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  1. i loved that show, I watched every season when I was a kid, this was before it was known as anime, and to me it was a cool cartoon where the people had big eyes.
  2. Make sure not to miss the 98 NFC championship game replay on the NFL channel FRIDAY NIGHT AT 9PM!!!!! I hear it's a pretty good game
  3. HEY Guys Friday night at 9PM The NFL channel is replaying one of the greatest playoff games ever, the one where the Falcons crushed the hope of the Vikings A 15-1 TEAM THAT YEAR!!! and sent them in a downward spiral for years to come. FRIDAY NIGHT 9PM WATCH HISTORY AGAIN
  4. Yea to bad you guys you guys were at home at that time instead of playing the game, and we made it back to the NFC championship since then while your team has not.
  5. Yeah wasn't it great how we won and stopped the Vikings from going to the Superbowl? They were 15-1 it was Randy Moss's rookie year and the Vikings were the dominant team in the NFL. Yeah and the way we won? Gary Anderson had not missed a kick all year and then CHOKES!!!!, This was the last time a Vikings team actually did ANYTHING in the playoff and we were the ones to sent them packing. Yeah that was good times, wouldn't it be funny if we destroy them this weekend and trounce their playoff hopes? This time we will do them a favor and potentially help keep them out of the playoffs, it will
  6. It always gets me these Vick type posts. They act like the Falcons just out right cut Vick out of the blue. Vick did this to himself, Vick committed several felonies and is in jail because of that. It is 100% Vicks fault that he is no longer our QB. These comparisons are meaningless because it was VICK that screwed up and prevented himself from being our QB. We are LUCKY to have found a great QB in Ryan so soon after Vick got arrested. Some Franchises have been looking for a Franchise QB for better part of a decade. so let me ask what is the real point of these types of threads? The Falcons d
  7. I'm pretty sensitive to media over hyping something. I rarely find that anything lives up to the hype the TDK got. I did not see it in the theaters so I waited for it's BLU-RAY release and even as a skeptic and someone who despises media hype TDK lived up to it in spades. Lots of psychological layers in this one some truly amazing performances. Ledger's performance CANNOT be over hyped it was truly one of the BEST acting performances I can remember. Seems he took the role so seriously he died because of it and you can tell by watching it. Great movie that should be remembered for ALONG time.
  8. Awesome I loved the remake, one of the few times I enjoyed a remake I also love all of Rob's movies.
  9. Abe got robbed, Ryan may have gotten a tad robbed as well
  10. Ryan also has a lot better QB stats More yards, Much higher Completion %, More TD's, Less INT's better QB rating.
  11. While I would love the Falcons to win a SuperBowl this year which would be historic on a numbers of levels a winning season is certainly enough for me. Anything past now is just icing on the cake. I'm sure the PLAYERS and COACHES are not satisfied with just a winning season but ME as a FAN can be. After last year having a winning season is pretty awesome and gets us one step closer to BREAKING the back to back winning season curse this franchise has had for 42 years.
  12. Uhh we don't play the games we are fans, we should enjoy the Tampa win until the kickoff to the next game.
  13. Ugg, god please no more remakes, The Crow was a great movie and was a great memorial to Brandon Lee much like the Dark Knight will be for Heath Ledger. This remake crap must stop.
  14. Yep bi-polar attention whore that thinks his lame reverse jinx threads actually work. He acts like we don't GET what he is doing. We get it and it is still lame
  15. 9-7 is fine with me, I'd love a playoff birth but 9-7 sits fine with me after last years crap. 9-7 still means a winning season which means we can break the 42 year curse of no back to back winning seasons. Breaking that cruse is more important to me than a playoff birth unless we win the SuperBowl.
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