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  1. Interesting that everyone featured people that have reached the pinnacle in their sports outside of JJ and Towns.
  2. I'm ok with this. I'd take our 3 over their 3 but you know how rings factor in. That and the Steelers being one of the league's preferred teams will give them the edge to most.
  3. The last line is key here. When I say it's a part of his shtick I think some of you might not realize how Bo operates. I'm a huge fan of his but he works from this "too cool for school" way of doing things. This being the case he kind of pretends to not care about...anything. Not really. Claiming he had a rooting allegiance would just be fodder for all the social media trolls to come after him harder than they already do. I say that to say for all the folks saying he's lame for this...realize he's not going to act like he truly cares about any sports team. Not his style. However, I find it hard to believe that someone who talks/lives sports for their career has no rooting interests.
  4. This has been talked about before. @1989Fan pretty much summed it up. He came in Atlanta and Houston and he was an Atlanta Sports fan (at least the Falcons & Braves). He's talked about how the Falcons basically do...what they've done. Doesn't really bother me. It's part of his shtick in that he doesn't have any real rooting allegiances anymore but I can almost guarantee you that he was pulling for us to win it on Feb 5th before Shanny happened. It's almost like Michael Smith (ESPN) saying he was not a Saints fan and he gave up on them after years of futility but admitting to actually shedding tears when they finally won in '09.
  5. It's different for a lot of people. I have friends that came out to their family and friends and the response was great. I've had others that were beaten up, disowned, and shunned. Tough to put yourself in the shoes of someone attempting to come out and say you wouldn't be at all worried.
  6. I'd like to know what it is since realignment. What is our NFC South division record, etc.
  7. Gotcha. Generally, I agree. I like Clayborn but the analogy someone gave for Spoon is pretty accurate. Talent is there but they can just never stay healthy. I still think there's a good chance we bring Freeney back but at this stage there's very little reason to sign him so early. I figure it'll be a TC or preseason signing.
  8. I have no problem with you guys not being high on Freeney or Clayborn, but you're not suggesting neither one of them be on roster are you? The beauty of the Takk pick (IMHO) is that having Clayborn and/or Freeney allows him to grow into the role versus having to come in and have us all hoping he'll get 6+ sacks this season.
  9. @SamMills51 When I say that I think that their D is aging, I'm not trying to dismiss them but when I look at some of the guys you'll likely be depending on...they are older. At some point age catches up with everyone. Johnson, Davis, & Peppers are going into their 11th, 13th, and 16th season. Star and Short are good and obviously Kuechly is a star but I think that D has some big question marks. The secondary is average to me. They could surprise me. Especially if younger guys emerge, etc. However, I can't say if our offense stays healthy I expect that D to do what I saw it do in 2015.
  10. Bucs: Like you, I think the Bucs will be the biggest challenge. Nice weapons on offense and the combo of Evans and Jackson is gonna be dangerous. Koetter is a good OC in my opinion. Everything hinges on whether Jameis is as good as they hope and truly takes that next step to be a franchise QB. I think their D has great players (McCoy, David, etc.) and will be solid to good at least. I could see anywhere from 7-9 to 12-4. All hinges on Winston. Panthers: Not sure. I have a weird feeling they'll be slightly better than last year but not much. They have guys like Kuechly and Lotulei but I think their D is getting older. Davis & Peppers are not young and neither is Charles Johnson. I'm not sure how good they'll be on that side and they have some good pieces on offense but if I was ranking their offense in the division they'd be 4th. Saints: I think AP will still have plenty in the tank because he's not human. Their offense has never been their problem though and while I still expect them to put up points and see some of their young receivers grow, I do think losing Cooks hurts and outside of Cameron Jordan, nobody on their defense scares me.
  11. My bad. I was on my iphone but I meant to at least leave the [/purple] at the end of it.
  12. Gave up way too much for him.