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  1. He's terrible...
  2. I don't think the fix is in either, but if you don't think the League wanted the Rams to win, then I don't know what to tell you. Having LA relevant is huge to the NFL. They'll get more advertising dollars, because more fans will be tuned in. It does matter.
  3. I thought he was saying the other poster obviously didn't read your original post.
  4. And he has star power. It only takes 1...
  5. I had to start over as well. I had several thousand posts that I lost.
  6. Agreed...
  7. I hope Takk gets everything worked out. Sometimes I wonder about the effects of CTE on these guys. Not to say that this is the situation here, but it wouldn't shock me in the least.
  8. Gurley and the Rams gonna eliminate that possibility next week...
  9. Trufant will be just fine if we have a better pass rush, and improve the tackling of the defense. Trufant is not the problem.
  10. Give the guy a break...
  11. Sounds like you are being a "couch GM" right now. Be careful...
  12. I'm glad your not saying that, because he won't...