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  1. I tip my hat to this guy for staying so classy... I sure wouldn't have been so patient.
  2. I have the same reaction as the kid when I see my dentist...
  3. That was the joke...
  4. What a concise way to make a point...
  5. Much more heterogeneous than I would have thought... My favorite one is Versus, an dirt low budget hilarious Japanese flick with yakuzas and zombies.
  6. Pleading the fifth?
  7. You are bipoole-ar...
  8. Stabilizing next-generation perovskite solar cells
  9. We desperately need an O-line though...
  10. So... in short, Mike killed Werner but he didn't dig it...
  11. Flake was a fluke...
  12. God this penalty was a joke...