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  1. Today’s game is exactly why the whole regime needs a reset. DQ’s stink is still here. Time for a courtesy flush.
  2. Honestly, I would rather they filled another need, and take one last run with MR & JJ.
  3. What sucks about him is that he was committed to BSU, then went on his mission. When he came back, he decided to go to BYU instead. Big loss for the Broncos.
  4. Zack Wilson is not a sleeper anymore. He's going in the top 15 picks now I think, and maybe the top 10. EVERYBODY is on him now.
  5. I'm for one of two things: either blow it up and start over, or go with MR & Co, if the powers that be think things can turn around quickly. I'm ok with either one. Drafting a QB high, is probably not the answer with this club. I wouldn't be against taking a developmental guy to learn behind MR in the 3rd or 4th round though. I think that is a must actually.
  6. EB was not my first choice, but I've come around on him. Definitely would want him over RM. RM as others have said, makes some of the same DQ mistakes. Need to wipe the slate clean of this staff. NOBODY from this staff should be kept around. It would be good for all parties.
  7. That was a long time ago, will have much more talent to work with, and I've got to think that he has learned something from AR.
  8. Agreed. I don't want him as our HC, but 2020 is a crazy year, and we'll probably be stuck with him.
  9. The best coach should be hired based on their ability to represent the team, motivate players, and win football games. One of the biggest issues that I have, is if racism is rampant in the hiring of NFL coaches, please name the coaches that have been discriminated against. I can't think of one potential HC that hasn't gotten an opportunity based on their race. I truly believe that owners want to win football games, and they are going to hire the person they believe gives them the best chance to win.
  10. What does fair have to do with it? Life isn't fair, and the NFL for **** sure isn't fair.
  11. Didn't he throw for like 500 yards against us last year?
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