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  1. Why don't you give the new regime a chance? I have full confidence in whatever direction they choose to go. Let's just all be glad Dan Quinn was fast and physical getting out the door here..
  2. They aren't drafting a TE at 4. They will either take a QB or trade down with Denver, Detroit, or New England. Ideally we trade with Denver and still get Pitts at #9
  3. Doctor Strange could easily slip through a portal and find Kryptonite, thus rendering your Superman as useless as a QB coach on the Bucs. Especially if Gene Hackman was able to find some in Superman 1 lol.
  4. Dude was made in a lab somewhere. Just ridiculous
  5. I doubt Fields will go in the top 10 honestly
  6. (Insert Morpheus picture here) What if I told you the "trade back guys" and the "I want a new QB" guys are fans of the same team?
  7. Sewell or trade back are the only options I see here
  8. This thread encapsulates what is wrong in the world. It was a f'ing joke and everyone proceeds to get offended and uptight. My god people, relax!
  9. Rule #1 as a Falcons fan: NEVER root for the Saints Rule #2: See rule #1
  10. As a season ticket holder, this is garbage on the field. Fire everyone. Start over. It's time to rebuild
  11. We could easily be 1-2 right now. Please put the crack pipe down lol. Plus, way too much parity in the league for a team to go undefeated again.
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