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  1. I think once McGary gets back and earns the starting job, they gel? They can be dominant. Big time dominant. I also don’t get the hate on Brown someone made before your post. Dude got tripped on his worst play last night. He looks VERY promising as a run blocker for us and just needs a bit more technique consistency but nah his is correctable. Lindstrom looks promising too and we just need to see Kaleb earn that RT spot. Basically, I’m only concerned with Ty. He improved and was an upgrade to Schraeder last year but has lost that level he found.
  2. No other *sane poster
  3. These. Apply the same to Giorgio situation at K.
  4. No. You gotta face reality of Bryant aging and injury concerns one day or another. IMO, Giorgio could easily stick on for a decade or more if he is given the chance to settle in like Bryant got. Want Bryant? Need to grow another.
  5. IMO the hold on Matthews was a close call. Disappointing to see Jamon let a rookie get such leverage into him.
  6. Falcons' Jordan Miller: Earning praise from elite receiver Rotowire 16H AGO Miller was complimented by teammate Julio Jones, who continues to laud the rookie's immense confidence and attitude during training camp, William McFadden of the Falcons' official site reports. "He's one of those guys, you want to keep beating him because he's going to keep coming back," Jones said. "I love everything about him. The way he approaches the game, everything." When it comes to game action, and the bright lights are on in a meaningful NFL game, we will truly see if the rookie possesses the advantageously short memory that Jones is alluding to. But one thing is for sure, Miller certainly knows how to make an impression. The 22-year-old defensive back reportedly approached the six-time Pro Bowl receiver at one of his first practices with the team and said, "I want to cover you. I want to get better." A fifth-round selection of the Falcons in April's draft, Miller isn't likely to see much playing time on the defensive side this year, but he will be afforded the opportunity to sharpen his skills by routinely going up against one of the NFL's best receiving corps in practice.
  7. I guess we're gono see.
  8. And had an even worse OL than the one people are panicking over now? lol
  9. Yay a positive points thread! Save us!!
  10. The only way that happens is a ban on trolling or we all practice abstinence on giving him a reason to post.
  11. Meanwhile, the Jets LB walking around on a torn ACL last night; until he was out for the year... Almost as if you can’t assume anything just from surface appearances on injuries. Always wait for the reports.
  12. Therapist probably can’t keep up with the circling this guy spins.
  13. Cominsky carrying the helmets of those ahead of him on the depth chart:
  14. ^These. Davison showed his value on that TFL and our interior DL was strong last night overall. Graham and Grace should be on the 53man. Both are worth keeping.
  15. Don’t Be Negative
  16. There is a reason we moved up to draft McGary. Ty was at best a spot starter and stopgap at the train wreck Schraeder became. McGary will start sooner rather than later.
  17. Kazee is fine if nothing is broken. 3 weeks for a bruised rib? Gage is the most concerning. Hopefully it was just a bad stinger and bruise will be all that happens. Sheffield going down with a hamstring stinks because he could use the reps.
  18. Great news!
  19. As many as 4 starters sat...McGary recovering of course. I hope his checkup comes back positive and he can come off blood thinners
  20. Some fans after every preseason game:
  21. simms should be English for sucks.
  22. McGary due for a checkup and should have an update early next week. Best news today. Good news on Gage and the wounded from the game tonight would be dessert.