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  1. And I think some board members forget about the block feature. If a troll gets under my skin I block them and forget about it. Some people just want to argue..
  2. Have not heard that name in a long while. Did he leave the boards?
  3. This is probably not popular around here, but I would like to see us trade back a few slots for some extra picks and take Mac Jones. I think Carolina will scoop him up at 9 so we can't go back too far. I think he's as ready to play as any QB in the draft and he has been well coached in college. He's not the runner some of you want, but he's accurate with a quick release and from everything I have read he's a leader.
  4. I think Mac Jones is one of those players that NFL teams have a much different take on than the draftnics and fans. I would not be shocked if he goes top 10 and ahead of Lance and Fields.. and I really hope Carolina does not get him.
  5. Your reply tells me you're new to this.. there are too many examples to list of teams moving under performing tackles inside to guard to not only solidify the line, but in some cases save their careers. McGary had trouble in college with speed rushers so this is not news. Watch some tape, do some research.
  6. What on earth makes you think he can't?.. I'll say this, he is a liability at right tackle against the quicker pass rushers, but he seemed to have the ability to get to the second level in run blocking so giving him a shot at guard cannot hurt.
  7. I would leave Lindstrom at RG. McGary should be an upgrade at LG, but I think Sewell would help shut down Jordan's padding his stats playing the Falcons twice a year....
  8. Not to worry, the bucs will most likely sign him!
  9. Is the right side of the line really secure with McGary at RT?.. Not from what I have seen so far. I would kick McGary inside and let Sewell do what he does best which is pancake rushers. McGary struggled mightily with the Tampa and saints D lines and that has to be corrected.
  10. I will admit I like Arians, but this team will be forever known as Brady and the Bucs.. it's like it's not even their team that won, but a bunch of free agents that rented an apartment in Tampa and showed the team how to win. And when they leave it's back to the basement.. Their fans can puff up all that want, but it just feels weird. After all it was the covid Superbowl.
  11. Trading back makes too much sense this year based on our bloated cap situation.. we need picks and cannot afford to sign free agents. There is not a single position on this team that does not need an upgrade.
  12. I know Mac jones had good players around him, but I rewatched the Ohio st game and he was practically flawless. Quick release, throws it where only the receiver can catch it and he seems to have legit leadership skills. Playing under Saban is a plus as well. By the time the draft rolls around he might not be there at 4..
  13. The Houston Texans are proof that ownership matters!
  14. Well this is going to be a refreshing change for many of us.. a coach that does whatever it takes to win. What a concept! A coach that does just rush 4 and let QBs pick our secondary apart. Wow!
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