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  1. Just curious as to what network everyone watches. I never really liked Chris Berman so I switched to NFL Network years ago
  2. Me either man. There is just no way. It's Lance or Fields 100%
  3. Players come and go. In the end what we are rooting for is a city and laundry. It's that simple. We are rooting for a city represented by red & black laundry and a bird. I don't care who's in the laundry, I want the Lombardi. Been watching this team since 1980. Whatever it takes, this city deserves that trophy no matter the cost or loss of players.
  4. I love JJ11 but he can barely stay on the field for half a season. I want a Lombardi. Period. With or without Julio or Matt. Whatever it takes I am in and that includes trading everyone. Sadly, his better days are behind him and we have too many holes to fill. The time to move on is now, it's a business..
  5. This is a nightmare pick if we go Fields at 4. He won't start over Ryan this season so we will be paying a backup QB #4 overall money to hold a clipboard when we can address QB in rounds 2 or 3. Makes no sense
  6. On a side note I played football for the Briarcliff Eagles when I was 10. We were terrified of the Gresham Park Rattlers lol.
  7. Weird how this kind of unknown info always seems to pop up the week before the draft..
  8. Video was removed by YouTube before I could watch it
  9. Not a fan of trading back to 15 for a WR. I think if we trade back that far we will go defense
  10. Why don't you give the new regime a chance? I have full confidence in whatever direction they choose to go. Let's just all be glad Dan Quinn was fast and physical getting out the door here..
  11. They aren't drafting a TE at 4. They will either take a QB or trade down with Denver, Detroit, or New England. Ideally we trade with Denver and still get Pitts at #9
  12. Doctor Strange could easily slip through a portal and find Kryptonite, thus rendering your Superman as useless as a QB coach on the Bucs. Especially if Gene Hackman was able to find some in Superman 1 lol.
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