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  1. This is the only thing I care about.
  2. Link? I tried looking there...
  3. Can we put this one in the thread HoF? Legit system that grades players responsible for their own success just debunked the whole “Ryan gets stats only because he has weapons” argument. Tired of the Internet trolls.
  4. Exactly. Plus, his cap hit is below that by a bit for next couple years. Cap hits $18+ in year 3 of the deal. if his play was bad by then entering year 4, there is a way to cut him and only have $5M dead money that year...or if we wanted to extend him a few more years before 2022 cap hit comes due it could lower that figure as well, etc. flexible and manageable structure. Great job by the FO!
  5. Hopefully they fine tune the new system over time. Matt should have a bonus along the lines of becoming an offensive mastermind in year 2 under any coordinator and perform better the longer he is in the same system or with the same coach. Dude is a machine that takes a beating and keeps on producing.
  6. To answer the OP’s question, now that we know Grady’s new cap all depends on how they want to structure the contracts coming due in house first. There is some benefit to cap rollover for a year, but you may need to use some available space in season so it’s kept open for that purpose. If want to sign Bailey it might not work for 2019, unless a 1 year price for him came way down, AND Julio’s deal lowered his 2019 cap hit a decent amount as well. TL;DR it depends now on Debo’s new deal structure and everything else falls into place off that for 2019 uses... Bailey or DL help would be nice. They may opt to keep space open for needs that arise during the season instead. Like other extensions; Hoop etc.
  7. Unless we keep the younger core and let Sanu go/allow Calvin to step up.
  8. Idk. I thought about it being a possibility but with all rumors...better just wait for the facts to surface before drawing conclusions like “dude has to go etc”.
  9. And regarding awareness, Ridley is easily a more polished WR than Moore. Dude should be ahead in that category at least.
  10. Jake and Ryan were the biggest snubs to me. Jake is a 85 or so and Matt’s overall rating as an NFL QB; especially after last year if it’s about recency bias, needs to be up where Rivers is. In fact, a couple QBs could be a little higher and others lower. I guess Ridley is being given the “Julio makes my job easier treatment” like Ryan?
  11. He gets that we win the whole thing.
  12. Is this an extension to the franchise tag year or just 4 years total; counting 2019?
  13. Wow. Great deal for the Falcons at that price!