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  1. There's no way that this roster is talented, because TD sucks. Just ask the experts on this board...
  2. Missing on a 3rd round pick is not a "big miss"...
  3. Agreed. He cries like a baby all the time.
  4. I am not a Takk fan, and I personally don't believe in him. However, I hope he balls out! As far as him saying that "they don't believe in me", I think it is a good strategy. Whatever it takes to light your fire! If it inspires him to great things, it was a good plan.
  5. Could you imagine that clown *****ing about not getting the ball enough? He's a head case, and attention whore. Exactly what this team does not need...
  6. Problem with these NFL player lists is that who knows how many guys turned their ballots in? How many were just voting for their boys? MR doesn't seem like the type of guy that gets into popularity contests. He seems focused, business like, and serious. That's not going to win a lot of votes from other guys in the League, but who cares. He's our QB, and he's better than 80% of the QB's in the League.
  7. I just don't see it with the bullpen, or the starting staff. I don't have confidence right now that the pen guys will come in and hold a lead, and I don't have confidence that the starting pitchers can get us a quality start.
  8. Very good post. I think everyone thinks Vic is a great guy, he just doesn't have the passion. What's wrong with calling a spade a spade?
  9. I hope not. If this season is a disaster, or even a mediocre one, he needs to go. I honestly wanted him gone before, and I am not fully confident that he will get it done this year. I totally hope he does, but I am not confident.
  10. I try to draft MR & JJ every year. Last 2 years, I've had to trade with a really desperate team to get him. (Their season was going off the rails, and I sold them on the potential of a couple of guys.)
  11. Melancon has been the closer before, and regardless, the bullpen has been less than stellar/impressive. It doesn't look like we have a championship caliber bullpen, and certainly not a championship caliber staff. Pitching is an issue for this club, which is surprising since we are always drafting pitchers with our high picks.
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