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  1. I don't know about this move. He was basically in the same boat as Takk. High draft pick who didn't produce. 5th year option not taken. Does he really make us better?
  2. That seems to be a common theme with just about everyone we brought in defensively... and that includes the UDFAs. They all are willing tacklers who love to hit people.
  3. Walker because of more immediate opportunity with only having 2 of 3 starting LBs before the draft. I think Hawkins will still contribute, but with Rico and Neal slotted as the starters I think his chances will be more limited. Of course there is the caveat that if Neal doesn't come back healthy/ready to go, Hawkins could get a lot more of a shot early. I'm actually really excited to see how Hawkins and Rico work together. People knock Rico a lot, but the man is like a coach on the field, moving people into the right places, calling out what he sees, and basically being the QB of the defense. I think Hawkins has similar football IQ, so I think there is a real chance to dramatically shorten his NFL learning curve if Rico lets him pick his brain.
  4. Not at all. I think Graham is going to be good for us and is locked in as TE2 behind Hurst. I just think Pinkney can be the TE3 replacement for Stocker.
  5. ^^^ This. I like Takk, I was pulling for him to get it together but it really seems like he just doesn't care because he would rather be elsewhere. I think he shows up at camp out of shape because it sure doesn't seem like he has the motivation to put in the effort he needs to. He is going to screw himself out of a potential big free agent contract if he takes that approach.
  6. Totally agree. The article I posted mentions that he was rated as the top TE before the disastrous season last year. But they also point out that a good deal of the disaster had nothing to do with him. His skills didn't fall off a cliff after 2018, but the QB play on his team went to crap in 2019.
  7. I just went down the rabbit hole of small WRs in NFL history. Rowland could be Trindon Holliday, a good kick returner for a few years. Or.. he could be more. Rowland has the same size and speed as Steve Smith ... and we know how badly Smith torched NFL defenses for years. He also has similar traits to Julian Edleman (Edleman is slightly taller and slower) who was a 7th round pick. Not saying he is or will ever be either of those guys, but just saying a small guy like him with explosive speed can find a way to succeed in the NFL.
  8. Agreed. His speed and acceleration are incredibly impressive. At minimum he could be an explosive kick return guy.
  9. Lets hope so. A Jack Doyle type would more than replace Stocker's production from last year.
  10. Yea, agility is an issue and will have to be worked on, but his explosion coming off the line is impressive. His college coaches say he listens and takes to coaching so he certainly could improve.
  11. Listen to the whole statement he made... he compared him to Charles Woodson and said maybe he could make that transition at the end of his career. Rod Woodson and Ronde Barber did at the end of their careers too. But they were **** good CBs until age forced them to transition. I think it is short sighted to think he can't be successful at CB (which he was in college) just because he COULD potentially be better at safety eventually.
  12. That sucks man. I got that same vibe from Keith Brooking when I met him. It is disappointing when you like a player and they're kind of a jerk when you finally meet them. Thankfully, the vast majority of Falcons I've met have been great. One of my favorites was Patrick Kerney. He was a monster on the field but total goofball off of it. My wife wanted a picture with him. Since he is 6'5" and she is 5'6", she tried to pop up on her toes for the pic.. and every time she would pop up he would pop up on his toes too. He was cracking up the whole time. It was just one of those moments.
  13. Ito Smith is our 2nd back. The battle for 3rd is between Hill and Ollison.
  14. Who surprised me? Paul Worrilow. I expected camp body but he manged to pull together a decent career despite athletic limitations. Who didn't I give a 2nd thought to? Matt Gono. Watching him develop the last few years has been great. Who was I sure was going to be a good player and wasn't? Andreas Knappe. I thought for sure he would develop into our new Harvey Dahl. I feel like you're missing a question: What undrafted free agent(s) were you sure about and were right? Brent Grimes and Brian Poole. Grimes was dominant in college with his insane speed and athleticism, which is something you can't teach, and watching Poole's tape made it obvious how good of a football player he was despite athletic limitations. Who do you predict will make the roster and prove useful in this new crop? Pinkney this year. I think he could easily replace Stocker's snaps from last year while providing a lot more upside. Also Rowland as an explosive return guy. Longer term? Hinwa Allieu. He is very raw, but watch his tape. Add some technique through coaching and I think he could be a very good piece to the D-line.
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