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  1. Tru is way better than ya'll are giving him credit for. He's not the problem...
  2. This is the right attitude!
  3. This take makes you seem really soft. 1 bad game and your giving up. Saying we'll lose to Indy? Come on. Falcons will win on Sunday, and you and all of the doomsday proclaimers will be talking about how you knew it all along...
  4. If the line is so bad, why would you play action. Sure it can work, but if you can't run the ball, play action isn't going to work. Not to mention, play action passes take more time...
  5. Exactly what I've been saying. Ryan is going to roast the Eagles like a Thanksgiving Turkey!
  6. Yeah sure! Philadelphia had 1 sack and 3 TFL against the Redskins who were missing their best O-Lineman. Eagles are not near as good as people are touting. We are at home, and Ryan is generally great at home. Falcons will win this game 31-21.
  7. I'm not sure where this narrative came from regarding this awesome Eagles team. They gave up 380 yards passing to KASE KEENUM! Matt Ryan will carve them up like a Thanksgiving turkey!
  8. Falcons will win this game...
  9. Falcons will win this game...
  10. That would depend on the new HC. They usually get their choice of staff.
  11. Short answer, No... Quinn maybe, but not wholesale changes.
  12. I'm not really one to deal in maybes, and what ifs. I deal with the best decision I can make at a given time based on the facts that I have. So far, I think TD is doing the best he can managing the cap with the players that he has, and I can't find fault with that. As I have said previously, I wish guys like Ryan, Julio, etc. would get together and say let's take a little less so we can build a great team, but that's not how it works either.
  13. That is a completely far-fetched scenario. We don't have 15, and we won't have 15.