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  1. Maybe a hurricane will hit Atl and devastate the city and stadium. Blank can threaten to move the team to San Antonio. Be our luck.... The NFL says go ahead
  2. That is true. In th corporate world, you don't throw your people under the bus. If they don't produce, you fire them instead of dragging it on and on and on......OH! Maybe it'll be better next week. That's how companies fail. DQ has lost this team. Least one side of the team, even though it's starting to unravel there too. If he happens to keep his job, do you think they're going to respect him then? No they're not. DQ is done as our coach and needs to go now.
  3. I'm beginning to believe the problems the Falcons have start at the top. Think about it........ Pushing the dog killer around in his wheel chair The Falcon filter 28-3 (I'd be pissed) "I still support' when the media are talking about and the fans are calling for his head What else....... The owner is too freaking soft.
  4. It's rigged. Vlad is going to win although he should be disqualified. The next pirch can't be thrown until the ball lands.
  5. It's always been that way. Eli said he'd never play for San Diego and was traded to the Giants. Elway said he'd play baseball instead of the Colts and they traded him to Denver
  6. Are you sure about that? I've been in Texas for almost 30 years and recent history shows the state turning bluer and bluer each year. Ted Cruz barely beat Beto where in years past should of been a landslide victory. If we fall, it's going to be over with and the libtards are going to have their way.
  7. Except that 95 Browns team finished 5-11 and was the year that they announced the move to Baltimore
  8. I miss the old chat room. JA used to let everyone know when he was going to be there and everybody would shoot the breeze for a bit.
  9. I don't post too much since the 2nd time they lost everybody's post counts, but have been here since the beginning.
  10. Atlanta FalconsHome: Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee TitansAway: Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers
  11. Hire the peeps who torched I-85 a few years back and let them spend the night in the Stadium
  12. 911 call in Houston https://audioboom.com/posts/5584864-911-emergency-houston?t=0
  13. You can't trade comp picks...... It's for a conditional 3rd round pick. Smart move for the Pats. They're going to lose him. If he signs elsewhere, the best they'll get is a pick at the end if the 3rd round. With the trade, they'll get the first pick in the 3rd round
  14. There was a message board back then. Had a chatroom where everybody would meet and discuss the game. He used to post a lot.
  15. Yeah, there used to be a chatroom here. Every once in a while a player would stop by chat with everybody. Last one I remember was Jamal Anderson the season before he got hurt.
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