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  1. The report I read said performance related.
  2. I mean there was good reason that he was inactive for the Vikings game..
  3. I just hope Brown plays better than he did in the preseason..he was on the turf a lot.
  4. Your backup is pick-six artisan Matt Schaub, who is apparently still alive and employable.
  5. If no one on your team gets injured your team won..
  6. I have DirecTV in Virginia Beach and they have blacked out the NBC channel going on a month over some contract dispute. Not that DirecTV was ever all that ,but every since they were taken over by AT&T it's been nothing but trouble.
  7. He asked for no contract questions but DLed played deaf, dumb & stupid Umm..maybe Dled is not playing..
  8. Dude ran with an attitude last year when he got his chances behind a terrible line.. Let's give the guy a chance. This is a good problem to have..
  9. And I think he would be great in the locker room with some of the younger DBs..
  10. Going into the offseason, Quinn couldn’t wait to tap into all of that experience—and he has. In those game-management meetings, they’d watch tape of Koetter in Tampa, of Mularkey in Tennessee, of others in the room as play-callers. They’d trash-talk each other. They’d poke at one another. Most of all, they’d learn, which brought Quinn to a level of vulnerability you don’t always see in NFL head coaches. Love this!
  11. If he's healthy... Eric Berry.