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  1. The 7 years old are too busy writing here on your behalf?
  2. So, bs them about the fact that the planet is just doing fine. They are kids. They will believe you. That's why they were used, like little parrots.
  3. When I first read about it, it was already considered fishy. However tbh, I'm not sure I would have been that perspicacious if I had known about it from the start...
  4. Considering that I'm 100% for an immediate and drastic change in favor of an ecological revolution, what you just wrote is moronic... at best.
  5. Just ask them if it's ok to postpone the Green Deal for a few years and spend the day in Disneyland instead and see what their existential preoccupations really are...
  6. With the masks and gloves he made them buy, it must have been some wicked sm fitness training they were planning...
  7. Shapiro is not responsible for the stupid title of the clip... This what he's actually saying (starts 4.22):
  8. AIPAC condemns Netanyahu's alliance with Otzma Yehudit
  9. Kraft: Deflategate part II...
  10. 'Just tell them it has beavers': Montana might sell itself to Canada It was brought up a joke. But some politicians are seriously in favour This is what North America would look like if Canada were to actually accept Montana's 'offer' in exchange for one trillion dollars.https://www.change.org/p/christian-moms-against-private-education-sell-montana-to-canada-for-1-trillion-to-eliminate-the-national-debt EDMONTON — Montana’s politicians have failed to rule out the possibility of selling the state to Canada for $1 trillion. The purported benefits would include having Justin Trudeau as leader. “My pages, at special request, wanted to let everyone know that they’re strongly in support of having Justin Trudeau as president of the country,” Jessica Karjala told her fellow legislators at the Montana House of Representatives on Wednesday. An online petition posted last week to Change.org is calling for the sale of the state to Canada. “We have too much debt and Montana is useless. Just tell them it has beavers or something,” the petition says. As of Thursday, nearly 13,000 people — it’s unknown how many of them were actually Montanans — had signed the petition.
  11. Marxist metewhore?