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  1. Watt schooled him pretty good, but that was certainly to be expected. He held his own at times and, more importantly, that experience will be great for him long term
  2. Report: Quinn pissed at teams performance again. Again.
  3. Seat should be engulfed in flames right about now. Much like our season...again.
  4. Barry Sanders my first and all time.
  5. I will see you those 6 wins. And raise you 6
  6. Thank you 8lb, 6oz baby Jesus
  7. Yup that’s all we can hope for right about now (the counter). Agreed about Gono. Wasn’t as impressive this last game as opposed to the first 2, but would obviously be fantastic if he shows out against Washington
  8. Chris Chester was much less of a concern back then than Ty is today. In fact many were concerned when Chester wasn’t resigned / retired. Safe to say that the majority wouldn’t feel the same for Sambrillo
  9. I hear you man but the dude needing help (continually) is a concern in itself. He can’t handle any speed rushers 1 on 1
  10. Such good news for Gage and Kazee in particular.
  11. Absolutely
  12. Ty starting the season at RT, which is highly likely at this point, is big concern. Pass protection is just dreadful and Ryan is going to take some hits early on. Need the Heartbreak Kid to get well soon. Very soon. Then HOPE we see good things from him.
  13. He’s right you know
  14. Don’t think you’ll get much argument here