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  1. Really sad for his family, he did his job well and not that I know him but I'm not sure he truly recovered from the loss of his father that he loved dearly, they seemed to be very close. RIP 🙏🏽
  2. This high powered offense should give the defense some help!
  3. Wow!, several surprises here but mainly I'm bummed out that in TC we go from Gono to Hennessy and now back to Carpenter to start the season smh
  4. I have 3 that don't see the light of day too much anymore red M Turner & Vick black throwback #22 personalized with my last name
  5. For some reason the videos wouldn't play for me so I went to the Twitter feed to look for them and to my shock and awe I saw some of the most horrifying videos I've ever seen, WE are in a sad sad sad place right now!
  6. He looked good on his highlights especially when he was clobbering anyone who got in front of him while blocking...even DT's!
  7. If they could just make the trade, I'm sure all the players would restructure their contract for a Hooker!
  8. I just hope he performs better than another DE from Miami, I think his name was Derrick Shelby...I hope the next move is for a LB
  9. Please let him be drafted by a AFC team so we only see him once every 4 years!
  10. Hopefully he's holding back and not putting anything explosive on tape. that was a nice read but my eyes tell me he looks like garbage and I say that as one of his biggest supporters. I pray this isn't JA98 2.0
  11. If the falcons don't have 2+ sacks we don't win the division!!,...mainly I just wanted to hype my new sig!
  12. I am wowed...maybe because I guess I'm the only one not really shocked. I'm glad that the team is showing up. I'll admit 3years is a lifetime in the NFL, even 1yr can be totally different. Just ask the Ravens, Lions and even the Seahawks. But just 3yrs ago we were one completion away from the SB. The team is not that much different than last yr. It's just different in the right places!!! Much like 2yrs ago, last yrs team suffered with injuries and now u see what difference that makes. On paper the schedule is much easier. A lot of us were saying with this schedule we could win 12 or 13 games.
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