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  1. Yeah, I was just trying to make light. Hope he is ok.
  2. It was only a 5th rounder. Basically a 6th. Amirite?
  3. Our efficiency on offense last year was indeed down overall. Defense should trend average or better but this team will go as far as the offense can carry. If 6-2’s defense shows up all year, we can talk SB.
  4. Eh, we were well coached on defense last year; once they got the right coaches in place! Valid point on offense all day! PS: might need to change title of the Vic Beasley thread. He failed his physical today.
  5. We’ve certainly got a crowd of young UDFAs battling it out over the past couple years. Good problem to have. I’m more concerned with TE depth tbh. Is this kid also in competition for the returner job?
  6. Yeah, we probably were better off letting Sark grow and investing for his year 3 by addressing the OL and run game needs rather than scrapping the work put in the previous 2 years. DC hasn’t been stable since Quinn got here. Maybe that changes with Morris. Are they making Koetter develop/call pass plays off of wide zone looks/snaps from under C now?
  7. Yeah, Sark had trouble calling in year 1 as an OC and especially in the Redzone. Doesn’t mean Ryan did poorly.
  8. It’s gotta go beyond just Vic tho, but yeah he’s an obvious one for sure. And, from the outside looking in it could easily seem to have been a decision Quinn wanted. Still, the defense was fine once they sorted the blunders. And, ironically, Vic started getting some of those cleanup sacks while the world keeps underrating Takk; who really just needs to stay healthy more than anything. How could the unit lose Tru and Neal but be better without them vs Saints and 49ers; on the road no less? Smaller sample size than vs the better offenses faced first 8 games but still those were the top NFC teams. We beat them (or had a shot game 2 vs NO) because of the defense becoming a strength. Is inconsistent Vondre part of those “player no longer here“? Free always worked hard can’t say I’d throw him on that list. Maybe TD is referring to Vic primarily and just making a point of where they are changing moving forward?
  9. They better run more of the wide zone as that’s been spouted off since February. Would be really weird to see a lack of identity on offense but here we are wondering if Koetter is asked to run the previous system or his own. Last year was a failure trying to change to much on both sides of the ball and why Mularkey peaced out. Who can reach wide zone and coordinate the rush game plan week to week? We still have Chris Morgan but every year without Mike McDaniel has gotten worse. Started with losing Levitre/Chester/DiMarco and then Lolo and more OG problems + Schraeder hitting an early wall in 2018 left us completely without a ground game in 2018 after a slight drop in 2017. We all know Dan wanted to be more physical after 2018 and “impose our will” was preached but the failure to see those visions come together on defense and offense was The setback of 1-7.
  10. One of the cornerstone reasons BB has been so good for so long. That and cheating of course but still!
  11. I think there is a solid point this thread makes. But for now... Yeah, Ryan had the sophomore slump for sure. I believe it and 2019 have been his worse performing years in “year one” scenarios, but to be fair why are the Falcons even bothering moving systems? Lol. Year 1 of a new OC is definitely an entire group of players thing rather than just the QB. 2017 as you said...if the WRs don’t drop the ball we avoid a half dozen INTs and Ryan leads the league in EPA for two straight years and as the tweet mentions; that may have net a second straight MVP.
  12. Please just may the best man win. But ya, definitely not seeing Carpenter as a wide zone guy give his track record. Just let Gono have a shot and hopefully Hennessy can focus solely on C.
  13. Combined with him reaching out to Forney to train for a month AND getting Kaleb in for some work after he saw the benefits? Pros pro.
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