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  1. Our problems are solved.
  2. When you let go A lot of your key core players with big ? Marks as to if they will even be able to fill them that’s nuclear. Name another team who has made these moves recently all at once... by the way I’m not necessarily disagreeing with most of the moves but this is A big gamble. Key players needing to be filled, TE, RB, LB, DE, CB... the defense is gonna be tested by every team... God help us if we can’t stop the pass and don’t have a edge rusher that produces. I’m not a fan of letting trufant go.
  3. After the crap show last season and lack of playoff appearances they are definitely pushing all chips in... all or nothing.
  4. I agree with a lot of the moves... moves are great until things go south. Let’s say our CB’s coverage this season is like Swiss Cheese... people are gonna shove that Trufant move up Q and Troffs butt.
  5. Be careful what you ask for... it’s happening. Falcons have chose the Nuclear option on their roster. Upper management will look like geniuses or clowns after this season. We shall see.
  6. Just saw a link and it looks like London. People who have gone to the last London Game.... did you buy the NFL London experience package or just purchase the tickets. If so what was the cost of each. Thanks.
  7. Who’s Gonna try and upgrade their Seats Thursday?
  8. He went to bed with 1 win and woke up undefeated. He’s like honey slap me, we going to the Superbowl pack our things. Left a message at Falcons HQ... “bye Felicia.”
  9. I was there too. Wish I had a megaphone.
  10. No firings are happening until the end of the year... foot note: if we win 2 of our next 12 games yeah it’s happening.
  11. This ain’t nothing... wait til he misses a 34 yarder for the win and this board will melt to the ground.
  12. Any season ticket holders having issues managing their tickets? Can’t get them to load. thanks
  13. I’m a glass full kinda guy... he could be the next Lester Hayes.