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  1. Flip the script: What if we moved up for Williams instead of trading down; presuming we have to (5th pick overall in this mock)? We’d only be going up a couple spots at most. I guess if we don’t have to pay as much. Not much else worth moving up for if the cost is too high. Staff better believe a guy trading up for is legit year 1 stud either way. Even if cost isn’t bad. I’d rather trade down and move back up if possible. Rounds 1, 2, and 3 picks from the team wanting our highest pick that we got a haul from. Use a few of those to be back into the teens( if the trade partner is a lower 1st)
  2. Reminds me of when Lattimore went to the Saints.
  3. Shut up. Only Matt Ryan gets carried. Manning never was. Rodgers never was. Brady? He was a stat LEGEND his first several years in the league. Enough said. Those are facts. ^Half the Ryan haters at bare minimum.
  4. Look at it this way, barring a win streak we likely get a top 10 pick and draft high in every round. Probably top 8 at minimum. You can trade up or down as you please.
  5. This is an intervention, Joe it’s good for you!!
  6. Grass is greener mentality the hate on Matt Ryan. Every one of those guys can put me on ignore and do me that favor. Save me from scrolling as much.
  7. Exactly. Would be great to fall back in round 1 if our 100% top 10 Target is gone at our pick. Grab a guy like the Saints did in 2017 round 1. You never draft a RT in top 10! Schraeder himself was an UDFA. Im not sure what the team will do. If we are top 6 or 7 we may pick and trade back into the first with our 2nd.
  8. @ATL Fan in the DMV Almost 100% agreed. Good thoughts.
  9. @RubberDucky what’s the dead cap by year with those moves?
  10. I think the most likely cuts is anyone along the LOS without leaving lots of dead cap; including Ryan Schraeder obviously. Alford is close to being gone anyway as he is on the wrong side of 30. Tru is safe. Easy choice win age alone. Reed is a possibility. I don’t see anyone else being cut of significance that those 3: Alford $8.5M (Post 6/1) Schraeder $6.45M (Post 6/1) Reed $4.5M (Any time) Just under $20M in cap space just from them. Re-work another vet that’s a system fit to let them have a job and be a decent rotation piece so depth isn’t terrible? Maybe we can then can secure a couple decent FAs and have room for Grady/Debo etc coming due. The biggest thing here is not keeping guys too long; well post-30, that have declining play unless it’s correctable. As long as it’s not at the sacrifice of young core pieces you drafted that are worth keeping and risk losing due to overpaid 30+ vets. Beasley is still TBD. Rest assured our drafting is the most important thing to this franchise in the short term AND long term.
  11. I didn’t say Matt was a problem or trying to discredit his professionalism, just I’m sure guys that DO PLAY their butt off like a Grady also exist. We need more of it!
  12. Disagree. Grady Jarrett plays his butt off for one. Issue is team cohesion and the roster shuffling from the injuries at the very least. Also, lack of talent and some areas not panning out or being exposed as weaker depth than believed. Turnovers and penalties to top it all off put us in losing close games territory or beating ourselves outright. See today and the second Saints game.
  13. The people attacking Matt Ryan as the problem are like abusers in a relationship accusing the other person of being the problem. See my Sig.