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  1. No thanks after seeing stuff like this about him: In the wake of DeAndre Baker’s arrest on four counts of armed robbery and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, much has been made about “red flags” surfacing regarding Baker prior to the 2019 NFL Draft. The most ****ing was from Tony Pauline of Pro Football Network, who said someone from the Giants told him Baker was “dumb as dirt.” Ryan Dunleavy of the New York Post said a source told him there was a “battle in our building” over whether or not the Giants should select Baker.
  2. I had been a Takk guy, but enough is enough. Grow up dude. Seriously. You wanna whine and complain about wanting to be elsewhere then you can sit your *** down and not play for us the rest of the season. See what that does to your likelihood of getting paid in free agency next offseason. Someone WILL sign you hoping to get more out of you, but you aren't getting big money because of the risk of dealing with an adult who is acting like petulant child.
  3. I see we are playing the refs again this evening. Ryan shoved to the ground after throwing the ball, Julio mugged by a guy in the end zone no flag. Deionized touches Bridgewater at the sideline and it is a 15 yarder?
  4. Man, hands down, no contest, Bobby Petrino. Completely worthless. There is a lot of crap to tie for 2nd place, but come on, Bobby Petrino was the absolute worst. He never, ever, had the team and alienated absolutely everyone before taking the cowards way out and leaving a freakin' FORM LETTER to announce his resignation without even finishing a season.
  5. The one thing I agree with him on is that this is it. It is put up or shut up for DQ and this staff. There are (or shouldn't be) any more chances. As for the rest, talk about some cherry picked data. He brings up Vic Beasley, De’Vondre Campbell, Duke Riley while ignoring Deion Jones, Grady, Lindstrom, McGary, Oluokun, Ridley, Sheffield, Kazee, etc. He also ignores that all 3 of the players he gives as an example are currently starters on other teams. It isn't like they flamed out of the league or something. Of the 3, I think only Vic is headed out of the league but that is
  6. That sucks. Von is a great guy on top of being an incredible player. I hope he heals up and returns to form whenever he gets back.
  7. It is definitely an interesting approach and will help disguise things to keep opposing offenses guessing.
  8. I'm hoping it is Rowland. From what I've seen he looks like a pretty impressive return guy... and as a receiver he reminds me an awful lot of Taylor Gabriel. Similar stature, a little faster, and sneaky shifty. Throw in that he broke a reception record previously held by Jerry Rice and it makes me think he is someone we should hang onto and see what he develops into.
  9. Falcons sign quarterback Kyle Lauletta and what it means Lauletta was selected by the New York Giants in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft he Atlanta Falcons announced Wednesday morning that they've signed quarterback Kyle Lauletta. Lauletta, 25, was selected by the New York Giants in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft. He spent one season with the Giants, appearing in two games, before he was released and signed to the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad for the 2019 season. A three-year starter at Richmond, Lauletta completed 758 passes for 10,46
  10. https://sports.yahoo.com/falcons-sign-kyle-lauletta-141034908.html he Falcons are adding a quarterback to their roster on Wednesday. Agent Mike McCartney announced that his client Kyle Lauletta has signed with the Falcons. Lauletta recently worked out for the team along with Kyle Sloter and Jake Rudock.Lauletta was a Giants fourth-round pick in 2018, but was one of the team’s final cuts last year. He signed on with the Eagles practice squad and remained with the team until being cut in August. Lauletta was 0-for-5 with an interception in two games with the Giants as a roo
  11. This is the effect I was hoping Fowler would have on Takk! Takk has the talent, he just needs how Dwight Free ey (Vic with his 15 sack season) to show him how to be a professional. Hopefully it has a longer lasting effect on Takk than it did Beasley
  12. I don't know about this move. He was basically in the same boat as Takk. High draft pick who didn't produce. 5th year option not taken. Does he really make us better?
  13. That seems to be a common theme with just about everyone we brought in defensively... and that includes the UDFAs. They all are willing tacklers who love to hit people.
  14. Walker because of more immediate opportunity with only having 2 of 3 starting LBs before the draft. I think Hawkins will still contribute, but with Rico and Neal slotted as the starters I think his chances will be more limited. Of course there is the caveat that if Neal doesn't come back healthy/ready to go, Hawkins could get a lot more of a shot early. I'm actually really excited to see how Hawkins and Rico work together. People knock Rico a lot, but the man is like a coach on the field, moving people into the right places, calling out what he sees, and basically being the QB of
  15. Not at all. I think Graham is going to be good for us and is locked in as TE2 behind Hurst. I just think Pinkney can be the TE3 replacement for Stocker.
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