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  1. yeah, where is the official game thread?
  2. I'm in this year and looking forward to it.
  3. Not 58, that should stay Tuggle's number.
  4. Whether D. Hall gets fined or not, how can the league say he didn't push Mike Smith. You can see very clearly that he shoves him in the replay.
  5. I got mine about a week after I sent in my tag renewal. I love it.
  6. The comment about Ferguson was just stupid.
  7. I wish we'd wear throwbacks to the first season with red helmets and black jerseys.
  8. So, when did pre season games start having blackout rules? The NFL is really getting ridiculous, and not very fan friendly.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if the Falcons didn't ask to have the game tape-delayed in hopes of selling a few more tickets. It really is ridiculous to not be able to see atleast pre-season games live. :angry:
  10. The scroll bar on NFL Network just said that he agreed to a multi-year deal with the Browns.
  11. I can't begin to express how disappointed I am with the decision to release Alge. I guess I'll have to get a new sign for the dome next season. Thanks Alge.
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