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  1. Totally agree with OP. What we do in the early rounds of this draft will reflect heavily on how much the staff believes in our young CBs moving forward. Sheffield took valuable reps playing LCB and slot. Arguably our best game on defense came without Trufant. At minimum, he is insurance at every spot a CB can line up; while Blidi provides boundary CB depth. TBD where Jordan Miller fills out. I believe he was intended to be a means to move on from Blidi this offseason as a pure boundary CB but his own suspension made it necessary to bring back the vet. If we decide to ignore CB, we best have insurance for Neal; as Kazee and Rico can play slot, but Allen is not an ideal fit at SS over the course of a season. This also makes replacing Vondre’s snaps/role and vastly improving front 7; in lieu of adding CB high, essential to next year. At the same time, it’s hard to not take a corner from this class given depth concerns even if they believe in the starters, but there are no perfect rosters and we have bodies across the DL as it is by comparison. Hard to gauge what Falcons will do but it seems that they are gearing up their roster to be able to pick whatever prospect they value the most.
  2. If Clowney settles for less after the market worked against him... TATF: “fiRe dUmMiTrOf”
  3. Trufant wasn’t here. But ya the draft hasn’t come yet either.
  4. Maybe once Taysom Hill retires as the greatest quarterback ever, then he could start for y’all.
  5. If it’s sheer numbers Saints should be no higher than Falcons based on losses and loss entering draft.
  6. I mean...they let players use CBD creams now right? Rub that sucker up often and especially on game day!!
  7. This article is basically: who got the most and best of the names according to a quick write up perception? If the Falcons moves work out, it’s easier a better offseason grade than a C. Fowler to Beasley is at minimum a B. He can play the run and is more consistent play to play. Gurley and Free could both be diminished so it’s fair to hold judgement, but I think you can’t question who is more productive at this point. Period. They basically are left to look at the volume stats Hoop got vs Hurst relegated to blocking TE behind an AP in Andrews; in a run-heavy system to not include the upside there. It’s like Michael Turner stuck behind LT. So ya once they can discount Gurley; even tho Gurley > Free should be obvious, and not adequately rate Fowler > Beasley? (Both busts) Then no wonder. We should be at least a B-. Easily an A if things work out for 2 of the moves. All 3 could work.
  8. To play Tackle, he better. They usually are more athletic but their RAS is I believe position based?
  9. Did rookie contract lengths or terms change with new CBA? I can’t remember off hand. It really boils down to if a target is viewed as worth it. Often, the Falcons focus on targeting players and pay capital in order to do that but turn to UDFA to make up for it; STs and maybe a diamond like a Schraeder or a Poole, etc...maybe Gono finally breaks into the lineup this year if he gets more consistent and they figure out where to play him. I digress..if we did this Id like to think we got a corner somewhere *unless Whitt and Morris just LOOVE the young trio of Sheff, IO, and Miller. To me? Idk...I think we possibly skip either SLB, CB or pass rush DL talent high in favor of the other 2... Chaisson + a Corner? I know we are obsessed with trying to get a decent rusher next to Grady but in base that’s hard without a guy that can play the run from 1T. Therefore, it’s more likely the sub packages of rushers; depth at being able to rush on edges or the focus there. To me, we are rather thin at CB in a good CB class. Take the Best defender available at 16 and then strategize.
  10. Whatever his bio says he is a verified guy “AMB” group and “AMBSE”... Works for Arthur M Blank
  11. ^So do we convert Davis to FS? Kinda short but basically Rico’s combine size. And, that is 3 noted interactions with Ezra:
  12. I don’t think you understand your own posts. Let me spell it out back to you: Hoop. Left. So. We. Could. Sign. Fowler. Hurst > Hoop 1on1 battles Blocking Cheap for 2 years; bargain for 3rd Hoop > Hurst Chemistry with Matt and time in offense It was through in through the best decision we could have made; regardless of team success, as it makes the most sense to do what we did. Sign Hoop and he is our big contract this offseason instead. It’s that simple. Frankly? I didn’t believe we could potentially upgrade TE by sacrificing Hoop to sign a good DE. We may have just done both. On paper, it makes sense.