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  1. They should do it tomorrow so if the new uniforms suck and the fans meltdown they can say "April Fool's".
  2. Wow, I left on page 18 and came back to 31. Crazy.
  3. He's on a roll. Didn't his wifes reality show get another season?
  4. He's 45, one year older than me. His hair is grayer than mine but he has more of it!
  5. If it was a Falcons coat I think I bought it from you. I just remember the name for some reason.
  6. I think this new look is great! Oh and I am looking forward to my prostate exam next week.
  7. Born and raised in Montana and lived here most of my life. Falcons fan for 31 years and counting.
  8. I don't like it. Won't be spending my hard earned cash on that.
  9. I will hang out at the house in the Falcons room of course.
  10. How is it not Falcon related? They are our first week opponent. The Falcons will surely game plan differently since Ben is out.
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