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  1. I have been a member since 1998. Same name as always.
  2. Well JB you are a Bucs fan with some class. That's what sets you apart from the others. I agree the birds need to go and take care of business next week. I hate the Saints with a passion and hardly slept last night after watching that game.
  3. The last two times we played there (2004, 2005) I went to both. For the most part the fans were ok but a couple wanted to be ********. Even though the Falcons lost both games. I can't imagine what it will be like when the Seahawks are getting beat. Be careful.
  4. Good to see Falco again. I remember this one......very cool. I am totally jacked for this game.
  5. **** why not throw in Chandler......at least he took us to a Super Bowl. Sanders is a tool.
  6. Was wondering that myself. I agree with the man.
  7. The more we win the more recognition we will get.
  8. He's 45, one year older than me. His hair is grayer than mine but he has more of it!
  9. If it was a Falcons coat I think I bought it from you. I just remember the name for some reason.
  10. I think this new look is great! Oh and I am looking forward to my prostate exam next week.
  11. Born and raised in Montana and lived here most of my life. Falcons fan for 31 years and counting.
  12. I don't like it. Won't be spending my hard earned cash on that.
  13. I will hang out at the house in the Falcons room of course.
  14. How is it not Falcon related? They are our first week opponent. The Falcons will surely game plan differently since Ben is out.
  15. What? When the **** did this happen? Next you'll be saying we fired Coach Mora.
  16. Rev you forgot the "Energizer Bunny". We can always use a "Rudy" type player and we all know how the Bunny just keeps going and going and going...........
  17. Well no I am not......but I just happen to have a car for sale! 1984 Ford Mustang GT350 20th Anniversary car.
  18. C'mon BM expand your horizons a bit. Make a new friend.
  19. There is no possible way I could ever cheer for the Saints. Just thinking about it almost makes me want to puke.
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