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  1. I like the Alford pick. Among Falcons fans: Prior to last Sunday I’d have said Clayborn. Now, I’ll say Reed or Shelby. Across the country: I’ll say Neal. I feel like most folks still don’t know him because he’s a safety but doesn’t have INTs.
  2. Definitely wouldn’t have figured this to be a video game title Hollywood was focusing on. Like you, I loved this game as a kid but it’s such a random pull.
  3. It was. However, if we’re somehow able to handle business in Seattle on Sunday there’s a glimmer of hope that we’ll see the guy we saw when Tru went down last year.
  4. Assist: Wow...
  5. I don’t trust PFF. I really like Poole overall but I’m interested to see what happens when Jalen gets back. Especially when we have to face some of these bigger/physical receivers. Are they going to do what they were trying to do last year and push Alford to the slot in Nickel situations?
  6. I’m certainly not giving up on him either, but like others I’m ok with him getting limited snaps on D for the time being.
  7. Al Franken from the top rope!
  8. True. However this is also the difference between good teams and mediocre teams. I’m not yet willing to say that this is the week Atlanta starts clicking for the most part even if I do think that on paper we have a better team than they do right now.
  9. I’m aware. Not sure how that nullifies the debate on his salary demands but if that’s the case then we can throw out any comparison to Goodell and CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies. Publicly traded or private, since the structure, exemptions, etc. are so unique. There are multiple reports on NFL revenue that vary slightly but in the 10 years he’s been commissioner that revenue has more than doubled with low estimates from $6B to $13B. He’s certainly had his missteps but he’s had a lot to do with that and with an organization like the NFL where the teams split up about $6-8 billion I see no issue with Goodell asking for a $15 million increase. Especially when you’re negotiating. Neither did Jerry before Zeke got caught up and he felt he was entitled to special treatment. If we’re arguing could someone else do the job for less, etc. That’s another debate.
  10. No accountability from his audience. Not to get into bashing these networks but we all know people that tune into his show aren’t necessarily seeking the truth as much as they’re seeking something that makes them feel good about where they stand on issues and politicians. That’s why the Moore thing was so interesting to me. While I don’t trust the state of Alabama to not elect a pedophile/predator as long as he’s a Republican I did have some faith that him defending a monster was not going to sit well. Initially, he seemed very defiant when companies starting pulling ads but I guess he realized staying on that sinking ship was gonna lead to him launching a podcast and begging to get on with The Blaze in six months.
  11. Nothing funnier than seeing Sean Hannity seemingly do a 180 with his stance on Moore after these advertisers started dropping him.
  12. I’d expect us to sign some young guy they could put on the PS before they sign a vet with Collins coming back (I’m guessing they’ll keep him).
  13. This is a true statement. Seattle being an NFC contender makes it bigger but the bottom line is Atlanta put themselves behind the 8 ball a bit with the Miami & Buffalo losses. Seattle dealing with injuries on D, a suspect Oline, and a bad RB situation means that even in Seattle the Falcons have to take advantage if they’re going to do anything this season.
  14. Panthers game sure was packed for a lukewarm fanbase. Guess that boycott didn't extend to MNF or people in Carolina aren't "offended".
  15. Tough to stomach that we lost to this Dolphins team or the Bills team that got smoked by the Saints after losing to the Jets. And we were coming off the bye!