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  1. I dont put to much stock into pro days, his game film will tell you everything you need to know.
  2. Sark goes back to Bama and they dont make the playoffs for the first time in never. Sark magic.
  3. Translation, Matt Ryan has peaked and is set for a slow steady decline into mediocrity as he gets older. In other words the falcons wasted his and Julio's best years.
  4. Mark is right, the problem with GA teams in general is our soft fanbase the majority in this thread is OK WITH MEDIOCRITY. Thus the reasons the braves, hawks, dawgs, and falcons havent won anything in decades. Fanbase is ok with just having a team and has always been this way. When a few demand better we're told by the masses just be happy you got something. Mike Smith was going after 2 seasons but because Shannhan got this team to the Super Bowl, Blank is ok keeping soft serve DQ for another year while jacking up prices. Yeah ok. Enjoy them empty seats next year Blank.
  5. If you like mediocre then yeah keep Quinn. However ask yourself if your job would have allow you to be average to subpar and not fire you if you were say an operations manager. You know the answer is no,if looking at this from a business prospective.
  6. We dont have any cap space to sign him, he is gone after this year. The only person that falcons should be focus on resigning is Hooper who is about to become a top 3 TE in the league.
  7. Quinning is the equivalent of Smitty Ball. Doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different outcome.
  8. rofl, you cant even give falcant tickets away.
  9. Bosher cant even kick it into the endzone during a kickoff. Thats grounds enough to get rid of him, that and his 25 yard floater punts.
  10. Matt Ryan was melting under pressure. He didnt have the pocket awareness to throw the ball away.
  11. LOL, Matt Ryan was trash last night. At least 4 of those sacks were because Ryan was holding onto the ball like a moron. Lets put it this way, Brees gets rid of balls at 2.2 sec, Melting Matt was holding the ball at least 4 seconds then getting sacked.
  12. Change his name to McGravy, he slow.
  13. 4 of them were because Matt Ice Pick was holding onto the ball like it was glued to his hand instead of throwing it away. Lets not act like he didnt have brain farts today, this was his worst game the whole year.
  14. Matt Ice Pick had 2 int's and a fumble. He was trash today.
  15. Draft Tau!