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  1. Quinn is safe...period. Unless something unrelated to football pops up he’ll be the coach in 2019. This is his 1st losing season. Since TD is responsible for bringing in Quinn and the last two seasons were not bad seasons (in the sense that every team that didn’t win it all “fails”), TD will get another opportunity to fix this as well. Last thing Blank wants is an old coach/new GM situation. While the leash is shorter for TD, the Quinn hire and the last two seasons but him some time as well.
  2. Yup. DQ is surviving no matter what. It’s like Smitty in 2013. That doesn’t mean that this finish doesn’t matter to his future. AB is not happy right now. You have a franchise QB and pieces like a Julio Jones and you’re one of the worst teams in the league. Dimitroff and Quinn will have to answer for poor evaluation of personnel and coaches among other things. He has to have a bounce back season in 2019. Don’t think that the Saints locking up the #1 seed and getting to/winning the SuperBowl in Atlanta won’t make matters worse either.
  3. Some of us have been saying this. At a point it was easy to see that our problems were much bigger than injuries.
  4. The 28-3 jokes have no effect but I don't know that I'll ever truly be over it until we actually win a SB. What I expected to happen and what has happened is as each year passes it stings a bit more because you realize how golden of an opportunity you had. I remember everyone saying "We'd be back" and I thought...that's not typically how it works. A lot of really good teams lost and didn't make it back until years later when the team was completely different, etc. if at all. We all thought we had a shot this year and look at how it ended up. Regardless of whether TD & Quinn are the guys to lead us back, this team is going to have to make some SIGNIFICANT changes going forward and only time will tell if that works out or not.
  5. Yea, I honestly just don’t have a huge issue with us being left out. We had a golden opportunity and squandered it and after the beat down to LSU we didn’t have room to lose and still get in. Not trying to beat a dead horse but go out and finish off a team that I honestly think you SHOULD HAVE beaten two years in a row versus saying “Well yea, but nobody’s played them tougher than us so...”.
  6. 5 days and I’m still so confused. 4th & 11?
  7. Atlanta has always been a soft media town. I will say some of the radio guys have gotten a tad more critical but’s kind of laughable. Nobody really gets critical about our coaches or players to a lesser extent until guys are gone. While Mike Smith was here, everyone on air was still spinning things as positively as possible. Now they crack so many jokes at his expense. Petrino was here and not a peep. He bolted and you had guys saying he had always been a snake and they KNEW it and had BEEN saying it. It is annoying at times.
  8. Beat me to it. As Pollack said today on SportsCenter, I think HE BELIEVES he's done right now. When USC backs up that Brinks truck in 12 months though and he's had a year to "rest" I think it'll be a different story.
  9. Fair enough. I've just never been big on the LaFleur was the guy thing. I think this is his first year calling plays. He's been on some staffs that have had prolific offenses though.
  10. I’m no Sark apologist, but have you seen the Titans offense?
  11. More of a regroup thing. This team had SuperBowl dreams and knowing that a month away from the end of the season you’re not getting a sniff at that probably is a bit of a shock. Some teams mail it in the rest of the way and get progressively worse but I actually do thin guys will start to give a better effort over the next 4 weeks if for no other reason to be here or on someone’s roster next season. Some guys have too much pride to show up and keep giving pitiful performances. That doesn’t mean they’ll win. Just that the effort will likely be better.