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  1. The Brotherhood circus moves on to the swamp land. Where they’ll be punished once again. Good times
  2. Great HC. Doesn’t take his foot off the gas and stays aggressive. Coach Fired Up could learn from him.
  3. Oh the Satins will cover. Believe that
  4. Straight cursed. Can’t think of any other rational reasoning for this franchises continual collapsing in epic fashion
  5. Pointless. That bed shi++ing yesterday made sure of that
  6. I was screaming at the TV at that moment. Idiots. Today performance was appalling from top to bottom. Coaches looked overwhelmed and out of place. Disgusted.
  7. If I never hear “nanosecond” again, it will be to soon.
  8. I wouldn’t want to be the guy opposite him and staring into those roach eyes
  9. Yup section 123 behind falcons bench we were in on that
  10. Heck yes we were there doing the same! It was an awesome experience and even better game. We took over that place haha
  11. Thanks guys !
  12. To anyone living in the DC area, weather forecast is 59 degrees and sunny. Is that jacket weather there? Long sleeve thin shirt ?
  13. I'll be coming from Los Angeles (meeting my buddy there from ATL). we're trying to hook up with a tailgate!
  14. LAX office job?