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  1. Yea, and if asked about it I’d say the same thing. It’s not an apology. Plenty of other comedians that made plenty of gay jokes were asked later and ACTUALLY apologized. It was an easy ask...he just didn’t want to do it. My guess is it’s either because comedians hate apologizing at times OR he has really strong feelings on homosexuality. The truly silly thing is he APOLOGIZED after he lost the Oscars gig. You should watch his Netflix series following his life. Looking back he seems to be pretty clear on how he screwed it up. All he said was people don’t really think it’s cool for me to speak like that anymore so I won’t. Again, that’s vastly different than saying “I’m sorry”. If you can’t see the difference...*shrug As for Obama...LOL. I’ll just leave some links that probably won’t be clicked on but that’s fairly laughable to me considering his track record on those issues. I’d have to ask more LGBTQ friends how they feel about him in general because equality shouldn’t ever be put on hold even if the public isn’t ready for it but sometimes it’s about the long game. I kind of think as far as politicians go...many of them accepted his mea culpa/apology since he was the first US President to publicly support marriage equality. https://time.com/3702584/gay-marriage-axelrod-obama/ https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/2016/06/09/fact-sheet-obama-administrations-record-and-lgbt-community
  2. Surprise! NASCAR says noose found in Bubba Wallace's garage at Talladega
  3. My guess is this is as close as we'll come to seeing this matchup Week 1.
  4. Shhhh....nobody wants to hear that logic.
  5. I actually think Kevin Hart showed you exactly what NOT to do. Initially when I heard him say, "I'm done apologizing" I agreed with him. Then some LGBTQ friends pointed out his "apology" and it wasn't an apology at all. Had he just apologized from the gate, he likely would have been fine. An apology for something offensive is never going to win over EVERYONE but there is a difference between saying "I'm sorry for ________" and saying "Well, I wouldn't say that now because it's a different time and that's not really accepted or PC".
  6. What a time to be alive...
  7. “Better than the rest.” And that’s...the problem.
  8. No CNN or MSNBC but FOX news is still in the rotation?
  9. Of course he did! 😂 They just recycle the same bullet points and I don’t think they ever stick around to hear why they’re so ridiculous.
  10. Who are you? It was high comedy because most of it was stock footage or footage from nights before. The comedy is that those are the only images they showed versus the tons of peaceful protests or police being aggressive, etc. I mean, could get into it further but I suspect if you depend on Fox for the “truth” then it’d be a waste of time.
  11. Extremely disappointed but I shouldn’t be surprised.
  12. Fox was HIGH COMEDY this week. I turned it on a few times to see what was being aired and almost 60% of the time they were showing some stock footage of a store being looted and made sure to have “looting”, “rioting”, or “violence” in the headline.
  13. The funny thing is this has been his stance. I’m so shocked that everyone thought this was new information. Obviously we all know what’s going on right now but I guess I’m shocked that so many people seemed to be unaware this was his stance.
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