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  1. No doubt it was a team effort, but 3 field goals and Ryan was lucky to finish the game. And Peyton showed how much he disrespects this team by starting Hill.. Jamis most likely would have got the start if they were playing bucs or packers.. Team needs a complete rebuild in my opinion.
  2. Most of these sacks were coverage sacks. Ryan had to hold the ball because of the late developing routes and the receivers run to a spot and just stop and turn around. It's the most basic offense I have ever seen in the NFL and D Coordinators have Koetter figured out. The O-line is still a work in progress, but what a horrible scheme to put them in..
  3. If Raheem really wants the head coaching gig he should relieve Koetter of his duties and let Knapp have go at it. It could not get any worse..
  4. That team had a bunch of dogs and they were never out of a game!..still love watching old clips of William Andrews running through and over players..
  5. Since we cannot defend the forward pass..does it really matter? 😆
  6. And that Dallas loss stings to this day! 😝 Seriously we had a great team way back then.. waaaaaaay back!
  7. This was such a painful time to be a Falcon fan.. many of today's younger fans have no idea how clueless this franchise was run under the Smith's.. Seriously it was a joke!
  8. Agreed they do look like they belong.. Investing in the O-line.. what a concept!
  9. He has to play at a much higher level if you're going to start him..the little I have seen did not look good.
  10. Had we been playing against a more seasoned QB this would have been another blown lead and embarrassing loss.. it's always the same formula..offense cannot sustain a drive which puts the defense back out there and they just cannot stop the pass.
  11. The real problem with the HC having full control over the roster is they tend to fall in love with players they have selected and this becomes problematic when the player does not produce. We all know Beasley should have NEVER been resigned for the ridiculous amount they paid him, but Quinn thought he could fix a player that didn't think he needed help. Not just a bad roster decision but really bad for the cap..
  12. I hate them. I hate Brady. They are starting to remind me of one of these NBA teams that load up on superstars just to win a championship. Nothing illegal or unethical about it, but none of these players recently signed relate to the bucs or the city of Tampa.. Do you want to see the Falcons sign Drew Brees next year?. how about Cam Newton?. Heck while we're at it lets hire Sean PAyton as our next head coach.
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