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  1. We haven’t taken advantage of a sack prone OL yet but their win rate is bad...maybe that’ll finally translate in a do or die for your season game...
  2. IF your coaches aren’t mindlessly lining up throwing and in shotgun at that when you are already in FG range, maybe no blatant holds or unavoidable sacks occur. Keep pinning SBs on QBs then, since none are perfect! Just lol. Made your mind up regardless. I guess you don’t think Coaching matters. Belichick would like a word or he’d laugh you out of the building.
  3. Sack. Didn’t. Push. Out. Of. FG. Range.
  4. Sack didn’t take Atlanta out of FG range and that’s on the coaches staying so aggressive anyway with 2 injured lineman. Why do people keep saying the sack made the difference? We couldn’t attempt a FG because continuing to throw AFTER the sack got us penalized and that took us out of range. 2 drives were moved out of FG range by penalty after we hit 28 points. That’s not Ryan’s fault either. Neither was Freeman absolutely whiffing on his assignment. If Falcons coaches went full Smitty ball in that 4th Q we never lose.
  5. I mean we even traded for Cyprien. Like...clearly you didn’t want Ish back there after Wilcox forced him to be EMERGENCY SS only. Meanwhile, Neas stuck behind Rico at FS instead of just being slid back over to SS... When our coverages are the worst thing we got going due to the lack of pass rush as well! Tru, Vic, Oliver so far, and Ish are killing this defense. Takk gets close like Grady but they need a 3rd guy cleaning up pressures into sacks. Get a lead, get in your Nickel with 4 down linemen and Takk/Vic with their hands in the dirt/3 point stance and maybe you got a shot! Ish on the field in ANYTHING but Base D and box role is just dumb.
  6. What do you mean with hot takes that are money like this?
  7. C’mon. We are gonna win out and go to the SB!
  8. Writers. Media. Not analyst.
  9. True but he also has a bad record when down multiple scores. Rodgers is one of the worst QBs to come back in general per opportunity.
  10. Another one:
  11. I just want an XP Long Shot!
  12. Well, he kinda has to come back with this: So, either Rodgers is terrible AND doesn’t have to come back often or he just folds.