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  1. There is no case at throwing out all numbers. Just not blindy concluding based on specific data points without knowledge of the game and other factors is to also throw out logic. Ya know, misinformed opinions at information that fits a narrative when it actually may or may not.
  2. Nah, the 7 million or more cap savings this year if Matt signs a new deal hurts us now and the cap won't be larger by next offseason either.
  3. There is not a strong case. That is literally a man that fell from an overpayed contract to being a backup #1 and the other was yet an unproven. Both will get much larger contracts next time around; likely in this calendar year unless Philly holds onto Nick. So, yeah a bit delusional there to be honest. Lets find an unproven guy or someone that was a bust as a starter. That is literally what the case is? Okay, bye Matt!
  4. Well, their RG is a boss and a mammoth at 330 compared to Wes. Better OL than our crapshoot after Levitre went down to no longer have interior.
  5. 1998 NFC Championship Falcons vs Vikings My brother in law at the time was so hyped. I was just a lad that knew of HS football. Falcons for life since.
  6. Article in Tyrod Taylor thread points out we probably will save $7mil or more in cap space when Matt signs his new deal.
  7. Blind to the color red. Can't see Falcons when in red jerseys either btw. My analysis of road games is usually on point if I can see players faces tho. #NoNames #NoNumbers #TT
  8. But why not overpay for Keenum or Foles instead? They went further and one has won a SB. Foles > Ryan btw
  9. I feel like Roddy White could be a good mentor of sorts to Takk, just a random thought.
  10. Where is Forrest Lamp?
  11. I wonder why our 2016 offense was so good at it? How good has our PA success been year to year otherwise with Ryan?
  12. Someone said it's not PI or defensive holding/contact if QB moves outside of the pocket on that final play vs the Eagles. Does that apply to a mobile pocket as the entire line moved with Matt? If anything, this year was a failure of sync. The WCO is all about that. A slip or a foul can disrupt that.
  13. And this is the crux of the matter as 2 things: We don't know how much Matt is gonna be paid on average YET; nor how much it will hit the cap the first couple years if the structure is team friendly. Also, ALL starting QBs will likely be paid more per year. So, have you actually calculated net savings? What's Tyrod's next contract on the cap? $15-$20mil at this rate? So, with $10mil potentially in cap space difference so you really think a single grade A UFA being here instead of Matt for Tyrod gets you anywhere? The only way it works in the SHORT TERM is if you get like someone else said: 3 first round picks in a draft that buys you years of cheap play (if they all pan out) + hope it's enough to win relying on D taking another step forward. For me, the zone blocking and running we do isn't elite compared to say the Jags or Steelers or Dallas when they have Elliot. You'd need a run game like that to take pressure off QB. People respect Matt and our pass game a bit more than Tyrod; to put it nicely. Not even close. Our OL was made to look better by Ryan quite a bit this year actually. Levitre is our best interior pass blocker and he goes down. We already had an inconsistent first year out of Wes at RG barely making it by vs the competition level. Couple those with the injuries to RBs and a dude off the street playing FB? Tyrod wouldn't have taken us anywhere further and in fact we'd likely not have made the playoffs. Matt kept us in many games this year despite majority of his turnovers being directly his receivers fault. He isn't Russell Wilson. Same red zone scoring problems by a supposed ball control offense but one that lacks red zone RUSHING so then automatically you need Tyrod to win games for you with his arm. Again, not Russell Wilson.
  14. Enjoyed reading these actually. Some seem to be fairly on point.
  15. Can't believe this is still on page 1. PTSD. I just can't keep living in we need Kylesville because then it feels like abandonment lol.