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  1. It was Matt’s fault he caught that TD.
  2. Lines even vs the Yucs. Jump on it like flies on a rib roast. Merry Christmas.
  3. He’s gonna have to give a hometown discount.
  4. Look at this point get something positive out of the season. Who cares who we play at this point... it’s garbage time anyway.
  5. Put your money on the birds Vs the Yucs and reap dat cash money. Covered the last 2 weeks and gonna end contender strong.
  6. Had to do this or else I wouldn’t even watch.
  7. Yep I see that happening without cam. Seems legit.
  8. It’s called S Show logic. Seems legit.
  9. Covered last week and will be rolling with ATL -3.5 Vs. the panties. We working on a win streak folks. cover or crash and burn?
  10. I’ve been getting killed this year on my birds. It takes Brass balls to bet on the falcons.
  11. With this team it ain’t over til’ that lady starts singing.
  12. ..... that I cover my ATL -10.5 bet... 1 quarter to go.
  13. Remember who we are playing and let’s not forget the games not over.