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  1. Who is this "Steve Bartkowski" you speak of?
  2. This is awesome. I needed a laugh and this was it. Made my whole day.
  3. I say we hand the ball off to Turner every play.
  4. 1980 football styles vs 2012 football styles = very different. 2012 team would come out on top. Loved that 1980 team though. That loss to Dallas killed me.
  5. Thank you for coming out and kicking some ***. You proved me wrong and let the world know that you do deserve to be 12-2.
  6. "Time has little to do with infinity and jelly donuts".
  7. Take care of business against the Giants this weekend and I may start feeling better about the money I spent on my train ticket.
  8. The game coming up against the Giants is a huge one. If they kick our *** the playoffs are a one and done see ya next year situation.
  9. The way the Giants are slapping around the Saints right now really does not bode well for the Falcons next week.
  10. If we would have lost to any other team ( Giants, Lions, Bucs) rather than this Panthers team I would not be so skeptical. This is a game I was sure the Falcons would win. I figured maybe we could lose to the Giants. Now I really don't think we have what it takes to win a playoff game. In fact, I won't be shocked if we lose to the Giants and the Lions. Win a playoff game......no, not this year.
  11. I didn't start watching until after half time. Couldn't miss the latest episode of "The Big Bang Theory".
  12. Terrified? No, just not very confident in the abilities of our defense to stop the run or our offense to play up to its capabilities.
  13. I like to think of myself as a realist but it often comes across as being pessimistic.
  14. A division game on the road against a team with a 5 - 1 record in their last six games. I'd say gloom and doom is well warranted.
  15. I think the Bucs will beat us pretty bad this Sunday. We may be 9-1 and have the better record but Tampa Bay is playing better football right now.
  16. I was a Senior in high school. I remember it well.
  17. Most pundits are picking us to lose. I would not be shocked if they kicked our ***. Then again, I would not be shocked if we kicked their *** either.
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