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  1. For those with Facebook, The “New Orleans Advocate” had a live feed that’s been shared several times and was pretty epic.
  2. Yea, he's about the only one I have any sympathy for. Hearing stuff about death threats, etc. just disgusts me. Not surprising considering the fan base but still.
  3. Yea, you're not fooling anyone. Even if you were a Falcons fan (which you I'm pretty confident you're not) you wouldn't be going so hard about this. Go back to SaintsReport and report your findings.
  4. Haley is catching grief in Pittsburgh but he'd be an upgrade. You have to realize that ALL OCs get criticized by their fanbases. Good, mediocre, and bad. Sark is at best mediocre but has proven the jump from college to the NFL was not easy for him. Quinn will give him a chance to right the ship but I've seen enough to feel confident that isn't likely.
  5. I posted the Lombardi clip in another thread but didn't feel like starting a new one. Like you, I was waiting for a Coleman run or at least a play action. We had TWO timeouts and he was running and breaking tackles. However, watching Sark all season I was not even a little surprised.
  6. Again, you think the offense would have struggled like it did THIS year? Sure, tape would have been out there but you’d have also been dealing with a competent OC that had the ability to adjust. Tape was out there LAST YEAR as well. I don’t buy the notion that once they had another full season of tape was the only time teams could truly be ready for our scheme.
  7. The fact that the Saints had to come back onto the field for this...
  8. And I loathe Lombardi but man...
  9. So you think this offense has the same struggles this year if Shanahan doesn’t take the 49ers job? I don’t. Talent is there on that side of the ball even with Coleman at FB and Schweitzer at Guard. TD didn’t want to pay a premium for a FB and that hurt us and he’s never been great at drafting Olinemen if we’re being frank.
  10. Derrick Coleman and Wes Schweitzer in other uniforms.
  11. Sheeeeeeeeeeeit! That fluke SB they got nearly 10 years ago is doing nothing to bring down my high. Speak for yourself.
  12. Not enough love for this one. It's so awesome to see them on the wrong end of an epic loss and everyone is talking about it!
  13. Reports on social media saying Williams is getting death threats. Not sure how many that is but what kind of loser do you have to be to do that?