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  1. Injury prolly occurred during those wild side kick celebrations.
  2. Been riding boards my whole life. Just bought a Evolve Bamboo GTX... 31 mile range with a top speed of 26 MPH.
  3. 2010 E60 M5, last of the V10’s with a Dinan exhaust. The exhaust note is a symphony to the ears.
  4. I’ll race ya in reverse.
  5. Fugly, I’ll stick with my M5.
  6. He doesn’t care. He’s not a stat man.
  7. Shiznit happens, the worlds an imperfect place.
  8. Don’t give a flying F through a rolling doughnut how we do it... just win by 7 points sweet baby Jesus.
  9. Locked in at -6... we shall see folks.
  10. Just saw a -7.... what in tarnation? Freeman is out. There’s a mind F taking place.
  11. I’m seeing -5.5 This seeems more manageable. Yes or No answer... are you confident the falcons can win by 6?
  12. I get it, but at the end of the day the falcons still have to cover the points. 6 seems high IMO.
  13. I was just a little surprised due to our injuries on D... I get the home field advantage, but given this being a divisional game it just seems high. I predict it will come down slightly before game day.
  14. Did I read this line right?
  15. He’s locked in a contract. Won’t be going no where.... NEXT