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  1. Ok just you said: the longer Schraeder is here...the more I will be thinking about D-Led's statement Be very afraid
  2. Its a safe statement for DLed because RS is ideally a post-6/1 designated cut. That means until we secure OL overhaul, if we aren’t certain on him why cut him now while keeping control? (It only benefits RS to cut him now basically; which we still may do) Writing was on the wall for us with our other cuts. It’s very likely this is writing on the wall meaning cut for Ryan otw; way more than keeping. dont let a guy like DLed live in your head, but it’s one strategy to the whole OL...if we landed a stud OG in FA and drafted an OL by round 2 or 3 would you now be more comfortable with that “worst case” RT plan in the context of the OL overhaul? I was encouraged by Ty’s performance once he was given the long over-due nod at RT.
  3. Man, we better get DeBo done soon. He and Hoop got $25avg on surface by this time next year. Possibly better if they are extended during this season?
  4. Word is it’s not about the money for him and he is expected back... Lets see what that translates to. Hopefully before UFA?
  5. Let’s see the roster post-draft. DLed gonna run with his one report on DK at this rate.
  6. And, IMO, as opposed to Means and Carter (history and age respectively), Ty was one guy worth signing longer if the deal wasn’t absurd. I think $3M-$5M range for an average isn’t bad; if structured right. Cutting RS frees up more than that in June anyway; not even gonna guess the 2019 cap hit until the structure is released. Imagine this thread with only the overall contract avg/yr posted and not the details...
  7. Exactly, and this allows us to focus on OG in UFA in the meantime if we choose (given the contract price of an OG vs OT in UFA)
  8. Good news is he was seemingly better than RS at both, and probably should’ve seen the field sooner with the struggle RS had. If Schraeder doesn’t restructure and keep Ty on the bench; post-6/1 him and sign a guy in June that we want with the extra cap space (though it could be required to extend Hoop and/or DeBo) We have now, UFA and the Draft to figure out the rest of the OL/starter battles and RS cut now; without that designation(tho possible) won’t do us any good for UFA by much. We get a much nicer chunk by having the June designation. The bigger concern is still VB’s cap hit on the subject of contract situations way out of line with performance.
  9. ^This guy gets it. We had no depth last year come to bite us over injuries and we talk down on such moves to retain players in their prime that have proven they can play in the NFL in some capacity? ok.
  10. Julio's fault we didn’t utilize money Bryant. Sorta like blaming the SB on Matt. I thought coaches should coach but...
  11. Remember that Mack and Matthews are really good. Take away one of them and our unit grade plummets. Its like a 7 at best without just one of them. Unit performance is the big question rather than average player grade. The OL is too imbalanced. Need to go back to having 3-4 above average, or better players, and a decent or average 4th/5th; instead of this 2 superb in contrast with 3 weak links situation due to injury etc. like we suffered last year once Andy/Fusco IR + RS fell off. Wes/?/RS was is a sorry excuse for an OL compared to Andy/Chester/RS vintage 2016. At least Matthews has steadily improved, Mack has a couple more years left at best. As DQ said: “scrub every bit of it” for the rest of the line.
  12. Eh, we have no depth there probably hurting the unit grade. Our starters are very good at many skill positions. Fix the lines and ensure CB isn’t so thin and we’ll be just fine.
  13. Yeah, give Ryan that OL and RB tandem over what we had last year...QB wouldn’t have to do as much.
  14. Good post. Coincides with our LOS and CB concerns as areas of weakness. I think we’ll go: OL as our highest tier move in FA; possible a lower-mid tier DL as well for rotation. Draft- DL, OL, and CB early. TE/RB/LB down the list. Could even have another LOS pick ahead of those. Much rides on the VB contract situation pre-FA. A Schraeder rework would be great. No idea of GJ and JJ 2019 cap hits.