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  1. I was there too. Wish I had a megaphone.
  2. No firings are happening until the end of the year... foot note: if we win 2 of our next 12 games yeah it’s happening.
  3. This ain’t nothing... wait til he misses a 34 yarder for the win and this board will melt to the ground.
  4. Any season ticket holders having issues managing their tickets? Can’t get them to load. thanks
  5. I’m a glass full kinda guy... he could be the next Lester Hayes.
  6. Trying to get info on payoff on my Psl and the line got disconnected. You would think the representative would have the common sense to call me right back, I’ve been on hold going on 30 minutes. Ridiculous.
  7. I thought 45 yard line club level PSL’s ran 45,k a seat.
  8. The rate is at 8.5% going into 2019.... I’d suggest you put that money into a lower rate loan if you still have a balance. The total 10 year interest paid isn’t pretty.
  9. Sounds legit. Piss off a person who is about to pay you thousands of dollars. The only positive thing about paying off your PSL is never having to deal with this crap again.
  10. Saw that.... I paid off my PSL... I wanted to fully understand all interest charges etc before I paid it... hence wanting to talk to a human before I dropped thousands.
  11. My bad. Multi-Billion dollar organization. I need to lower my expectations. #thankyousirmayihaveanother
  12. I was so pissed off I couldn’t process your sarcasm.
  13. LMFAO, if you say so... Blank paid $545 million for the franchise that is now worth $2.1 billion. Believe me he can up the hourly wage without sweating. That’s not the point. Service should be up to par with the millions of dollars we as PSL owners have paid.
  14. Guys on the phone now. Totally dismissed me waiting 30 min when the previous person looked up my account with my phone number. Arthur B this is unacceptable especially when I’m paying you money.
  15. It was Matt’s fault he caught that TD.
  16. Covered last week and will be rolling with ATL -3.5 Vs. the panties. We working on a win streak folks. cover or crash and burn?
  17. Lines even vs the Yucs. Jump on it like flies on a rib roast. Merry Christmas.
  18. Put your money on the birds Vs the Yucs and reap dat cash money. Covered the last 2 weeks and gonna end contender strong.
  19. He’s gonna have to give a hometown discount.
  20. Look at this point get something positive out of the season. Who cares who we play at this point... it’s garbage time anyway.
  21. Had to do this or else I wouldn’t even watch.
  22. Yep I see that happening without cam. Seems legit.
  23. It’s called S Show logic. Seems legit.