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  1. That is true. In th corporate world, you don't throw your people under the bus. If they don't produce, you fire them instead of dragging it on and on and on......OH! Maybe it'll be better next week. That's how companies fail. DQ has lost this team. Least one side of the team, even though it's starting to unravel there too. If he happens to keep his job, do you think they're going to respect him then? No they're not. DQ is done as our coach and needs to go now.
  2. I'm beginning to believe the problems the Falcons have start at the top. Think about it........ Pushing the dog killer around in his wheel chair The Falcon filter 28-3 (I'd be pissed) "I still support' when the media are talking about and the fans are calling for his head What else....... The owner is too freaking soft.
  3. Are you the ignorant one??? Taping is still legal as long as it's done in an enclosed room and they don't have any communication with the personnel on the field. All teams do it so the point is moot. The Pats were busted because they were taping from the field.
  4. That's the first site that says he signed a 5 year deal. Everywhere else says 4 years with an option to opt out after 3 if he doesn't like the direction the team is going.
  5. Playing hard is probably going to cost Marion Barber his job this offseason. There's only so much a body can take before it starts breaking down and it shows.
  6. Here's a question. The last 10 Superbowl winners, How many were in the top 5 in passing attempts? Top 10? Zero and 2 Passing might be all exciting, but it doesn't win you championships
  7. How about we see Brett Farve holding a door open for some drunken cheeseheads into a room saying something like...."not on my watch you're not" Inside the room there is a cheese grater dressed in Ryan's #2 jersey with Falco shredding the cheese.
  8. Audio there. called him Mark a few times http://larrybrownsports.com/football/john-elway-planning-to-interview-mark-mularkey-for-broncos-head-coach/46215 John Elway Planning to Interview ‘Mark Mularkey’ for Broncos Head Coach Some big news was announced over the weekend in Denver, but because of the holidays it didn’t receive a ton of national attention. Three days later, the sports world got its first glimpse of John Elway: Broncos exec. Elway, who won two Super Bowls with the Broncos, met the media Wednesday for the first time in his new role as VP of Football Operations. One of Elway’s fi
  9. "Scratches head" We've never had the #1 seed. The first SB run we we're 14-2. Unfortunately we we're the first 14-2 team to play on the road in the NFCCG. Minny was 15-1
  10. Because teams that get "hot" at the end of the season usually go deep in the playoffs. aints lost last week, so guess they're done for the season
  11. Elway called him Mark...... I would have cancelled just because of that.
  12. Eli was drafted by San Diego, but yet didn't play a single snap for them.
  13. That's already happened to us. 14-2 and had to play on the road in the NFCCG against a 15-1 Minny.
  14. That or a 3 way tie with atl-gb-giants I like out chances though. Win against Seattle and Carolina. It doesn't matter what happens Monday night Edit: Stand Corrected: "BTW, in this scenario, NY must also be 11-5, otherwise it means they beat GB and GB can't get to 11 wins."
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