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  1. I am sure they will get all of the bugs out soon..
  2. I have lost my post count it has taken years to accumulate. Oh well it was only 1959 posts.
  3. i just tell em i have been a fan since 1979 & have been thru worse with the falcons than they can imagine. i then ask how long they have been a fan of their team. when they say a year or two i just laugh & call em a bandwagon jumper.
  4. yes but they almost pulled it out in the end. look at all the points they put up in the 4th.
  5. i am wearing the colors now. in fact i have tried more than ever to show my team support. go falcons.
  6. i could give a ###### where it is....i will never be able to attend no matter where it is held.
  7. i have been wondering if this wasn't was gonna happen. tear it down & start over. i think that it is a good idea. get rid of the dead weight & the "me" players & build a real team. go bobby go.
  8. being a fan since the late 1970's i am all too familiar with the falcons sucking. i think they do suck this year & i also thought they stunk last year. this season is pretty much a wash but i am holding out hope that during the off season some changes will be implemented & we will be better next year. thats about all a guy can do.
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