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  1. I don't know that I've posted on this board in ten years but I think I got on it in 98 or so. Remember FalconDynasty, topper, JCITOW, some others. I think at some point I realized I was old enough to be a lot of posters grandfather and exited. My outlook is that after ten years most MBs kinda lose their luster!
  2. He may have lucked into some of them but 16 sacks takes more than luck. When John Abraham was here he was known to feast on some teams and not do so well on the better ones. Heck, Adrian Claiborn got six against Dallas in a single game. And tell me again why we did not re-sign Adrian? OTOH, you don't go from 16 to hardly any because you're all that either.
  3. Anybody who thinks Calvin is a bust must not remember Roddy's first year. Roddy worked out OK.
  4. I disagree that the thread is interesting other than in watching exposition #326 on someone's train wreck "personality." People make stereotypical assumptions about places they have never been or know much about. Wow. I would have never come up with that thought if it weren't for the brilliance of this thread. Julian's conceit seems to know no bounds. Whenever one starts referring to himself in the third person in his thread titles you kind of get a whiff of where it is coming from. And "whining" is spot on. Crying because someone won't go back and unring a bell is the height of silliness. The fact that any of us is born where we are is beyond our control and aside from our personal interactions with others there isn't a lot one can do to evolve society as a whole. This sophomoric exercise in some kind of so called discovery is an insult to the intelligence to the lot of us. The smug self satisfaction with which this guy continually comports himself in his cartoonish posts is contemptible. I have no great love for America or any other arbitrarily lined snatch of geography. Trying to break people into camps by nation, race or sex is the oldest trick in the book. For everyone's sake but most especially your own, quit crying and pouting and obsessing over things you can't change and focus on something you can. I feel like I lost 10 more IQ points by even wading into another of your adolescent rants.
  5. Like putty in the hands of a genius puppeteer and the most righteously angry guy in the whole high school graduating class. Oh dear God, what will you in all your awesomeness do with me and my pathetic and blind self....son?
  6. You guys would screw a rock pile if you thought a snake was in it.
  7. I knew a guy who said he was Born Again---twice! Top that, Good to see you back HM. Now....Falcons Dynasty!
  8. Hank is a talent. His image is a bit clownish at times but the guy is insanely talented.
  9. I caught some of it and thought it was interesting. The fact that the soldiers at VF got the process of innoculation from the slaves was interesting to me. I wonder how anyone would ever figure to do something suchg as that in the first place? The knowledge possessed by societies that are sort of out of the realm of recorded history is remarkable. There is no telling what all has been learned and lost through time. It is nice to see the History Channel running something like this relative to Ice Road Truckers, etc. I don't really get the link between that and history except in a most tangential way. Some of the hater-ism in this thread is cartoonish, BTW.
  10. Looks good and that seems like a good price. How many miles were on it? I bought a used BMW 328i this winter that still had some warranty left. They are truly a joy to drive. I know you hear that all the time but once you get behind the wheel you really feel it. Good luck.
  11. In my bedroom with my wife in the missionary position. My God! What were we thinking????!!!
  12. I'm stone cold sober and I don't celebrate Hitler's birthday!
  13. classic...I've only actually seen it once but as I was watching it I was acutely aware of what they were doing and it still "worked." OTOH, I haven't bought anything there ever in my life so...
  14. Sorry to hear about that RPS. When those huge oak trees finally come down it is only proper that they make a loud noise for everyone to hear to mark their passing. Sounds like a really remarkable and enlightened man and he will no doubt leave a big hole in your life and many others. You are now his "acorn." Thanks for sharing that.
  15. Complete logical fallacy. When I smoke weed and cigs the cigs never tasted better than after smoking a joint.
  16. SC--too small to be a state but too big to be an insane asylum....though the gap is closing,
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