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  1. Like, I never stopped to read the entire thing... i see mashburn and think the old MASH TV show and thought the rest was like Italian food at a glance same
  2. No mistakes. Only happy accidents.
  3. Who did we sacrifice for this good news? Oh, right...$ Bryant.
  4. Enjoy fam!
  5. Spiral patterns in nature, the golden angle, and the Fibonacci sequence are actually proofs to me of intelligent design. The more complex something is that a person makes, well usually we acknowledge how much more intelligence is required to bring it all together. Yet, when we observe this same evidence in the natural world we give credit to a Big Bang or some other explanation to disprove god. Random chance doesn’t make complexity that functions.
  6. That’s pretty much how I think about it. Still a younger player. FB isn’t the biggest issue. It’s a details as a blocking scheme thing by every player on a given play.
  7. @Knight of God Check out Crawford balling out in these clips.
  8. x’s and o’s

    Great read before going to bed. Even had some relaxing herbal tea by the fire(okay that part I made up)! That play #5. Tampa with what only 2 down linemen? McCoy gets inside angle on Fusco after being handed off by Schraeder to cover the outside blitz. Looks like Jake is getting bull rushed by JPP on the other side. It was risky going to Julio there but Matt trusted the protection because he wants to get to Julio. Good point on having 7 in on this play in contrast to the Philly Cover-0 sell out blitz. Won't always be there and will get sacked sometimes, but hopefully the blocking steps up their game in both run/pass. @Vandy wow that LSU dad video was great in contrast!
  9. Oh yeah, he's the best fit in our offense right now, too. Same ZBS he ran behind. ...and he wouldn't have to eat 300+ carries either. Could've played another 2 or 3 years if that had been the case, IMO.
  10. Thanks for compiling these. Twitter can get annoying trying to keep place. Lot of good info from the vids. Crawford impressed me. What was that 5 impact plays? Logan is a beast blocker for us already. If our OL comes along more we won't be stopped. D showed some flashes in the vids. LB work and pass rush are our keys moving forward. The Bennett signing made a play. Want to see more from Takk and Beasley; when to play contain vs a mobile QB and when to attack and have another guy waiting for the wrap up. Vic should've had the one sack. Poole with a bad angle on the big play. Riley at least in position for the INT after Kazee had saved the play on Poole from being a TD. Need more from the front 7 but this game was at least better than the previous 3. Communication/alignments/assignments and fundamentals on angles/tackling form. All our guys gotta do their job. And when the play is there? Hit it like Ish or play the ball like Kazee! Dudes made a play. Saw a mini-Jarrett like performance from Crawford on those run stops.
  11. Interesting take. If anyone is gonna learn how to play WR in the NFL it's being around Ryan, Julio and even a polished rookie like Ridley.