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  1. The vast majority of the “experts” all had A.J. as a first rounder. Daniel Jeremiah, who was once a college scout for 3 NFL teams, had him ranked 19th overall. who do you trust more ? Ex college QB and scout that worked for 3 nfl front offices - and was rumored to be a GM candidate for one nfl team just this past year - or Mel Kiper? I’ll wait
  2. Imagine a group of us starting a football website with our draft thoughts and analysis. Voila! Its Walter football
  3. I’d still take Terrell. Keeping in mind I wasn’t a fan of the selection. But after we missed out on Kinlaw, there was no one left that I really wanted at 16. I was hoping to trade back. I get the Terrell pick. For sure. And don’t believe for a second he would’ve made it past the Raiders at 19
  4. Absolutely! The red fade is growing on me, but loving everything else.
  5. I can’t wait for the draft. Particularly this year for very obvious reasons. Thank you Commish and committee for standing firm despite some backlash and criticism. We fans need this. The Country needs this. We know the next few weeks are supposed to be awful. All the more reason to give millions these moments of normality, some time to disconnect. The closest thing we’ll have for “sports” in a long time and for the foreseeable future. I literally can’t wait. I’ll probably cry
  6. Super low risk. Chill people just adding depth and who knows what dude does with a 2nd chance
  7. Good move! Funny I just rewatched the Niners game earlier today and he totally stood out.
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