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  1. I'm not sure how Urban Meyer is a better choice than AS. AS has extensive pro experience, and with his ability to make the running game much better, it improves the whole team. Running the ball effectively, should make this team able to compete consistently. AS was a great hire.
  2. I was thinking that if his wife would be a good tackle for us:
  3. I didn't say that. I said, "grab a few more bench pieces." Relying on guys that haven't done it before is risky. They are doing it, but I don't think the bench was a strong point going into the season, and we have a lot of season left to see if it remains strong. Having a few more veteran leaders on the bench would only help.
  4. They have been pretty good, but I didn't get that to be the point. These guys were mostly nobody's prior to this year. Probably could have grabbed some more seasoned vets.
  5. I think he's referring to the fact that AA could have maybe sought a few more bench pieces, and he's right.
  6. Yeah, it just makes no sense.
  7. I can live with that. I wouldn't want MV to watch my dog...
  8. Well, good on you. I for one am not a fan, and just because people say he has changed doesn't make it so. People saying that he has changed, also didn't know he was doing all the **** he was doing. We just don't know what MV is up to now. For all we know, he's funding more dog killings.
  9. Nah, I'm good. The day MV was drafted was one of the best days ever. Unfortunately, that was also one of the worst days. To do what he, and his posse did, is so disgusting horrible, that I personally don't get why he is still revered by some in this fan base. Especially, since this same club hates MR.
  10. He's solid. As others have said, Pitts is the new number 2 option in the offense. I don't think he is a world beater by any stretch of the imagination, but he'll do his job.
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