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  1. They should do it tomorrow so if the new uniforms suck and the fans meltdown they can say "April Fool's".
  2. Like you I am also 50. Became a fan in 1979 at age 13. It has been a long road. Super Bowl 33 was a terrible experience for me, I am hoping this game turns out different.
  3. I seem to remember a member called "Spiderbite Girl" or something like that.
  4. I do notice that my post count seems to get less and less the longer I stay away.
  5. I remember those guys. To be honest I don't post on here very often anymore. I remember back to the beginning of this forum. Was the place to be.
  6. Pretty pathetic when you have to look to next year and it is only the first game of the season.
  7. It'll be a beat down for sure. Tampa Bay is my sexy pic for Super Bowl this year.
  8. They are pretty awful. Will be another long year.
  9. It's a shoot out. Falcons 49 - Bucs 38.
  10. So far this season out of eight games the home team is 4 & 4. New England has been the home team twice.
  11. Allow me to clarify. I want to the Falcons to win like the Packers and Patriots win, season after season.
  12. I want the Falcons to win like the Packers & Patriots win.
  13. I say go for a Freeman jersey. Been thinking about one myself. Haven't bought a jersey in over eight years.
  14. This thread is EPIC! Do people still say epic?
  15. Here's an idea.................lets "trade" Quinn and then make Shanahan our head coach! Brilliant huh? Now where did I put my crack pipe.......
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