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  1. Surry County is definitely more safe as a result of this case. I agree. It at least raises eyebrows about what might be going on in Surry Co. It makes you wonder how many have gotten away with crimes based on other factors. It also makes you wonder if some may have been made the scape goat of others. But there's no doubt it sheds light on corrupt possibilities in Surry Co.
  2. And some of you can't stand it, which makes it more fun for me to post it.
  3. SURRY CO For the first time, the lead investigator for Surry County talks about the Michael Vick raid. It's been a year since authorities converged on the property on Moonlight Road and discovered dozens of malnourished pit bulls used for dogfighting. Bill Brinkman recalls having trouble sleeping the night before the raid. He knew he was about to go after one of Hampton Roads' most favored sons. It all began with a tip about drugs and the arrest of Vick s cousin. That, combined with tips from informants, led Brinkman to Vick's 15-acre property, where he says he did find evidence of drugs.
  4. While the U.S. Attorney s Office gave Brinkman an award for his work on the Vick case, Surry County gave him the boot. Two days after Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison, the sheriff fired Brinkman.
  5. SURRY CO -- For the first time, the man who uncovered Michael Vick s dog-fighting operation is talking about the case and why he is now unemployed. Surry County investigator Bill Brinkman says he knew the night he went to search Vick s property, he would end up losing his job of nearly 10 years. When I executed that search warrant. That very night, I knew I was done, he said. Brinkman says from day one, he was at odds with the county s lead prosecutor, Gerald Poindexter and Sheriff Harold Brown. He believes neither man wanted Vick prosecuted. I brought light to Surry County, and they don t
  6. DEPUTY SAYS HE WAS FIRED DUE TO VICK CASE Posted by Mike Florio on April 29, 2008, 8:53 a.m. A year after the discovery of a dog yard on the Virginia property of Mike Vick sparked an investigation that culminated in Vick s incarceration, a Surry County deputy sheriff claims that his termination was the result of his involvement in the case. Bill Brinkman, who worked for the sheriff s department for nine years, was fired in December 2007, a month after Sheriff Harold Brown was re-elected. Brinkman says that he wasn t given a reason for the decision, being told only that Brown wanted to go in a
  7. Didn't you state that if Vick came back you would do the same thing you are complaining about others doing? Ace, without going into great detail, which would only be over simplification, you're smart enough to know the difference. I'll at least lead you in the right direction. "Would leave", "leaving". BIRD, WITHOUT GOING INTO GREAT DETAIL, I THINK ACE HAS GOT YOU HERE, BECAUSE I REMEMBER YOU SAYING THAT. DO YOU SEE HOW FAST I TURNED ON YOU?:w00t: And I've said it at least 6 times in this thread. Do you have a point?
  8. MORE FROM FIRED VICK INVESTIGATOR Posted by Mike Florio on April 30, 2008, 9:02 a.m. Former Surry County deputy sheriff Bill Brinkman continues to talk about his experiences working on the Michael Vick investigation. The question is whether anyone will listen. For now, Brinkman has drawn interest only locally. After a published report revealed Brinkman s belief that he was fired due to his decision to push the Vick matter over the apparent objections of prosecutor Gerald Poindexter, Brinkman shared more details with Patrick Terpstra of WVEC-TV. Brinkman told Terpstra that neither Poindexter n
  9. I seriously doubt Vick has any money. Even if we win, we're not gonna get anything.
  10. Yes, Atlanta fans are classier than that. Many Michael Vick fans are not.
  11. Agreed. I sure hope he's learned his lesson and served as a warning to all athletes in the future about the danger of hanging out with the wrong crowd... Or being the wrong crowd.
  12. The gambling side is what I believe will keep Vick from ever returning to the NFL. You can't have an NFL player running a multi-state gambling operation. Combine that with the PR hit the league would take for allowing him back (from the dog fighting) and it's safe to say he'll never play in the NFL again.
  13. NFL APPEALS DOTY DECISION Posted by Mike Florio on April 29, 2008, 8:04 p.m. As expected, the NFL is taking its challenge to Judge David Doty to the next level. According to Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, the league formally filed an appeal of Doty s recent decision to uphold the refusal of the Falcons effort to recover millions in bonus money from quarterback Michael Vick and to reject the NFL s attempt to dump Doty from the case. The paperwork was filed with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, which ultimately will assign a three-judge panel to decide whethe
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