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  1. Where is the Julio staring down Quinn on the sidelines pic? The one after our team let Dallas recover the onside kick? We need that face and TATF/AFMB logo on the right instead of DQ.
  2. Ryan’s cap hit has been under $20M for like 3 straight seasons. Brees and Thomas are paid yet the Saints have a Legit defense. Maybe if we hit on more defensive draft picks it wouldn’t be so bad for us. You actually have to draft well and coach well. But “Matt Ryan” shouldn’t need that. Got nothing to do with the QB. All TEAMS need good across the board. Rarely do you have a good team with massive holes...I mean our 2016 team was hard carried until coaching couldn’t secure the win. Still waiting on that LoB ATL version defense DQ and TD were gonna establish!
  3. Is that really our own Cam Marino? Does he still post here? Lol Thanks for posting the source @KCFalcon22
  4. About the only guy close to this. He isn’t at the top in output but it’s close and his supporting cast isn’t “bad” despite them trading Hopkins. They have an unproven OC and entering today they had a poor scoring offense like Atlanta this year. They might average similar PPG after this week ends.
  5. Yeah, we try that stuff but can’t execute it. Why?
  6. Name an elite PERFORMING QB this year playing for a bad offense and supporting cast. I’ll wait.
  7. Nah, why would we just believe he is a team player trying to play through a nagging injury...even though that’s exactly what he has been doing!
  8. Exactly. I could see us take a QB to groom in year 2 of new regime like the Packers did. We might take one if there is a no brainer value this draft but it really does hinge on new regime. It’s possible they wait and see at QB based in a rebound year from Matt and the offense with a better OC; hopefully that includes a run game.
  9. Oh, I get it. It’s just frustrating when pass rush can’t get to Hill with that coverage call. Hate to say it but this defense has needed a hero type S. Remember that play Simmons made to pick off Ryan first play after half time vs Broncos? That’s the kind of play we don’t see made down field by our Safeties.
  10. Bro, but where is Ricardo GOING! lol Yeah, you can't have that coverage call without pressure or a much better supportive play. Rico has fallen off since his achilles but it was impressive for Deion to even be with the WR there. IDK how egregious the OPI looked but coulda be called, sure.
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