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  1. I liked his potential, but I am just wondering how they can evaluate these guys with no live action.
  2. He's a product of Shanahan's system. Anyone remember Taylor Gabriel? Got a big contract with the Bears and then...
  3. Please let this happen..Brown or Carpenter. Two of the worst free agency signings in recent memory..
  4. It was bad alright, but the Houston game is the one that really stands out to me.. our defense looked like a bad JV squad scrimmaging with a pro team.
  5. La Canfora is probably one of the worst writers in the league.. he is rarely right about anything. I wonder how he has a job. But then there's Dled. 🤪
  6. He's got some real "suddenness" (is that a real word?) in his game and you don't see a lot of YAC once he gets his hands on the runner.
  7. I think it's great..and if Dan Quinn cannot light a fire under this defense this year for them to get after his sorry a$$ and throw him on the turf..better yet under the turf then something is wrong with these Falcons..
  8. Kyle made him a lot of money...
  9. Well I would be concerned that the Ravens FO gave up on him so soon..The ravens are one of the better scouting and drafting teams in the league. And keep an eye on the RB (name?) from Ohio St that they took with our #2 pick they acquired..
  10. And all we're goona hear leading up the game is 28-3, 28-3 BS.. oh and all through the game 28-3..
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