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  1. True, but when I think about it TD has been pretty candid over the years. Much more so than other GMs. Usually you can read between the lines and make a solid guess at what they're going to do in FA situations. A little more guarded with draft but still pretty forthright.
  2. Oh they are absolutely going to take some Ls. Not quite like they did in the comics but I see at least one "big" death in this first Infinity War installment. Maybe 2 or 3 but not likely. My guess is it'll be either Cap or Tony but not both and if Tony survives War Machine may die. Vision is a goner I think.
  3. I reported a private message if that counts. Guy acted civil but sent some really racist stuff via DM. Nothing happened to him on the board but he actually passed away because a friend of his came on the board and mentioned it.
  4. I'm trying not to be a prisoner of the moment so I'll just say at a minimum Black Panther is in the same tier as Winter Soldier, Civil War, Guardians 1 and Iron Man 1. This movie had high expectations and DELIVERED!
  5. Someone on Twitter said this was a thread here. Had to come see for myself. Relieved that it was basically one post and a bunch of people with sense. Kudos to the Falcons fans with good sense.
  6. Apparently so is their city paper. Just lame.
  7. He'd been in the doghouse for a while. Let us not forget they were actively trying to trade him during the offseason. SB winning coaches have a certain amount of cache but as soon as we saw he was healthy and benched you know that if they lost Belicheck was going to get called out for it. Remember it wasn't that long ago when Kyle Arrington was benched for Butler in the SB. Arrington was benched in favor of Malcolm Butler in the second half, who solidified his place in New England sports lore with his goal line interception in the final minute to seal the Patriots’ fourth Super Bowl win.
  8. I love Takk and his passion but he should probably filter some of his feelings with regards to the team. Last thing he needs is for people to perceive him taking shots. Whether he is or not. This is not the first social media attention he's gotten for not being a fan of Sark.
  9. Guess I'm in the minority. Whenever I see a clip I still think about how unbelievable it was that we blew it but...I guess I just came to terms with it. Seeing Philly do what we should have done last year brings it home even more how golden an opportunity we p***ed away. That said, you gotta play to win for 60 minutes. Caps off to the Eagles and all the other teams that have done it. Maybe one day we'll get back and finish the drill and people won't hurt as much when it's brought up.
  10. That's a fair point. I think I initially felt like Arthur did because the Pats have seemingly done a lot of trolling after the SB. Even with it being such a great comeback, I never saw that organization troll the other teams they've beaten in the big games afterwards. It really made me wonder if our players were talking an inordinate amount of sh** out there. I
  11. I’m not gonna lie, the end season presser didn’t go over well with me and left me more concerned than anything.
  12. I’m not suggesting it is one thing. It rarely is. I do think Sark is the biggest issue though. Bigger than the drops (which were big), bigger than Schweitzer, bigger than Matt’s alleged happy feet. I think people are thinking we’ll see a 2nd year uptick like we did with Shanny but for a number of reasons I don’t think we’re gonna see that.
  13. Something I think people seem to forget. Every bad OC has been given the “execution” excuse at some point. Truth is it gets harder to execute a “bad play call”.