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  1. I’d P on a spark plug if I thought I’d do any good. We are a mess.
  2. Jinx or no Jinx. Losing to the Browns was pathetic and embarrassing.
  3. Moronic. Wishful thinking.
  4. Prolly “we need to get back to the style of football we wanna play.”
  5. This team is not good. We’ll go on a run and lose to a team we should beat to just miss the wild card.
  6. Defense is pure garbage. Offense looks like crap. #truth
  7. Dropped a benji on the Dirty Birds -6 Vs the doo doo Browns ... one word answer.
  8. Hope so... I got a benji on this biotch.
  9. This team is cursed... if you believe in that kinda stuff.
  10. I’ll be rawkin’ Some Chick Fil a boyeee.
  11. They covered last week thanks to Money’s monster kick. Barely.
  12. Yes, will the dirty birds cover the spread.
  13. Vic Beasley’s name will be called twice tonight.
  14. Playing a hot garbage team we should beat is what worries me. Let’s not forget the Bills last season. I’m rolling with the -4 anyway because it’s a must win.