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  1. Me either. I have been around the block with the Falcons before. Need to see more than four games.
  2. They did score 21 pts on us in the 4th quarter. Defense can't stop anything.
  3. I tried to find mine but had no luck. I think (gasp!) I might have thrown it away.
  4. I will have to look for mine. I know it is in a tub full of falcons stuff in the storage shed.
  5. Ha ha we won! I thought we were going to lose this game? What happened.....................
  6. That's been my take also. Weeden is a slug, why does he look like Roger Staubach?
  7. In the past, the Falcons have had a problem with taking advantage of short handed teams. It always seems like they make the backups look like starters.
  8. Back in 2008 I was very excited about Smitty and moving the **** away from the Petrino debacle. I have to say I have that good vibe again but on a higher level. I hope good things are in store for us again.
  9. I am not around here enough anymore to know who anybody is. I am sure he will do a bang up job.
  10. I do not know who this person is and it sounds like I am better off for not knowing.
  11. I like these also. Red unis are also awesome.
  12. I have been here almost since the beginning. 1999 or so. Never changed my name and have lost a lot of my post count due to message board upgrades and such. I haven't been around much the past several years. Trying to come here more often.
  13. 2015 is our 50th season.1966 being our first season. 2015 is our 50th anniversary, if we were born in 1965.
  14. Wow, I left on page 18 and came back to 31. Crazy.
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