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  1. This team is a couple defensive stops from being 5-2 right now. The offense has come alive despite the craptastic oline play and the D is bleeding but could stabilize with D Jones coming back soon and a bye week to try and sort some things out. We are lucky there aren't many dominant teams this year so we really could crawl back into the thick of things.
  2. I have 2 tickets available for today's game. Section 305, row 7. $85 each. PayPal or CashApp for payment. I will use the season ticket holder site to email them to you instantly. Private message me if you want them.
  3. Nice has nothing to do with it. I've met and talked to Patrick Kerney multiple times.. he is a REALLY nice person. But when he stepped on the field he was a monster. For Beasley it isn't about nice, it is about being too soft and not developing more pass rush moves. He has become a one trick pony (speed rush) and people have figured out how to stop that one trick. Unless he gets it through his head that he needs to change things up and learn/use some new moves, he is going to just be an athletic guy who occasionally gets to the QB by running around people.
  4. The Falcons have signed Zimmer to the Practice Squad and release Taveze Calhoun from the PS.
  5. Wow.. 5 pages of complaining about the guy with almost no one actually looking at him. The tools are there (see his draft profile below) with "not the real" Michael Bennett, but he hasn't been healthy enough to show them. If he really is healthy as he claims, he might be a surprise. Strengths Great burst off snap, coming in low and looking to disrupt. Is always first with his hands. Good arm length for a player his height. Violent, active hands are his calling card. Uses powerful hands to snatch and pull guards off their spot. Gets initial pop and arm extension to stay clean and can shed. Plays with terrific technique. Has shoulder turn to make himself skinny and shoot gaps. Constantly changing angles post- snap, making it tough for linemen to get clean, sustained blocks on him. Tougher against double teams than most interior linemen his size. Efficient arm-over move to defeat centers quickly. Is usually in control of the battle from snap to snap. Considered a team leader. Weaknesses Inconsistent motor at times, but that might be more fatigue-oriented rather than an effort issue. Will charge in headfirst and lose sight of running back. Sometimes defaults to garden variety hand-fighting when pass rush stalls. Can lose gas with too much wasted motion as a pass rusher -- especially as a three-technique. Pass rush is tied to hands and winning early, so he must develop a counter move. Had a better junior season than senior. Lacks power and girth in his lower half. Draft Projection Round 2 NFL Comparison Mike Daniels Bottom Line Bennett is a disciplined, intelligent player who is a fit for teams looking for an upfield disruptor. He relies on his initial burst, hand usage and technique to win at the point of attack. Bennett has the potential to dominate sluggish or weak guards, but might have issues with true power guards in the NFL
  6. Carter was a 2nd round pick way back in 2011. He's bounced around the league but should bring some experience to our LB depth: OVERVIEW Carter is an excellent athlete, but he tore his ACL in November and has a long road to recovery. He is an explosive athlete that takes proper angles in run support and has excellent speed to make plays from sideline-to-sideline. He is a very fluid, transitions with ease and is very effective dropping into coverage. He struggles to disengage from bigger blockers in and must add more bulk to become stouter against the run. If Carter recovers fully from his injury, he has the athleticism to develop into a very productive weak side linebacker and may still be an early Day 2 pick. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Carter is a tall muscular player that runs very well. Flashes great explosiveness at the point of attack and has the closing burst to make plays in the backfield. Drops smoothly in coverage and possesses the fluidity to stick with backs and tight ends in man coverage. Very disciplined player that maintains leverage and does not bite on play fakes. WEAKNESSES Lacks the bulk to consistently take on blocks and struggles to disengage. Possesses less than ideal instincts and is a step slow reacting to the play. Not overly aggressive and waits for the play to come to him at times. Does not have a repertoire of counter moves when pass rushing and is too easily stymied.
  7. I think everyone better get used to this o-line because it is likely the one we're going to be starting this year and next. Levitre's injury just rushed Schweitzer into the role he was probably going to have next year anyway.
  8. I really think this has a lot to do with it. A veteran replacement who fits the scheme and has some familiarity since he as Fusco's primary backup for a couple years.
  9. I think everyone better get used to this o-line because it is likely the one we're going to be starting this year and next. Levitre's injury just rushed Schweitzer into the role he was probably going to have next year anyway. Am I concerned about the o-line? Not the starters. But depth is a little alarming with an undrafted rookie at swing tackle (I like Gono but I really don't want to see us HAVE to start him) and a banged up Ben Garland being the primary backup for the entire interior of the line. I'm hoping I'm right and that the Kerin signing may be a key one. As I pointed out in thread about his signing, he already has familiarity after being Fusco's primary backup in Minnesota. Draft profiles of the guy say he is a zone blocking fit and has a "junk yard dog" mentality.
  10. Kerin backed up Fusco in Minnesota and played in 15 games there... so there is at least some familiarity. He sounds like a Harvey Dahl type player; not very athletically gifted but fights for everything on every play. Might actually be a decent backup given the scheme fit.
  11. Here is a really nice write up on Means. Seems like a Quinn type guy through and through. High motor, all out all the time.. good football IQ.. loves the game. Don't know that he will ever be anything more than a solid depth guy, but between this article and some of the comments I have read about him from Eagles players, he is well worth a shot. The article is a long read but is worth the time:
  12. Marvin wasn't used much in college but did punting, kickoffs and field goals. Could it be that we like him and are keeping him under wraps so we hide him on the practice squad as current and future insurance for Bryant and/or Bosher? If not, then why sign another kicker for the last preseason game? Seems odd.
  13. Physical freak, yes. But has been injured constantly and rumors out of Oakland say his head and heart may not be in it... not exactly a Quinn type guy. It would be a risk to claim him and would mean someone else wouldn't make the team. I think I'd pass. The Oakland Raiders are moving on from Obi Melifonwu after less than 16 months with the organization. Oakland waived/injured their 2017 second-round selection on Thursday while simultaneously confirming the signing of veteran cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. In his rookie season, Melifonwu appeared in five games and made one start, but spent 10 weeks on injured reserve with knee and hip injuries. Adding injury to injury, the safety suffered what the team termed a "lower body injury" last week. He leaves Oakland with just seven tackles to his name. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport noted that, aside from injuries, one reason Melifonwu was waived was because Oakland "never quite felt he loved football enough." Melifonwu was Oakland's second pick in the 2017 draft and was selected one round after fellow injury-prone defensive back Gareon Conley, who played in just two games last season. Melifonwu will hit waivers next. If he goes unclaimed, he will revert back to Oakland's injured reserve. Once he's healthy, the Raiders can release him. Not much should change on Oakland's defensive-back depth chart. Marcus Gilchrist, Karl Joseph and Reggie Nelson are leading the way at safety.
  14. The competition between Fusco and Schweitzer has me feeling a little better about our guard situation in general. I think Schweitzer has shown decent improvement which gives me confidence he can be, at the very least, a decent long term backup with potential to still develop into a starter. With Levitre likely gone after this season, 2019's line may feature both Schweitzer and Fusco starting along side Mack in the middle.