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  1. When I went to the first one and was walking up to the Hotel parking area where everyone was gathered I thought "Jeez, what a motley looking bunch"---then I realized that I fit right in!
  2. I would love to do it again...I miss the old group from back in the day! And too, it's always good to meet Falcon's fans. (and please gimme back my 20,000 posts!
  3. Watching the games are depressing enough Supes, being in here just makes it worse.
  4. ...and once again I will not be able to attend. Just too much going on again. Have a great time Guys/Gals and drink one for me. Miss all of you a bunch. SHAMAN aka FALCON58
  5. Just can't find the time anymore...and the arguments never change.
  6. Can't remember...but it has been a loooooooong time.
  7. ...and again, it looks like I will miss another MBGT. I sure do miss you guys (and ladies). Have a great time and drink at least a few for me. Shaman aka Falcon58
  8. Hey PP! I love my kindle. It looks great and is easy to read. I have not bought but 1 book for it, but I have about 50 on it now.
  9. Will not be able to attend again this year. You guys have a great time! I will really miss some of you!
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