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  1. I agree he should stick with 12 to represent his 1:2 TD/INT ratio he will have in the pros.
  2. Keep him on the sidelines and allow fans to be blindly optimistic for another season before he's exposed.
  3. It's called bulverism. And these Ryan/Dimitroff homers are going to stick to it. "Oh you just don't like Ryan because he's white/not Vick" Please that has nothing to do with it. IT has everything to do with the fact that he was a reach in every since of the word just like most of our picks. Just look at the read on the players we took. Almost all of them have glaring questions about them 1 3(3) Matt Ryan QB BOSTON COLLEGE Matt Ryan doesn't have the arm strength of a JaMarcus Russell, and he isn't a dynamic open-field runner, but he is clearly the most NFL-ready quarterback in this year's dr
  4. The people who detract from the fact that we made questionable decisions by assuming people don't like the picks because they wanted specific players are what crack me up. Regardless of names, we needed Olinemen and Dlinemen help What separates elite teams from those that stink are not the promoted guys by the media at the skill positions. It's the above average guys in the trenches. If you want to see how important those guys are look at a team filled with skill positions offensively like Cincy or St. Louis and what those teams did last season. THeir QBs got drilled.
  5. And the one linemen we took is the one who is plagued with injuries.
  6. Sam Baker doesn't have questions about his potential It's about him battling the injury bug. If he stays healthy we could finally have a decent OT. That pick is the least of my worries.
  7. It's not that I dissapprove of the players so much as where we picked them. Building a contender is about getting VALUE with your picks. The Falcons got horrible value with many of their picks Take Harry Douglass for instance. He could be solid, but you can get a Harry Douglass in ANY round. Taking a guy like that while solid DTs that could start for your team are left in the draft, is atrocious. Or take Lofton. There are guys of his caliber that you could have gotten later.. Just all kinds of reaching for players in this draft.
  8. Harrington was also a 3rd overall pick. He's one of those guys with more INTS than TDs in his career and with Ryan's poor decision making skills combined with his average physical tools, there is no reason to be overly confident that he won't be yet another one of those guys
  9. Great. No arguments to justify the absurd pick so go off topic. I came to turns that Vick was gone 6 months ago. You guys do stuff like play race card when the #1 QB I wanted was BRIAN BROHM. My dissapointment with the Ryan pick has nothing to do with Vick and EVERYTHING to do that it was a ridiculous reach when A)We should be building in the trenches and B)Based on merit there is no justification for valuing Ryan that much higher than the rest of the QBs in the draft. On merit he should not have even gone above several QBs in this drat, let alone that much higher
  10. Substance over style would have begun in the trenches. Substance over style is not reaching for a WR like Harry Douglass Substance over style is not taking a LB that is overrated because of his physique like Lofton. Substance over style is NOT reaching for Matt Ryan when there is much better value at QB in the 2nd round.
  11. Sorry Chris Carter but your reverse racism does little to inhibit the fact that the Falcons reached for Matt Ryan. Funny how this is played when Brian Brohm the WHITE QB is the guy we should have taken in the 2nd round. You can use all the red herrings in the book, but it doesn't change the fact that Ryan has the most average production and physical tools for someone taken in the 1st round in the last 10 years (if not ever)
  12. I fail to see how that obligates us to reach for a QB in the top 3 picks when we could have had much better value in the 2nd.
  13. He wasn't even in the top 4 in the conference in terms of efficiency. Cullen Harper was by far the best QB in that conference last year. Matt Ryan being the media darling does little to inhibit that fact
  14. Now this is more on topic response. Unfortunately, doesn't hold merit. What WRs from that Oregon team are studs in the NFL right now? The All Cupcake Conference is all of a sudden the top notch defensive conference? Speaking of that conference, Matt Ryan didn't even stand out in his own conference.
  15. And you are just blindly hoping that he will pan out as both a homer and anti-Vick I don't think Brohm, Henne, etc are Michael Vick's alter ego either.
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