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  1. To me, if this was the player Quinn developed into a FS instead of Rico then it is possible we would not be looking for such an upgrade right now, if any. I agree with those stating the differences between he and Rico as instincts and centerfield skills. FS is the QB of the D, even more so in this scheme due to the magnitude of the single high responsibilities. Superb instincts and ball skills can elevate good physical traits into an elite FS. It seems like Kazee has this potential, which is to say he might just be the FS upgrade we need after a little time developing. I am a FS nut and
  2. I am eating some too. He is looking way more explosive than I anticipated. The WR skills he is exhibiting and how much he is involved in the offense are far beyond my original expectations. I still maintain that 32 yrs is roughly the mark of major speed decline. I thought that we would be lucky to get 2 good years out of him. However, he is showing that he may have two GREAT years left in him and this would more than justify his contract. Awesome signing.
  3. I'm not sure why you all are nitpicking on Toilolo. He demonstrated in game 1 that he belongs on the weapons list. The Hydra is also a nine headed monster, according to most accounts of classical mythology. 4rb, 4wr, 1te. When one head is cut off two more grow back in its place. It is the perfect name for this offense.
  4. He seemed occasionally clueless and physically outclassed, causing him to get penalized and play a bit cheap at times. Thats why its higher on my list because I agree we really need a vet mixed in, and not just someone we hope doesn't take the field.
  5. + someone, anyone, to replace Dobbins
  6. I can see why they kept him. I just had to re-watch the games to confirm some of it, but Starr has a lot of valuable qualities and a lot of correctable issues. He has only one pass rush move, he needs a lot of strength & disengage techniques, and seemed to get very gassed late in drives (this combined with lack of strength made him look useless a few times). But he is very quick and active upfield on the rush, has a nose for the ball, can line up on either side & as a stand up LB on the line or in space. He definitely pulled a handful of double teams, and seemed to be on contain duty 1
  7. I have way more confidence in Hawley stepping up than I do in Baker staying healthy, but that's also because I am a fan of Hawley. I think Baker will be back to adequate/good this year, and you are absolutely right, he is key, but not nearly the sinkhole it was last year. Despite our OL getting significantly better, Baker still plays a vital position. At least now we are MUCH more talented throughout the rest of the line that we can give help to the left without creating issues elsewhere.
  8. Martino broke the receptions record for Div II (146), over 13 catches/game. 4.49 40, 6.59 3 cone. I think he has a very good chance to make some noise.
  9. That would be sick. I just read that he is about 20 lbs overweight, which is why they drafted Ford. Interesting...
  10. & the 3 DE/OLB drafted each of the last 3 years: MAtthews, MAssaquoi, MAponga.
  11. yep. And we just loaded up on players that fill the 3-4 voids we had to be a true hybrid.
  12. so it would seem, and for general positions history would agree. However, ILB talent can be found later in the draft & we are clearly loading up on that with some of those picks to hopefully find a gem and add depth to revamp ILB. It is a very clever move to maximize the probability of finding what we need.
  13. Because, as the thread title says, Rodgers is a FA after this season. Either he will be average and need to be replaced or he does awesome and will want more money than we will give him. We have his replacement now. The Patriot Way, remember?
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