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  1. Ya, sadly feels that way. Can’t have guys on IR. Almost can see Neal back instead but definitely want a S in FA. So ya, gotta not look or be a risk wrt availability. First time taking bad financial risk? Now, if he were dirt cheap, 1year prove it? Maybe. Not the first plan, unless you know FS of future is gonna be there top of round 2. I can see us doing that with S. Add a RB round 3. Or, longterm FA sign a FS and leave round 2 open for other fallers...man this offseason is hype!
  2. In your hindsight analysis framed together with a made up scenario, you aren’t including the times Brady failed. Brady has never made the SB with a defense as bad as the Falcons. Ryan did. Playing aggressive was how they got there. ^Conversely, I don’t believe Tom ever needed to tell Bill Belichick how to be a head coach. I do believe you may move goalposts, but the facts remain.
  3. That’s fair. Conversely, what if they believe Matt is rated at a level higher than most see and value building around him; believe he can physically stay at a high level similar to Brees or Brady? Given his lack of injury history and instability on offense wrt system and coach changes... Just saying. It actually has as much to do with Ryan as it does with the actual evaluation of the possible QB at 4. And if they are really that lights out, wow this draft may have 3 or 4 future All-Pros? That has to be the upside. Personally, I don’t see it. Maybe one star. 2 decent starters. Ma
  4. Wasn’t there a data source that indicated we were the 3rd most underachieving team based on our point differential? 7-9 was the floor that team should have been at. Yeah, it still functioned mostly as a 7-9 team and drove us all insane but at least we saw it was “pretending to be 4-12” when the data and film shows the difference in why. Exactly.
  5. Didn’t Matt Ryan blow 28-3? 🤪 LOGIC! Get that man OUT of here! (I mean he is old as dirt that’s just the real reason; may as well walk if he cared about the team. ??? Profit!)
  6. It may have absolutely nothing to do with QB and merely cap decisions to be able to build around Ryan better in years to come. Here is a thought: Backload some FAs this year; unless they are already 30yo vets...(who are unlikely sign for very short term (1 year) deals in 2021 specifically...unless they are closer to vet min) If you signed some 4 year contract mid level FAs, and having eaten more cap by not restructuring everyone this year, those future years have players eating some of the savings by backloading them...while extending some in-house veterans is still an option later..
  7. And if Matt and/or Julio rebound in a big way for AS’s offense? Just as easy to extend Matt and figure out Julio separately if need be; if we are talking logically. I like the thought of biting some of the cap issues in 2021, but it could also be a means to keep Ryan; TBD Julio due to injuries. I could see Julio being moved within 2 years and Matt getting extended.
  8. Thank you. Never makes SB in first place without being carried. It’s amazing the inability to objectively look at the facts on subjects like this but it only reveals ignorance in of itself. But if you have a SB ring, logic doesn’t matter...hence the mindless “argument” it is. Why think? It does the thinking for you. Kind’ve like Joe Buck’s narration. People are only as “smart” as the announcers allow them to be (if your opinions are just repeating theirs); and that’s more true than most will admit, especially if it were to challenge their beliefs. Such as Rodgers didn’t w
  9. I get what you are saying, but even Alvin has great blocking in front of him. Besides, the Saints thought he was worth a 3rd round pick; arguably optimal "value" for a RB these days. That's the draft trick, right? Which player is going to become what? Since they don't know, positional value comes into play. Hence, RBs falling.
  10. To be fair, the Falcons can do that to people. The only way to focus on the positive on TATF is to create positive threads like this and find the hope/build on it. Let the negative rest or you can't rest. Peace happens by choice not accident. Like, I'll choose to support a new QB if he is drafted, but I like choosing; for now please positive police?, to buy into building around a proven capable franchise QB that could go OFF this year in a modern system.
  11. "Getting who you want" wasn't the basis of his point though. It's a "take best remaining RB" rather than desperately going up for the others. Yeah, Najee would be a great addition to this team. Alas...we aren't a RB away to justify a trade up cost w/ the current roster. Then again, maybe the cap will be raised over a TV deal and we make some nice moves in FA? Just generalizing the value of RB and when a roster is in need, it likely isn't going to pay off if there is additional capital spent (multiple picks) to acquire said RB.
  12. It's playing people that wind up being tooled by them. It's called being manipulated by giving you what you want. Most casual/emotional/irrational Atlanta fans want a mobile/new QB. Why wouldn't he write that? It's good for business. Obviously, the Falcons would be insane not to look at QBs. For themselves or for a potential trade partner. It is known.
  13. Like, why do people think the idea of trading down would be valuable to this team needing more players than a QB? That's the funny part. The mental gymnastics.
  14. It's pure strategy. You're invalidating the Saints 4 year run. Why? A no-call? SB or bust? So, then you can ONLY follow the script of each time a team wins a SB? That's not reactive at all. So, get Tom Brady...right? No, you build a strategy. Is the plan to not land multiple starters every draft?
  15. I mean, it could happen...but what team would plan on waiting to get their QB for 2021 some time in or after June? Would we really waste half of the offseason pretending with Matt and then move him to SF or something? Would the 49ers "plan" on that? That's where it's wishful thinking, but ya...it could happen. It's also one huge gamble without seeing the rookie even take a single snap. Like...wow. That's a bold risk.
  16. People just keep waiting for the time to match their broken clock. Yeah, it's true situations like the Saints can happen, but if you told me TODAY we could have a 4 year run like the Saints generated from 2017-2020 with clear chances at a SB? Give me that any day of the week. It is a strategy with a proven QB. People keep acting like Ryan is washed like Brees. It is a bad take. It is narrow minded. Period. If we move on from Ryan sooner by drafting a QB this year? Great! It's ALSO a viable option. BY the way...2020 was supposed to be $210M+ at minimum as of
  17. Eh, people shift it to blaming the cap situation... Good thing the draft has the Falcons in a great spot. I mean, if any players were worth keeping from the 2017 draft; wouldn’t that have been nice? Ridley most certainly will be a player not in the list some hang their hat on in this very thread. Or are we anticipating Calvin’s 5th year option isn’t picked up? I also believe 2018’s draft atleast have players worth considering, but wait we don’t believe in having players signed but will criticize not having those said players “locked up” (Oliver, Senat...at least Gage and Fo
  18. We will add to the defense this very offseason. Ryan is better than you are able to admit or see. The Saints landed a dream draft after 3 years of 7-9. Is the plan to have bad draft picks? Did DFJ not get paid? Money hasn’t been the issue. Draft is core. Stop-gap with FA. Actually get FA fits instead of chasing stat lines. What it takes to produce at an MVP level is more than ability to produce. Rodgers proved that. Ryan with Dirk the past 2 years after doing well with Sark proved that. Ryan has had 2 years with anyone worth their title as a leader at their
  19. Yes, like we did in 2017...wait? No. The key is who you draft and using the capital wisely. And those cap figures will change yet again. The details have you gripped despite their flexibility. Fluid not concrete. This is where you lose people. You project as though it’s one way when it’s not. That disingenuous. You could add 5 key contributors from this very draft. Another team can wind up with 0. We had no significant contributor to the 2020 Falcons from 2017; unless you count Brian Hill. So, no. Every team won’t have actually 2-3 starters via the draft. Over generalizatio
  20. Truth. Hey, if we grab a QB? Let’s go. It is one way to build that great team we have been lacking. ^Maybe then better use of resources; which having them hasn’t been the problem despite being overly focused on, will yield a better team on the field. When coupled with the; hopefully, now better coaching staff? Can’t wait to see what this team can become with Arthur Smith and the staff he has set up; whichever roster direction is taken. Hey, if Ryan has a rebound in production/efficiency (they go hand in hand); virtually guaranteed barring injury, worst case is we can decide to m
  21. Are we planning to not draft players capable of starting? Will we not keep SOME presently projected FAs as starters while stop-gapping starter needs in FA...similar to what the Falcons will do this offseason? (Per TF’s philosophy btw lol) But remember, the cap for that year will be impacted by another unexpected pandemic. It could be that things will get thinner than paper thin; since we know it will be exactly as projected today with all factors considered.
  22. I, for one, believe building a great team is indeed a good approach for sustained success. Isn’t it nice to have such flexibility with the draft capital the Falcons have this year? It could be that building around an established QB is the smartest move for not just 2021, but 2022 and 2023 moving forward.
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