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  1. Honeslty, develop him for that if he wins the spot and transition Schaub to assistant QB coach.
  2. Individuals can play well and a unit struggle. Just saying, don’t buy into the overall unit performance. Preseason is about young players standing out. That’s your depth. Why? Because they’d be inserted next to your 1s; not the other 32 scrubs trying to not be scrubs but aren’t able to play as a cohesive unit at NFL level as rookies. Just picture some of the young guys next to 10 other household names and do you really expect similar results on a prepared and gameplanned week during the season?
  3. If they keep building off this last game those names might just stick. We know Foye probably stays. We need another LB behind Debo/Camp/Ish/Duke as it is for STs play potentially. That’d put us at 6 LBs if one of the UDFAs win a roster spot. Could see a couple of those names make PS otherwise. I want to see more of the FB battle, but Gray definitely caught everyone’s eye. Let’s see if he can do damage vs some 1s maybe. I know Marvin Hall and Reggie Davis already fighting for those last receiver spots. Good to have someone make it a 3 way crowd. Gauge likely makes roster on STs/upside alone; so we got JJ/Sanu/CR/Hardy and 2 more spots if we keep 7 WRs one other being Gauge.
  4. You can lead a crazy to dope, but you can’t make ‘em smoke. Something something LUL.
  5. But how with the Falcons have a handle on something I have no clue about? Without my handle on this, there can’t be one! Lol
  6. Rekt some kids with the knowledge drop. Gg.
  7. “Fire Shanny” probably or maybe it was Matt Ryan’s fault, etc. BTW the OP is a trick question. It should be who do we give credit to for that brilliant usage of player evaluation and development; while keeping starters healthy and not taking a preseason game seriously and wasting gameplans!! Lol
  8. Didn’t you know? He DESTROYED us throwing on Justin Bethel. STs ace and sometimes CB legend.
  9. Good to recognize it’s more about players at this point than the units themselves. No, please don’t stop at players worth mentioning. That’s the entire point of games where 33 rookies get bulk of playing time. Please Continue! Lol I’d be somewhat more concerned if our starters played all game and; even despite lacking a game plan and using vanilla offense, had no rushing yards and continued to be penalized and didn’t score all game? Yes, it would be somewhat more concerning but I’d still recognize our O wasn’t actually prepared for the Jets because they didn’t specifically do that before the game. Let alone any sort of attack based play calling trying to win the game. Preseason. Oh and yeah they played a series. So even more reason to look at players that can stand out when being asked to simply line up and play the basics of the scheme. The Jets game was about that. In a couple of the preseason games to come certain series will be good to see how our 1s perform but that wasn’t this game. And the preseason in general is mostly spent doing player evaluations, fundamentals practice and roster decisions.
  10. A lot of good comments in this thread. Some are a bit too harsh, IMO. Especially after just 1 preseason game. At least, wait until depth charts get finished heading into the season. That way the decision for every player in situations like this gets a 4 game look. Duke blew the coverage on that TD, but let’s see if he can bounce back. Game is indeed mental and you'd hope a Yale product could pressure Duke to get that aspect of the learning curve. Unfortunately, he does look lost at times out there even with run D and angles on his pursuits. He has to rely on playing faster and improving the decision making later instead of reacting slowly and relying on his athleticism to save him. Doesn’t work in the NFL. We got a couple good, young LBs out of this UDFA group in addition to Foye. We might need them to be developed by next year if Campbell leaves. So, this is more than just about WLB/Duke. Campbell bulked up and moved from WLB to SLB last year. Foye looks like he could be a bit heavy for WLB potentially depending on playing weight. Playing weight can be adjusted, though. A high level football IQ decision making process can cover slight athletic differences.
  11. Holy moly at that game thread: Preseason is for coaching up and getting results from INDVIDUALS trying to break into the league while PASSIVELY working on small details for fundamentals of first team units but hardly gameplanned or anything exotic at all. It’s about simple stuff can these new guys perform vs NFL caliber competition being asked to do the basics? Complex stuff is practiced in preseason along the way but installs take a while and week to week is what sets the regular season apart. Oh and playing starters more than one series and not resting others completely but nah let’s evaluate coordinators lol.
  12. I can still use baseless information to hate on Sark, but our D gets a pass since it’s simpler of a scheme than our O. Preseason is for coordinator evaluations and not player evaluations...btw. Lol
  13. Or the inverse is true. Jets don’t make playoffs and we do. Oh you meant 2nd and 3rd stringers, our 30 rookies vs their 14? Well of course by sheer experience! lol