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  1. So do we think LP finishes the season?
  2. So are the rumors about Pickens being gone true? Figured someone here would know.
  3. Well, if there was a season to waste it was this one. That's the only silver lining I got.
  4. Yea, injuries hurt coming in to this one but...very disappointing effort. Kind of feel like these boys started choking with the missed tackles, drops, overthrows, etc. This year was always kind of a wash to me anyway but...I'm starting to get that weird feeling on Kirby and is he ever going to produce for all we hear about these recruiting classes, etc.
  5. You are so much better than me at this stage. Kudos brother. The last four years and the support/tacit support/poking their heads in the sand at the antics of a man that's a racist (among MANY other horrible things) and not even truly a conservative have left me in a spot that I can't even do it.
  6. I mean...I'd hope that Trump supporters could contain themselves and not get violent after losing an election when he failed to secure more votes than his opponent in the states that he lost. I mean...I at least PRAY that they can do that for us. Even after seeing people storm city and state government buildings with guns to "open back up" in a pandemic...I'd hope they could somehow remain civil. We all know how similar that is to taking to the streets and protesting things like excessive police force/brutality that results in the loss of life with no accountability. 😒
  7. I was born in Roanoke, VA - Wayne Newton, Whitney Cummings, Ronde & Tiki Barber... but I was an Army brat and consider Augusta, GA home - James Brown
  8. You mean for Mr. "Stand By and Stand Down" himself? A comprehensive timeline of Trump encouraging hate groups and political violence. Can't imagine why people would have any type of anger towards that guy and yet...I'm a lot less worried about Anti-Trump people resorting to violence nationwide. I worry about the people that show up with Semi-Automatic weapons storming State Capitals, that try to overthrow Governors that are in the opposing party, etc. Every other Presidential election the loser has handled it with grace. I fully expect the current occupant of
  9. Well, I’m usually the first one screaming about a Georgia sports curse. That’s not what this was and this wasn’t a collapse. This was a hard fought series with two good teams. Dodgers just made a few more plays/clutch hits than we did. I am sad, but I’m not upset or pulling my hair out over this. Hated seeing those guys in the dugout after it was over but they had a great run and I am proud of them.
  10. I don’t have a tattoo on my body. Never been a fan. I’ll get a Braves tattoo on my body somewhere if they manage not to blow this tomorrow like I expect them too. 😔
  11. I really hate this. This team did a great job exceeding expectations all year after Soroka, Hamels, etc. but seeing us get to the cusp and now seeing what feels inevitable...ugh.
  12. This game had a very ‘04 feel to me coming in and I’ll be d*mned...here we are. I hope we can get it together in the 2nd half.
  13. This is just a pathetic effort. Right up there with some of efforts I saw in ‘07. Just end the charade already, AB.
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