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  1. It’s Senat Gono work out if you ever make that list.
  2. I specifically mentioned Julio together with franchise QB. Besides, those teams outside of Seattle aren’t even on their 2nd itteration as a roster with their current guy at QB. Again, our roster has been capable of competing for basically the last 4 years at minimum and coaching has held us back the most. So far, we’ve managed around becoming top heavy and were looking to begin clearing up moving forward until Covid hit.
  3. I think it’s more 4D chess than checkers actually. Besides, all of those guys are either role players or were bad signings we are happy to be rid of. Davison might stick on but could be a $2.2M relief. Iirc, $4M for Bailey. We do have Mack’s replacement plan currently invested in. Neal has been a question either way from injuries and at least they draft a guy to study behind him this year at minimum. Gurley is looking like a one year run type of signing similar to what Poe was. Now, can coaching on both sides of the ball finally have an equally good year? Or at least not be a liability? And again, I think we will probably push some of that projected total among those top heavy contracts down the road once again. It isn’t ideal I agree. Neither did our chances entering this offseason. The roster looks good this year. The weakest one we had in recent years was 2018 after the all in for 2017 w/ Poe didn’t pan out (coaching) and some unfortunate injuries cut short 2018 (Levitre, Free, Debo, Rico, Neal etc)... Personally, I don’t think the roster has been bad off overall. We shake up coaching staff middle of 2019 season and our terrible Defense; even for Falcon standards, became the strongest unit. So, to me why am I going to worry about the can when the window is 5 years at best with Ryan? We’ve had good rosters and fell short.
  4. Maybe we opened in Nickel? When in doubt, snap counts.
  5. I still hate us letting Poole walk, but Dennard seems like an upgrade in coverage ability from slot while giving us a good run defender at the spot once again; although a one year move for now.
  6. @FalconsIn2012 these pages explain it. Blidi started the final game of the year and vs the Seahawks according to this. Sheffield got by far more snaps on defense otherwise when Tru was out overall; including post-Bye and he played every defensive snap in both NO games: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/S/ShefKe00/gamelog/2019/ https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/W/WrehBl00/gamelog/2019/ Accordingly, Sheffield naturally had more overall snaps as Blidi was not on the field in base and Kendall played in both base and sub.
  7. Guess it depends on how “starter” is counted. Yeah. I’m pretty sure Blidi was not a base D corner when Tru was down for the year post-Bye but he definitely played a lot due to the aforementioned Sheffield being our only viable slot corner; sliding inside in sub.
  8. We did this last year tho. Projected cap does not equate to reality when it actually comes to pass because other factors change by that time. Yes, we keep pushing projections and paying the piper down the road...but the new cap growth from CBA was going to free up quite a bit. Does that projection include dropping guys like Jamon Brown or James Carpenter? Who are both likely gone this by time next year? That’s just 2 guys. Rico and others are candidates as well. (EDIT: just looked and those guys cut straight up next offseason without 6/1 save us $17M alone) Some may look at that and call it a purge. I look at it as planned outs and calculated dead money. Front end cap gains and ability to make roster moves next year (read current year once realized)...isn’t that what it’s all about?
  9. @FalconsIn2012it’s true we were kicking the van (yes the brinks van I’m leaving it ) down the road but that’s sorta the thing with primarily a franchise QB on the cap these days plus Julio... I personally believe our cap would not be as bad as it was in 2018 when our offseason was limited; after the new CBA came through...we’d eventually feel any effects maybe once Ryan retired or left because before Covid we could backload contracts again/restructure yearly as needed.
  10. If anyone is worried about run defense at the expense of depth in secondary and pass rushers; in the NFC South, have lost their mind. Your run D ain’t gonna matter if they can light you up, especially in shootouts. I, for one, would love to see a score by our offense stick for once instead of it being a perma shootout... To be fair, our defense was incredibly good after the Bye week. It turned around the historically bad pass defense start into a better graded defense for the year compared to the bad defense of 2018.
  11. Blidi did not start when Tru went down. He played because we had no slot corner so came in when teams went 3 wide. If that’s 50 snaps for Sheffield in base then that’s simply how it shook out. I don’t have the snap counts by position but I’m like 99% positive Blidi wasn’t out there when we were in base after Tru post-Bye. He came in when we needed a boundary corner to fill the need created by Sheffield having to play slot in sub-packages. I could be wrong...
  12. To be fair: No one predicted Covid It literally took a pandemic to make concern valid. We were fine once the new CBA came through. Without Covid, our cap moving forward was fine and calculated. We were in perfect shape to continue as normal moving forward the rest of Matt and Julio’s careers. So, grilling the FO over Covid is kinda ridiculous. At best. Lol.
  13. Ok so after being thrown in the fire early, he started boundary in Base when Tru was hurt later and moved to slot in sub-packages because we had no options; hence Dennard signing, and Blidi would come in to play boundary. He was our primary Corner in our best defensive games last year. And, Oliver was the weakest link in the secondary to start the year as well. With Dennard and AJ added; who is really a Tru replacement, there is flexibility for playing a combination of corners. I’d expect Dennard and Sheffield in Dime to be the slot corners but boundary starter in Base is still up in the air because Sheffield had to move around so much and Oliver’s inconsistency two years in. https://www.si.com/nfl/falcons/news/atlanta-falcons-roster-2020-nfl-draft-defense AJ is possibly a downgrade from Tru as a rookie as well. May the best 3 win. Not seeing Oliver outside of RCB play tho.
  14. I just don’t see Sheffield as a cerebral guy for FS yet. He plays like a 1v1 competitor playing his guy, rather than a field general so he’s definitely have to be groomed for FS. Didn’t we see the secondary play a lot better in cover 1 when things were simplified? Charles Woodson converted to S later in his career but he was a better CB. That GB secondary was insane on their SB run in 2010. I don’t know what Kendall’s ceiling is positionally but I believe he can become a better CB as of today unless he were to randomly switch positions and be groomed. Unlikely given Oliver’s inconsistency to date.
  15. TATF every time it thinks TD and the FO are cornered in by some “cap ****”:
  16. I think it’s a good problem to finally have enough CBs if they play at a truly high enough level. Kendall can be a piece if he is groomed properly but I don’t see Whitt coming in just to work with Oliver. Kendall is probably an even better prospect for Whitt to work with outside of AJ; who we got after Whitt came on board.
  17. Eh, I’m seeing Sheffield staying at CB. I think if AJ pushes anyone out of starting boundary CB it’s Oliver. Dennard allows Kendall to stay outside; as he was our only dedicated slot/Nickel corner; essentially with Kazee staying at S moving forward.
  18. I think he had an inconsistent rookie year and the Falcons didn’t take a chance last year by getting Davison. If we face it, Senat’s ceiling was/is likely what Tyeler already proved to be: Physically strong 1T/1gap system NT with limited pass rush upside. Consistent and solid but still more of a role player. The bad sign for Deadrin is that Tyeler got an extension already; albeit he can be cut maybe next year, but for what if Senat is on his final year in 2021, presuming he makes the roster this year?
  19. Exactly. That’s why I included Matthews reply tweet to the news. Thanks
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