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  1. It appears that ICE demanded the cesarean so they could separate the mother from the child without delay...
  2. Post of the month.
  3. A building contracter hires an Englishman, an Irishman, and a Chinaman. He gathers them all in his office and tells each of them their jobs. The Englishman to shovel a pile of sand. The Irishman has to take the sand in the wheelbarrow to the truck. The Chinaman is in charge of the supplies. The boss comes back two hours later and he sees the Englishman and the Irishman having a cup of tea. ''So have you done the work then?'' he asks. The workers both shake their heads and tell him that the Chinaman didn't give them a shovel or a wheelbarrow. The boss is infuriated by this and asks the workers if they have seen the Chinaman, they tell him they thought they saw him going toward the truck. So the boss sets out towards the truck and just as he is getting close to the truck the Chinaman jumps out from behind a wall and yells, "Supplies!"
  4. Hey! I got more than your lousy $10'000 from Stila. So screw you, Shapiro!
  5. Omg... I'm so screwed. What am I gonna do now?
  6. I'd catcall her...
  7. Alford has been improving, Tru has been regressing. Both are very decent corners.
  8. (...) I also find it ironic that those who have championed this moral crusade against the NFL and criticized its employment of players who kneel for the anthem have never voiced any qualms with others whom the NFL has employed. Longtime Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of sexual assault multiple times, former Falcons signal caller Michael Vick was allowed to play again following his prison sentence for malicious dog fighting and former Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy was still employed even after gruesome photos surfaced exposing his domestic abuse of his ex-girlfriend. But Kaepernick and other NFL players should be ripped off the field for a peaceful protest? Interesting. Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner said it best when questioned about the current situation in the NFL. “I have not heard one player that has not been more than grateful to our military,” Warner said. “I contemplated: Is it more honorable to stand and face the flag when you don’t represent the ideals of what the flag represents, or is it more honorable to kneel in protest in an attempt to try to accomplish what the flag was designed to represent?” Glad you asked, Kurt. I unequivocally stand with the kneelers. Much ado about kneeling Nate Repensky
  9. Would make a cool Trump new nickname...
  10. You don't say. Those vicious muslim babushkas are botanical warfare masterminds: the valiant hero cop is lucky he ended the day without a sneeze... Ah! Die, pig!!! Can't blame him: frankly, would you want Taraxacum on your face?
  11. Trust me: I 100% hope to be wrong.
  12. O-line is soft and Sark the checkers player is filling a chess player position... Not holding my breath this year... We'll probably still make the playoffs, but we won't go far.
  13. Transfer him to Oakland: I'd love to see the Raiders of the lost Sark...
  14. No fear, they've caught the real muslim terrorist... Police use Taser on 87-year-old woman cutting dandelions with a knife