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  1. I can’t wait for the draft. Particularly this year for very obvious reasons. Thank you Commish and committee for standing firm despite some backlash and criticism. We fans need this. The Country needs this. We know the next few weeks are supposed to be awful. All the more reason to give millions these moments of normality, some time to disconnect. The closest thing we’ll have for “sports” in a long time and for the foreseeable future. I literally can’t wait. I’ll probably cry
  2. Perish the thought
  3. Ewe
  4. Super low risk. Chill people just adding depth and who knows what dude does with a 2nd chance
  5. Good move! Funny I just rewatched the Niners game earlier today and he totally stood out.
  6. yeah. Those knees are clearly shot
  7. of course there’s a human element here. He was well liked. But if they knew or thought he was damaged goods, I’d bet their reaction would be different. being bummed about his release opposed to being upset about it is very different. At least in my opinion
  8. no doubt because they know - or believe - he can still bring it at a high level. https://247sports.com/college/georgia/Article/Todd-Gurley-released-Los-Angeles-Rams-Aaron-Donald-reacts-NFL-free-agency-145203685/
  9. Lots of physicians on this board. Impressive.
  10. Can’t lie though, it literally baffles me that anyone would think that this team swung for the fences last year.
  11. Agree to disagree my man. But at least we’re both hoping for the same result in the end.
  12. Absolutely do not call re-signing our own players “swinging for the fence” they were already on the roster. Trading up for a rookie OT late in the first? Again, hardly qualifies. And signing two journeymen OG’s to modest contacts? No one EVER viewed that as a splash. we just see this very differently. Let’s just hope that all of these moves combined helps us over the line in 2020. Along with the draft, of course