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  1. Seething at Gaza leadership, Palestinian youth sets himself ablaze. A young Palestinian father of two sets himself on fire in protest of Hamas' mishandling of the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, causing himself moderate injuries across his body; he is not known to be suffering from any mental illness; his brother was injured at a recent border protest. https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-5265746,00.html But... but... It's Israel's fault (whiny tone...)
  2. Fake jews?
  3. Sorry... not my first language. Same word in french... and we don't pronounce the h. Thanks for the input.
  4. So... Golda Meir is a hypocrite? I'll admit that she can't be put in the same category as your idol Ismail Haniyeh, but still, you don't give her enough credit.
  5. Strange... I didn't pin you for somebody who thought it was fun to kill children... l guess you learn every day...
  6. Wise lady... After so many years, still spot on...
  7. Guess not, I'm Swiss. And even if I was German, why would I be personally responsible for an election? Also, my nickname is misleading: I speak french...
  8. I want you to keep on posting idiotic tweets.
  9. ... or you played as a hamas terrorist...
  10. You have to forgive him: apparently some of my posts aroused him and there was no blood left in his brain...
  11. Since you just poped up in the debate... I was mocking the mentally challenged who said it was... I guess they heard the beloved humanist Erdogan say it so they followed...
  12. Should there be a little jewish state and the right to return in every arab nation which expelled their jews?
  13. It's not genocide?????????????????????
  14. What do you expect from him? He posted a doc which was a blatant lie and doesn't have the basic intellectual honesty to admit he was mislead...
  15. Glad to see that it seems more important to you than the plight of the poor innocent Palestinian people...