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  1. Praying!
  2. if we fell back into the 20's for some draft capital i would be very happy with this pick.. but where is the corner?
  3. The deal (1 year for 5M) is decent, but my concern is this is Arthur's attempt to sell tickets and it surely will. With Gurley on the roster I worry that DK will be force feeding him the ball and if Gurley is not getting the ball he will hear about it. Does not sound like a winning formula to me. I hope I'm wrong..
  4. 6
  5. I would not be happy with this draft..which probably means it will happen this way.
  6. This would be a really good time to have a smart draft and bring in some impact rookies and..oh wait. wrong team! Sorry!..
  7. Why would this thread be moved?.. A six time superbowl winning qb that stole our lunch money in 2016 is a Falcon story..
  8. When it comes to signing contracts at times it seems like the team is bidding against itself..and the two FA guards signed last year?! Until this franchise starts to understand the "business" side of football it will always be this roller coaster. And if I hear "Falcon for life" one more time again..well.
  9. The problem is that contract..who would want to take that on for a player who is on the decline.
  10. And Raekwon Davis at 20?..
  11. You know, it actually sounds like they might for a change. If they can get Takk going that will be huge!
  12. That'll never happen... but great job!