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  1. Man, I sure wish Trayvon, Tamir, and countless others could have gotten the “just kids” pass. Amazing. I wonder what has to happen for kids to get that pass?
  2. i really hope these kids learned their lesson.
  3. I said this earlier on Twitter. They made some plays on D but overall...they did nothing special tonight. I’m just scratching my head over here (while watching basketball).
  4. I don’t even know what TF I watched tonight. Most inexcusable performance I’d say since the Richt days.
  5. All that goodwill Fromm has built up with that “Fields couldn’t win the job from him” is about to be all gone. Kirby will be second guessed to no end if he gets to play at OSU next year and lights it up.
  6. What an underwhelming performance. I’ve suffered watching this nonsense long enough.
  7. Situations are different. Over the years we've seen guys bolt but we've also seen guys stay. Reality is we were all just guessing with regards to whether or not Fields would bolt after not getting on the field enough, etc. Truth is we still don't REALLY KNOW (even though we kind of do). I've seen some trolls online saying this is the difference between Saban, Dabo, and Kirby...the other guys play their best players, etc. Nonsense. Hurts lost his job with poor play. Lawrence was clearly the better QB at Clemson. Fields is talented but Fromm WON the job. I think it all comes down to Fields looked at the situation and figured Eason would likely be gone and he could beat out Fromm. He miscalculated. I do wish the kid the best.
  8. I respect him wanting to play but this is what gets me. At the time of his commitment he had Fromm & Eason in front of him. Even if he’s not happy with his role I think the kid was believing his own hype a little too much.
  9. Language warning:
  10. Fields committed to a program that had Eason & Fromm at the time. Now maybe he had a good feeling Eason was leaving and he could beat Fromm but he miscalculated. I wish him the best but I’m not really sure what to make of the whole thing.
  11. Well...that answers that.