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  1. Truth. Brady since became a very good QB capable of carrying his team; clutch and otherwise. However, he was definitely gifted his first SB; in comparison to what Ryan is asked to do, and only became a top-tier stat QB after several years starting in the league. Without the Falcons monumental collapse; which was in a small part on Matt Ryan since his worst play was taking a sack; albeit on a shotgun called by the coaches in FG range to win the SB despite the other mistakes like Freeman's whiff etc on top of the overall situational play calls, well Ryan and Atlanta finally have their SB but they don't. This went from talking current QB status to career status. Ryan is an elite QB. He played an amazing Super Bowl. Brady looked terrible most of the game. The only way the Pats won that game was Atlanta had to make mistakes and they certainly did. Granted, the Patriots are only a few teams capable of staying hot in that situation to have a shot and Brady is one of those reasons. Brady in his early years wouldn't have won that game. The funny thing is we're supposed to be delusional because Ryan isn't god status when comparing careers? Literally, just trolling Falcons boards to talk about their GOAT hero being elite and best ever so "you can't use this word" since Pats fans are = to their god. LOL! There is this narrative with a negative edge on Ryan next year without Shanahan. Those same people ignore what Ryand did with less than Brady ever had in years past. One of the best defenses the Falcons had in years past was 2010 when Rodgers torched us on the way to his SB win. The defense was GB had the #2 D in the league that year and Atlanta's D was on the bubble for being exposed. Ryan dominated and the offense was doing well all playoffs until the choke happened collectively for many reasons and it wasn't Ryan doing stupid things. Guess what? Brady would be nothing without Belichick's system. He was given SEVERAL YEARS to develop on the back on legendary defenses that shut down Peyton Manning from a Super Bowl for years. That's because the Patriots "TEAM" was way better than just a team with a QB, but no let their bandwagon fans talk and Brady = Rodgers gunslinger and the Pats are nothing without Brady. Both deserve credit, Brady did become elite in terms of personal stats/performance, but was carried early in his career and has (cheater or not) one of the best coaches in NFL history at coaching the game. Repect, but I'm not going to be blinded by delusions in an argument of "elite" definition word debates when Ryan is clearly on pace for the HOF. If Matt has a ring right now he'd be on pace for HOF 100% in public opinion. Guess what other QBs make HOF without a ring or without multiple ones at that? That was also the difference in the Super Bowl; given the fact Atlanta left the door open playing aggressive to a fault when if they call conservatively the time runs out. That's not history revisionist, that's situational football knowledge. Staying aggressive with pass attempts led to less time off the clock, a fumble on a blown 3rd down deep route development play call when the RB blew his assignment and instead of driving the field even if a conservative play fails to convert the Pats got the short field and that sweet time for a comeback in their favor all due to mistakes made by players in aggressive calls when situation called for closing the game conservatively. Arguing careers when Brady had 3 SB wins by the time Ryan came into the league is objectively unfair and simply troll. Nice bait, delusional/drunk or w/e else you want to call others. Look in the mirror. ...but had Atlanta won the Super Bowl suddenly the term is acceptable of Ryan being elite right? You do realize he was a very small part of that collapse? I tell you what Belichick would've never risked a lead in the Super Bowl the way the Falcons coaches did and the results speak for themselves. Hey, that's how we get over Brady not getting MVP before the SB started? Just turn the results into Brady not just elite but GOAT and Ryan is suddenly blamed for everything? Are you sure you aren't a Michael Vick lover and hate Ryan kept his job for good; with sound reasoning? lol
  2. I'm not going to keep reading this history revisionist heartache. 2 things: 1) Freeman's wording in the OP are self-centered but I don't mind him doing this at this time; vs the SB week itself his agent giving us fans distractions at the least, just because we all know he is in the thick of long-term contract talks as it is. The core remains true even if he doesn't want to say "I lost us the game" publicly like everyone seems to shift these blame games to. I only really care that they say the truth internally and don't mind PR decisions. 2) Falcons personnel groupings left Matt with stupid "audible" options for anyone wanting decent running plays. Calling a random handoff to Freeman that isn't in the audible options out of formations/grouping (hello shotguns with leads vs a team trying to come back when all you need is to run clock out) would get your line destroyed with the "screw it call a run anyway and wing it". Fact is the overall play calling was a product of a couple years conditioning under Quinn's system. Shanahan was given that much trust and only Dan could have truly overrided him in during the middle of a game. Was Matt being listened to? Nope. I blame Quinn for not telling Kyle that Matt was right. Was Matt supposed to walk up to the press box and make Kyle call in the right plays? It's too much control which affected formations with the players on the field for those aggressive moves. Kyle benching Freeman for 2 series and then the fumble incident seemingly was just stupid considering who the better back is at running AND your OL is hurting. 16 pressures on Matt in under 30 drop backs is unacceptable. Our usage of TEs to block later on designed outlets to the RBs finally made sense. Still, don't risk the fumble throw and you likely still win since a 4th down punt even if you failed to convert running on 3rd meant Pats had to drive the field instead of the short field to make it a 1 score game. You want to rely on your defense holding you if your aggression to a fault comes back on you but fail to recognize injury/stamina status despite the big lead. Moral? Don't toy with a critical lead during a SB WHEN your team is hurting in the injury and stamina game. Defense wasn't going to hold. Offense kept taking risks. What risk? Leaving time on the clock and the perfect storm; which included needing a Brady efficient comeback and clutch plays from his supporting cast. We left the door open. Ryan wasn't given enough power all along. Blame those he trusted. He wasn't going to call the player grouping to then do his rebellious streak. That is hindsight and he was a warrior doing the honorable thing. Our players were hung out to dry by the coaching staff. Point blank. Comparing him to Brady is ridiculous. Brady was made by Belichick's system and Ryan's guy is too stupid to win an easy win Super Bowl. Coaches were the difference. Brady made way more mistakes than Ryan that game.
  3. From the way the national media frames it for the minds of everyone outside of the NFC South; even if Ryan has another year along the lines of 2016 after Shanahan is gone it will be only because we have Julio or other weapons, etc. It's true Julio pulls attention but Ryan still has to make good decisions when throwing to everyone else and he did that at an elite level last year. Ryan has yet to play with a truly elite defense on past Falcon teams. This 2017 team could make our 2016 seem like a growth spurt at this rate. Time to mature.
  4. At this rate, it really goes back to the "perfectionist" approach of Allen won't ever be the best guy for the job physically. 2 picks in our playoff run, but will be remembered for not getting to the Alford tip in time (not to mention Robert could've played it even better and gotten a pick, or you know the team not thrown that lead) etc but he did have to come on strong to help the secondary come together despite Tru going down and younger Corners in front (Alford having to step up, Poole and Collins having to play greatly increased roles). Allen best guy at this point for the job. Physical ball skills alone won't win the job over Rico until someone can impact the defense as the brains at Cover-1 FS.
  5. It really does appear Harlow is indeed brought in for his mobility and drive while given time to learn NFL speed/nuances for blocking schemes at this level and given time to strengthen his body (as if I recall that is his worst trait from his measurables before the draft). The argument could be made that Wes and Ben are the favorites and depending on backup needs at C or OT one could replace the other at RG if the 'starter' has to move to C or OT in the event Mack/Matthews/Schraeder were to go down. Harlow is pure development at this point.
  6. Beautiful if true. Positive not negative. Amazing if real. Pinch me? /s In all seriousness, could very well see him getting a pass until preseason starts given his age and having an extended break during the offseason as he signed here late (personal workouts on your own time to be in shape vs having to pace during an NFL TC)... Just my guess. Of course would really love to see him in TC teaching the young guys during the offseason.
  7. You aren't ready for this : (note from MVP 2005 baseball game, awesome soundtrack one of best PC baseball games RIP)
  8. I still remember Campbell putting some cleans hits to Brady in the SB. Get his body more NFL trained; same with Deion, and then we have Riley/Takk/Beasley capable of dropping back in packages. GG, more depth across the board. That leaves S the biggest depth concern on the defensive side.
  9. Could it be he was a bit overworked (total snaps are insane for him) and the Chiefs stopped using him effectively? Maybe some lingering back issues caused him to play tighter and without as much explosion (coupled with the total snaps he saw on D while in KC?) if the idea is he stays close to 330 and his playing weight is there plus is utilized smarter by Quinn he will probably see some production back toward those levels. Even if he gets close to pressure rate he did before he'll be a beast here and help unleash Jarrett, Hageman, AC, Vic, Takk, and the LB'ers stay clean. Add in solid pieces like Crawford, Reed, Shelby, Upshaw (what is his ceiling as a converted DT entering next year plus the coaching from BY?)...look out opposing NFL offenses. We depth now!
  10. I mean, Freeney is gone and AC is recovering from an injury. That's 2 of your top 3 pressure players recently on the mend for a substantial injury or no longer here. Atlanta knew it was going to need adjustments projecting forward with younger players needing to come in house. IF Beasley truly needed another veteran on hand that was the writing on the wall. It was ultimately about vote of confidence in your coach for your team needs with more roster turnover projected. Enter Takk and a very raw player, no wonder the decision. Freeney was most of your consistent pressure in the Super Bowl game, too. Pretty sure Cox didn't train him.
  11. ^Exactly. Hageman is still a role player at this point. As long as he keeps working on maximizing his performance with his snaps he has a chance of making impactful plays. He needs to work for that contract year, too. What else can motivate this guy?
  12. This. Also, the video is basically casual fan banter that happens to know enough to sound smart. Nate at the end says the relevant information worth watching, IMO. Context without these random 'talking point' generated question which make less sense to Falcons fans to understand it's not about "who" is labeled as a starter. They say Freeney is gone, but don't even mention AC. Thankfully, at least Nate thought to say what about Tru coming back. The depth going into training camp on paper is way ahead of where we were last year at this time. Heck, Freeney wasn't signed until August last year anyway. lol My main concerns are: 1) Health (Takk, AC, Tru, Mack, Both OTs, Shelby, Julio bunion recovery...for starters EDIT: Coleman's ankle too) 2) OL performance grades in pass blocking vs last year and RG in general/OL depth grooming on point being stabilized and not a liability. 3) The playcalling of Sark in general and Matt synergizing with him. (Note, Matt also getting more vocal about what to call in situational football and deciding to override if it ever could cost us a Super Bowl again and I Those 3 things work for us this year? Say hello to another deep playoff run.
  13. I gave up on Madden when they left PC to keep playing the console wars between XBOX and Playstation systems. lol They have no loyalty to people that invest in their games on a non-console system just from sheer money side.
  14. The Cowboys thank you for their PTSD trigger.
  15. You guys are right on the mark. The bar for rookie DEs that could turn into complete franchise caliber studs even don't necessarily translate into instant double-digit sack numbers. That'd require an insane level of performance jump from the unit overall for Takk to have enough plays for those cleanup sacks AND our offense keeps putting up points at the pace opponents are required to continue dropping back regardless. I think a goal of 5+ is optimistic. Step 1 is recovering from surgery and having a healthy rookie season; despite the expected nagging nature of these shoulder problems as seen with Vic. Conscious development of moves takes time to translate on the field because other parts of your game suffer slightly when trying to learn something new. As regards our overall pressure improving, Atlanta seems to be leveraging the Poe signing into freeing up everyone else. Freeney being our top pressure guy in the Super Bowl and his overall playoff performance meant someone else had to step up. I hope the plan pays off. The growth of our year 2 and 3 players plus Riley/Takk should mean good things. So, the argument of re-signing Dwight will always hold a degree of weight until reality is on field performance is not lacking; i.e. see our most recent game. The presence in a training camp is less likely due to how late he signed with us. He probably signs somewhere if he wants to after training camps are nearing their end, IMO. The story lines are great, but we have to believe in our coaches with helping everyone develop. That wasn't just Freeney with the rookies eventually tightening things up. That was Quinn, Alford, etc. Great teamwork for their age. Imagine the continued maturation adding an edge to their speed at all times. Instead of being there from speed alone it will be more turnovers from arriving at critical points in the play and hopefully big plays for our D leads to less pressure on our offense who carried most of the season last year; save the SB collapse which was at least 50/50 with IMO most of the blame going to the offense for dropping the ball.