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  1. 22 minutes ago, holymoses said:

    I'm 50 years old.  I have been a Falcon Fan since I moved to Atlanta in 1995.

    I grew up in St. Louis.  The Cardinals broke my heart time after time then left for Arizona.

    I never had the chance to watch my  team in the Super Bowl with my father.  And I have never had a chance to watch my team in the Super Bowl with two sons (oldest is 17.) UNTIL TODAY.

    I know if we lose, I will be frustrated angry and depressed.  But I'm afraid that if we win, I might start balling like a baby . . .

    Like you I am also 50. Became a fan in 1979 at age 13. It has been a long road. Super Bowl 33 was a terrible experience for me, I am hoping this game turns out different.

  2. You mean how the Patriots beat the 4-3 Steelers, 3-4 Bills, 3-4 Colts, and 4-2 Jets all by only 1 possession?

    Or how the Packers beat the 2-4 Bears? Or how about the 2-5 Chargers by 1 possession after Rivers threw for over 500 yards against them?

    Allow me to clarify. I want to the Falcons to win like the Packers and Patriots win, season after season.

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