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  1. I’m wildly disappointed in Smith right now. Awful coaching down the stretch
  2. Man I wish I could’ve done something like this week 1
  3. I’m here too. From LA. Was in Atlanta for the week 1 debacle, let’s see what happens today.
  4. “I miss the twins” can’t believe he said that 😡
  5. “Just leave me right here fellas. I’m good”
  6. If Master Peas can’t disrupt a 2nd year QB that’s playing under his 2nd OC - at home - we’re in for a crazy long season.
  7. I’’m coming from Los Angeles. Looking forward to it
  8. Guys, AJ is trending in the right direction for sure. But he’s not a stud just yet. Dude has a lot to prove still.
  9. I’m not thrilled about it that’s for sure. But! In fairness to TF and AS, they inherited a horrible cap situation. The limitations are very real.
  10. Beavers went from being a starter at one point to being cut. Talk about being hard on the Beav
  11. This made me tear up a little 🥺
  12. None of the above. We may do better with 4 guys up front
  13. Hopefully just 1 QTR. Frank’s needs all the playing time he can get
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