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  1. These are the kind of players we need to load up on in the mid rounds.. our cupboards are bare!
  2. Benny Snell
  3. I agree on the Mularkey point.. we're going to see some smash mouth plays here and there I believe..
  4. With the key phrase here being.."patched up"..
  5. I know we need D line help, but I will not be unhappy at all if we go after a tackle at's about time we gave Ryan and co a solid pocket and for once be able to get a 4th and 1..
  6. If you watch any clips from the Baltimore game last year, similar in some ways to the steelers game our O line was just outmanned and overwhelmed.. we needed to get bigger and stronger. These two FAs accomplish some of that, but this team still needs to invest in the O line through the draft,. there are some real good interior linemen in the second and even third rounds..
  7. This is the meat and potatoes draft many of us would love, but Ferguson does not last until our 3rd pick..
  8. A #2 is too much to give for a player with a big contract and hasn't lived up to the hype so far..
  9. If we can't get Oliver or Sweat i'd go O line..Cody Ford is a mauler.
  10. If we go O line first round it has to be Cody Ford.. otherwise it's whoever can push opposing guard back into the qbs lap,,
  11. A lot of the younger fans on here do not know about that one..yes the 28-3 collapse was humiliating, but that loss to Dallas ripped my heart out.
  12. I think it's due to him being at the hospital with his dad so cut him some slack.. and there's more new info in that one article than I've seen from Dled in 6 months..
  13. One of the problems here is Grady and Donald have the same agent..that might make it impossible to sign a long term deal.. I love Grady but we cannot over pay.
  14. He would be my choice if we go O line. He's big and can play guard or right tackle.