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  1. Home Depot stock price is pretty high right now. Somebody is doing something right.
  2. If we go 11-0 with our remaining schedule, we would be going deep in the playoffs. Don’t see it it happening. If it does, you gotta give him the job.
  3. With all the crazy s*** going on in 2020, we finally have something we are used to.....the Falcons Falconing. Sigh... Rise up y’all! See y’all next week!
  4. My black Ryan jersey arrived on Tuesday. I like it!
  5. Looked like he gave him a flying elbow on the replay on the halo. When the ref left his mic open, everybody was cracking up. That was the highlight of the second half.
  6. The food was about the only thing good at the game.
  7. My uncle started taking me to see the Falcons back in the mid-1970’s and I was hooked. I live in middle GA, so I have always tried to go to 1 game a year if I could or at least watch every game on TV. This year I finally took the plunge and bought my wife and I PSL’s. I’m proud to finally be able to represent my favorite team in person. It’s a great experience - something I always dreamed about growing up. The Falcons are kinda like one of my children - good or bad, I’ll always be pulling for them and I’m never gonna disown them. To each his own though.
  8. I remember that song...to the tune of 12 days of Xmas...”Joel Williams sacking...on a Leeman Bennett Super Bowl team”. I was 12 when we lost that lead to the Cowboys and cried like a baby. Same feeling in 2016 except I was ready to break stuff. In 1998, we were never really in that game. I’ll honestly never be over any of this until we can win it all. Until then, as the saying goes for Georgia sports teams...maybe next year.
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