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  1. Un-f***ing-believable!!!
  2. Here we go...
  3. Oh Venters...
  4. I was about to be LIVID!!!
  5. He was safe but we know how these replays go against us.
  6. Freddie putting the team on his back right now. Hopefully Touki can get a few more innings because we know how this bullpen gets down.
  7. If y'all are trusting a DQ "update" on injuries at this point I don't know what to tell you. I'd say neither one of them will be out there but we didn't sign any D line guys this week. I suspect Takk is out for at least one game, probably more.
  8. Does Dave not realize this is Atlanta sports we're talking about here?!?!?! I don't care what Philly does tonight...we lose today and I think we're done.
  9. They're really gonna do this to us...
  10. Hearing that Duke Riley is expected to move over and take DBo's spot makes me open to this possibility.
  11. I'll say what I've said before... This is why you have to seize opportunities like back in Feb. of 2017. You NEVER know how lucky/unlucky you will be from season to season with injuries.
  12. My guess is that the Free injury is more serious than they're leading on. No surprises with how DQ treats injury news.
  13. I mean... It was a non contact injury. I think people were kind of lying to themselves thinking this wasn’t probable.