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  1. I saw reports he has recurring knee and current ankle injury trouble. I’d rather roll the cap savings than all in for a risk.
  2. The assets don’t move until June. They couldn’t have acquired picks for 2021 draft on a trade not executed until June (when said assets would no longer exist). Period. It’s not legal lol
  3. Only in a certain sense. That’s not arbitrarily true. Objectively a 1 is still a 1 and a 2 a 2 The Falcons had no ability to get draft picks in 2021 for Julio. That’s a basic fact of the circumstances of the cap requiring a trade to be made in June.
  4. Could even roll that to next year or front load a Ridley extension or a nice FA signing next offseason.
  5. Realistically, given teams knew Julio wanted out and Atlanta needed cap relief; getting a 2nd and a 4th plus the cap relief is a win for Atlanta. It’s a shame it ended this way but Atlanta should be primed with enough targets remaining; even minus Julio, and a big key is how AS brings back a balanced attack to Atlanta. Good news from this is Atlanta has cap flexibility with the freed money able to be rolled forward to next year if desired. It could also be used to front-load a Ridley extension if desired by season’s end. Hurst is likely let go/maybe Gage as well if he hits
  6. I think he slims down and develops as an edge rusher.
  7. Avery is a beast STs option at minimum. Coverage, returns...dude blocked some kicks in college, too.
  8. The point for me is they jumped at C as a likely BPA when last year a C was drafted. To be fair, maybe they see flexibility to LG with either of these guys but when you then add in Mayfield pick? To your point tho, they are making sure the OL will be set but are doing so in the mid rounds. It’s the ideal way to do so; especially in a ZBS.
  9. Yeah TF just showed he isn’t afraid to derail last regimes drafting. If Henny isn’t the guy for C then you know they were gonna gobble up a guy line Dalman. He needs help vs pass rushers for now but so did Henny last year. Its insurance at worst. Looks like a Kelce type.
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