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  1. He’s a play action coordinator and worked wonders for Tannehill. Now we just have to find a RB and beef up the OL to make it work
  2. Where are you getting your information from? Those aren’t the numbers (not even close). Trading/cutting Matt would cost us at least 49M, Julio would cost $38M, and Grady probably around $20M.
  3. Takk McKinley was the same guy as Jamaal Anderson and Vic Beasley. Looks like Tarzan but limited sack skills and very little drive. Dante Fowler is the same guy as Ray Edwards. Talented but unmotivated... played well in a contract year to get a paycheck. The fact is no one but Grady is hungry on the DL. TD picked those guys
  4. I haven’t posted here in years but here goes.... The Oline is beyond putrid and a new QB won’t fix that. A mobile QB might get you 50 yards more rushing and 3-4 rollouts but this line will still get him killed. Todd Gurley isn’t done but he needs holes and the line doesn’t open them. They don’t push anyone around and fold like a cheap tent when they get hit. Think about the Cincy QB and that will certainly happen here if the line isn’t fixed. The next GM needs to figure that out before drafting a new QB.
  5. I only say this because he's not rated as a top 10 player. Still a 1st but more in the top of the round, well, like Baker. Drafting him at that pick is a reach
  6. Ain't that like picking Baker all over? Reaching but this time with the #6 pick. Would we really be happy about it?
  7. Agreed....With Aaron Donald, Pass rush will definitely improve....with Dennard, CB is set (we're running more nickle than ever)
  8. Who exactly would trade with us, with all those guys off the board? What do we call the Cowboys and say "Yeah, buddy all the guys we wanted are gone. Do me favor and take this pick off my hand and throw a 2nd in to call it even!"
  9. Are off the board by the time we pick, do we go with Barr, Aaron Donald or Darqueze Dennard or do we reach for either an OT or DE? I'll take either 2 or 3
  10. Wow! What a day! The Falcons did things today that gave us hope and my friends (and I) just finished our new Internet Radio Show! nerves all over the place but once we settled in, it was just like the banter that goes on at our tailgate. It went well and I would hope that you all could chime in.... http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefinalrow/2014/03/12/the-final-row-atlanta We are novices but dedicated, diehards fans that want to be the voice of the city! Take a listen, be kind, and if you want in, drop me a line. Thanks Falcon Nation!
  11. Well, he was able to roam in space more, creep up to the line, and wasn't responsible for half of the field when Robinson and Asante were the starters. Throwing two rookies and Bobby Mac out there last year changed his responsibilities and, for me, is a better explanation. And to the original poster, I say keep him another year...we need to spend the money elsewhere.
  12. WTH are you smoking? Grandaddy...Dad...uncle....cousin....all half of famers with Clay III getting in 2022.....brother...another cousin....YET ANOTHER cousin....****, maybe a half-removed, crazy aunt on mom's side....that family is a football factory! Better yet a hall of fame football factory. You don't know what the **** you are talking about....this kid is a blue-chip!
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