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  1. This was another learning experience for the brotherhood. We'll look at film and get ready for Green Bay next week. Football is 16 games, were only 0-3 we still have time to turn around. Thats basically the Dum Quinn talking points. Also Blank will chime in and say he has full confidence in Dum Quinn because he has dementia and doesnt understand what is going on.
  2. Nah he is done, they offered 4 million and he said nope which is fine. He's overestimated the value of RB's in the NFL. He's only 28 so he can still walk and think its probably is best that he doesnt play anymore.
  3. NO, it will never be a top 10 unit as long as DQ is here. He's shown he does not know how to run defense or anything for that matter. Bottom 10 unit yep.
  4. Jacob Eason went before him and he took Eason job. Tells you alot right there.
  5. Neal hasnt played in 2 years now and has had 2 serious leg injuries. He's lost a step and then some. Stop bringing up Neal.
  6. Im positive the falcons picked had to have been hacked! I cant understand the logic, DL was more important than DB.
  7. He's a reach pick too! However thats the raiders, they looked at his 40 speed and said fast enough! They drafted the wrong WR too!
  8. I also want to add, clemson 1st round players are overrated. We've drafted 2 in the first round and they've been busts.
  9. Neal has been injury prone, so thats a fail. D. Jones has been good, but he needs better help up front. Tak is a bust.
  10. I would have rather went BPA then. Draft for need yes, if the player you wanted is not at the spot then BPA, or trade back. Dont reach. Terrell was going to be around.
  11. Im sorry but this is a big REACH. Explain why im wrong. WOW
  12. Well, at least we know TD has never effed that up at least. lol
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