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  1. I support him in his future endeavors...far away from here.
  2. How much were the shirts at training camp? I went online to buy two and my total was about $45 including shipping. I'm wondering if I can save a few dollars by buying there.
  3. How'd you notice he only owned three fingers? I'd assume he'd be using them to aim his squirter...nevermind, I guess he wasn't aiming.
  4. If you are using google to search, put a dash (-) before rihanna's name in your search query. -rihanna This will skip pages with her name. This works with ebay and many other sites, too.
  5. A limo will cost somewhere around 80 dollars an hour with maybe a three hour minimum. Check on kudzu for limousine services.
  6. Interesting. Im sure you can find a lot of trends that point to the Hawks not winning it all. But remember, for everything thats ever happened, there was always a first occurrence.
  7. Thug? Not so much. But definitely pretty disrespectful, but then again he was drunk. That type of language is not uncommon amongst the influenced.
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