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  1. From Paducah KY, but have lived in Virginia Beach since early 80's.
  2. Heinicke threw two touchdowns in the final 3:52 of Sunday’s game. On the first, he stayed in the pocket for 4.5 seconds before throwing the ball to Terry McLaurin. On the second, he had 5.8 seconds before finding running back J.D. McKissic for a 30-yard touchdown. This has been our achilles heel for decades.. this is what happens when you consistently draft for need over BPA..
  3. We simply do not have the horses to compete right now, but until we find some players to rush the passer it's going to be like this for a long while. Taylor Heinike had all day to look for an open receiver. Our secondary is terrible, but it's not all on them.
  4. I doubt they could beat Clemson right now.. this is not a good team.
  5. Curtis Mayfield?.. he was awesome! The other one..not so much. 😆
  6. I actually think it might be tighter than some are predicting in the early going of this game (just to give us hope), but I can see many scenarios where Tampa blows us out in the 4th quarter.. I'm not looking forward to watching it. But I pay for Sunday Ticket so I have to!.. 😆
  7. What I saw yesterday was a lack of leadership from the vets on this team.. Because of the salary cap mess TD left we just don't have the horses right now to play with most teams in this league, nor can we sign them, but where was the passion?.. The heart or the fire?. I saw a home team getting pushed around and outplayed and no one was showing any emotion. Next week could really be ugly. 😒
  8. In Va Beach so sorry I have no idea..
  9. Pees is a published musician -- in love with football. Not totally surprised by this quote.. If you have that creative DNA it can come out in many ways.. 😀
  10. I always liked Julio because he was the most non-diva receiver in the league, but someone got in his head. Not sure who, but he changed and everyone around him could see it.. I don't mind he's gone because his body was breaking down. Even before last year's injury plagued year, in the games he was in he was always limping around on the sidelines with a trainer and seldom played the entire game. When he was on the field he gave it his all, but now with the Titans I will be very surprised if he plays more than 9-10 games this year.
  11. Had we won the Superbowl there would be no doubt, but the league voters seem to really take that in to account.. maybe they'll take into account the stupid playcalling in the 4th quarter?.. probably not. 😒
  12. I don't think it's pessimistic as much as it is realistic.. We're rebuilding despite what the FO says and it's gonna take some time. Both lines are a work in progress right now, but this regime gets it. They will make our lines a strength I believe in the next few years and that's something we have not seen in decades.
  13. He was pegged an an entitled punk who's not in love with football coming out of college and I don't think he's done anything to change that perspective.. This is most likely his last team.
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