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  1. I've said it before and I'll say is again, Dled has to have some secret intel on a higher up or possibly compromising pictures of someone at the AJC. No way he has a job with a major newspaper otherwise. He couldn't get a job at the Green Acres Gazette! 😄
  2. A lot of good stuff here, but this... To create the highest level of competition, nobody can feel safe or entitled to the role they have. Fontenot's belief that no position should be off the table when adding to a roster perfectly syncs with that accountable philosophy Smith adheres to.
  3. I think a lot of this stuff comes from reporters that have someone inside that can feed them info which can be national or local media, but the Bienamy not having a good interview was strange. It almost made me wonder if the team let that out to slow the fan expectation that he would not be the next HC. And for what it's worth I have not heard his name mentioned much lately in all of the openings.
  4. Lol?.. really. We going there? Watch some games!
  5. Fields for all the accolades is just way too inconsistent. Mac Jones on the other hand is making all the throws and gets rid of the ball, seems to have great pocket awareness. He's only started one year so his ceiling is high. Reminds me of Justin Herbert on the Chargers. Trade back in the first for some extra picks and take him. He will not make is past Belichek in my opinion.
  6. We could trade back into the middle of the round and snag Jones and get a lot of compensation. It'll never happen, but it's a thought.
  7. I can't disagree with any of that..
  8. Can't see him passing on the Chargers if they make an offer.. you know he would love to work with Herbert.
  9. Maybe not, but I'm talking about the movie not a snapshot. The year Brady got knocked out with a leg injury the pats went 11-5 I think, but missed the playoffs because of their division was tough that year. NE had more players opt out than any team this year, but their downfall was Belichek made a bonehead move trying to resurrect Newton. Brady currently plays on a team made up of players geared to win fantasy football pools. I think they're one and done in the playoffs..
  10. He gets most of the GOAT thing because of the SB wins which has way more to do with Belichek than him. Try to imagine Marino or Montana on any of those well coached teams.. Well we have a chance next week to put his a$$ on the ground if this team has any heart.. we obviously failed miserably last week.
  11. I read that earlier and I find it hard to believe he would even be considered.. just say no!
  12. And he would have had a Superbowl ring with the Falcons if not for the infamous playcalling in the second half.. he had some whiffs for sure, but we were as close to a title as we've ever been.
  13. I could see Belichek taking him.. All depends on who our next HC is.
  14. You are so right about that. If I hear "needs specific" one more time I will puke!.. We passed on so many good players it's ridiculous!
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