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  1. It depends which Falcons team and which Giants team show up.
  2. Not it! I got burnt on buying 4 Vick jerseys so I'm officially done with jerseys lol.
  3. Yup and other people think the city was given the Superbowl as a gift thanks to Katrina. Maybe thats why Goodell came down so hard? The NFL was "helping" and the Taints still cheated.
  4. Nobody said anything about taking a Superbowl away. I simply suggested placing a * where * = cheating thugs.
  5. The bounty system bypassed the salary cap, thus cheating. Just put a * by the SuperBowl victory. lol
  6. He failed in Dallas so who knows. Its showing as breaking news on ESPN.
  7. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7738693/sean-payton-bill-parcells-discuss-new-orleans-saints-job-sources-say this blows. The division was ours for the taking a week ago!
  8. Wrong. Houston never smelled a playoff game until Peyton Manning got hurt.
  9. They wont strip it but maybe place an * by it
  10. There was a bounty on there board.
  11. I remember that as I remember thinking that was the only time I had ever seen Gonzo really mad.
  12. That will be the only superbowl win you'll get also unless another hurricane trashes your trashy city again and you get another sympathy bowl.
  13. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/New-Orleans-Saints-face-NFL-sanctions-for-offering-bounty-payments-for-injuring-opponents-NFL-030212
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