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  1. Huh? You responded to my post, not the other way around. Likely because you, like so many "Fromm apologists" (I almost hate using that term but here we are) seem to get about it. Your "logic" is flawed but we knew that from the Haskins statement. Nothing said sense has made a ton of sense.
  2. Calm down bro bro. I'm well aware of what happened. It's in quotes for a reason.
  3. He needs help. Ryan Clark tried to tell folks. Also, Tomlin probably should have gotten some coach of the year awards for managing this and keeping it under wraps in Pittsburgh.
  4. Yea, AB isn't invested in seeing this team win.
  5. Ahh yes...the "competition" we faced was so stiff this year. The juggernauts that were South Carolina and Kentucky! Not sure why it's so hard for some people to accept that all things considered Fields was just better than Fromm this year. If Fromm had played like Fields this year and Fields had played like Fromm, all the Fromm apologists would be laughing at the notion that we "let Fields get away". I say this as someone that wishes Fromm the best.
  6. Yea, please hit me with more of this incredible logic you possess.
  7.'s basically saying they thought they were the 3rd best player in college football. I know...AWFUL. I mean, we all know how Fromm set the SEC on fire this year in comparison.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, Buffalo just made their throwbacks their regular jerseys because they went over so well.
  9. Based off 7 starts after the HC got fired? Great way to make an assessment.
  10. 17 years is a long time so I guess we're due. I wonder if it's going to be one of those subtle changes but then again I don't know that they'd make it a big deal if it was. Not that I don't love Red & Black but I wonder if they'll stray from the color scheme?
  11. Touche'. Devil's advocate: Dwayne Haskins and Justin Fields managed to have seasons/performances that lead to them being 3rd in Heisman voting. Haskins was a 1st rounder and Fields probably will be. Fromm, well...
  12. Interestingly enough I went to Day Care/Summer Camp with this guy as a kid.
  13. Agree with pretty much all of this. I was pretty down on where we seemed to be headed after the SECCG. Thinking we were about to enter that phase where we were the "springboard" for teams like LSU, Bama, etc. to go win the National Championship while we got "close" every now and then and still sent a ton of guys to the NFL. A few things have given me a lot more optimism. One of them being that LSU (Ton of my friends are huge fans and have had to suffer a WHOLE 12 YEARS since the last one) were pretty down about where they were with the Orgeron hire...losing to Troy two seasons ago...losing repeatedly to Bama and then coming back with the same QB and a lot of the same supporting cast that got smoked by Bama last year and running the table this season. Kirby is still learning some lessons on the job. Talent is there. They can do it. We'll just have to wait and see if they do.
  14. I do think that the lack of "quality" candidates played a big part in the decision to just stay with him. I would have been fine with McCarthy but I certainly understand looking at it, not being overwhelmed with McCarthy, McDaniels, etc. and deciding to give Quinn and staff one more chance to right the ship.