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  1. I just feel good about having a head coach that brings in his own offense. No more looking over at the OC and wondering if he's really watching the game.. 😄
  2. If you look at the game tape from when we played the panthers.. he was all world. I mean we sucked on defense, but we could not tackle him..
  3. I love this! Of all the spring leagues the USFL was the most entertaining and fun to watch. I doubt they'll be signing first round talent like last time, but should be fun.
  4. This thread made me think of him.. I've been on here about 20 years and man did we have some Buc trolls back then! Things used to get heated.. We all hated Warren Sapp! 😆
  5. Up until now Julio has been a class act on and off the field, but it's time to pack his bags. Cleveland are you listening?..
  6. This might be the most interesting first year we've ever witnessed. There are a lot of fascinating subplots to this team and how they embrace Arthur Smith and his staff.
  7. After watching the draft play out I realized that TD was just a good talker and salesman. I have to admit he sold me when he first came, but draft after draft he whiffed on players (or passed) and it became apparent he was just talking **** for a living. Heck even AB bought it for a while and Blank knows sales better than anyone.. We seem to be on a good trajectory now with Smith and TF.
  8. Just found this on ESPN; The Atlanta Falcons are not picking up the fifth-year option on tight end Hayden Hurst, meaning he'll be a free agent after this season, a source told ESPN's Jeremy Fowler on Monday. Hurst had been the No. 25 pick of the 2018 NFL draft by Baltimore and then was traded last March along with a fourth-round pick to Atlanta for the Falcons' second-and-fifth round picks last year. He posted career-high numbers with the Falcons last season, making 56 catches for 571 yards and six touchdowns on 88 targets. In his career between Baltimore and Atlanta, he played
  9. Didn't we give them a 2nd round pick? That's a lot to pay for a stop gap player. It was in my opinion just another bad decision by TD and company.
  10. It speaks volumes about what the new regime thinks of the players and recent draft picks they inherited. Dalman will have to bulk up, but I think he wins the job. Hennessy got pushed around the little that I saw him play before getting hurt.
  11. And if we're honest here he was ok, but not the star TD envisioned. Baltimore traded him for a reason. And it was a 3rd round pick that kept him off the field.
  12. I was surprised they passed on Fields and Mac Jones as well. They coached Jones in the senior bowl and raved about his leadership. I also couldn't believe that Denver passed on the QBs..
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