. Displays soft and quick hands. Effective running after the catch. Gives effort blocking downfield. Neg: Marginally productive and was never a big part of Cincinnati’s passing game. Lacks a second gear and get-up-and-go speed. Analysis: Since transferring from junior college, Gray was solid for the Bearcats and flashed next-level potential. He comes with a great amount of upside but will need time to harness his skill and must step up his production.