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  1. A sharp billionaire running a top top caliber NFL team can’t handle this with a phone call. Someone’s not doing their job. The resources are there.
  2. Money talks and BS walks. Forget contract obligations... what would migos do?
  3. I can see he ordered it with the optional rally fun pack.
  4. It’s one of those Cro-Magnon helmets that are supposed to be state of the art, but players can’t get used to it because of the dreaded wobble head effect.
  5. Looks like the ice man is sporting a new helmet.
  6. I’ve got to point where I have to say who cares regarding this drama with Julio. Let’s face facts. He’ll be there for opening day.
  7. But he’s working out with TO.... everyone take a chill pill.
  8. Just heard on Sirius NFL Pat Kirwan say this Julio request is nonsense. He’s in a contract and made 47 million in 3 years. I agree.
  9. Just do away with contracts and pay people market value each year.
  10. Someone refresh my memory. Wasn’t it Julio who said years ago that the contract will be taken care of and he will just focus on football?
  11. Garbage plain and simple. I’ve been saying it for weeks. It is what it is.
  12. I’m passing out free chill pills.
  13. Fricken laugh riot. I just checked the falcon app and the last video was when Ice signed his contract. It’s all photos since then... kinda like they boycotted video... imagine the rookies and free agents who are living out their dream and they themselves are probably like where the **** is the coverage?... pathetic.
  14. I personally liked Jay, but the falcons obviously wanted to go with a more professional lay out. Unfortunately the lack of creativity and video is disturbing for a top organization. Blank if you’re reading this you’re failing in this dept.