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  1. From what we are seeing I was thinking nerve damage of some kind.
  2. Don't say this often but Ryan is trying to give this game away
  3. Kroy is a Smith player he can play any position on the field. He just can't play any of them at a NFL level.
  4. I had some good discusions with swift back around 2004, he did not like Vick and a lot of what he said about him came out to be true. But his obsession with Ryan went over board and I put him on ignore for most of his multiple screen names
  5. Get the ball to Antone Smith in space and he will take it home. Why our staff does not see this is mind boggling. We have seen this in preseason and and beyond Sorry but this needs to be addesed
  6. It looks like we are still running Mularkey's plays run 5 yards turnaround stand still and look at the Quarter back.
  7. Get the ball to Antone Smith in space and he will take it home. Why our staff does not see this is mind boggling. We have seen this in preseason and and beyond..
  8. Matt could be one of the best, if he could run the offence his way. Look at Payton if he was handcuffed by a bad OC his stats would not be so impressive.
  9. We all saw Turner after he turned 30, He was one of best runners, but age and abuse take there toll. Same with Sjax he will not be the same as he was, time for the young guys to get play time.
  10. This need to be the the chant at the dome. Go No Huddle.
  11. Tice Might make a good HC. Gruden would never give up his sweet deal as an talking head. Nolan I am having doubts about, he has not shone any improvement yet. I was hoping we would have gotten Hue as our head coach when he was with us. But no black head coach for Atlanta after Vick.
  12. Mike Nolan has put out the worse defence we have seen. Van porn stash did better. I have been a Nolan supporter but after this I am rethinking this.
  13. Give the guy a chance You know Smith will not play a new guy if he has an old washdup vet to put in.
  14. Is it the Ego that is stopping us from putting up the points, or is it we are just not that good? I say Ego, Matt is one of the best let him play his game.
  15. If you have been a member for several years you can start a thread.
  16. They can't get a stop on 3thrd and long so go for the points
  17. Why do we not see Ryan running the no huddle, We run the field every time we go no huddle, but we only run it when we are down by 20. Is it our offensive coordinator is afraid Matt will make him look bad? Just asking.
  18. Sjax looked just like Turner after 30 years old. Give the young players a chance. But Smith only plays veterans. Coaching is the problem. Offence looked lost, Kotter has no clue how to use the weapons he has.
  19. We got out coached. This staff has shone a well coached team will beat us every time. Kotter has no clue how to use this offence, Steven J up the middle time after time dose not work. Same as it was with Turner once he was past 30. This is Malarky .2 Run the no huddle and let Ryan call the plays and we Score.
  20. We saw with Turner after 30 running backs are not affective time to use the other backs we have, but you have to run the name. Smitty ball will not work this year. And Kotter has no clue how to use this offence.
  21. Nice response, you were happy with what you saw? have fun being a DOOSH for a living.
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