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  1. We’ve practically been practicing in this type weather for 2 weeks now in Flowery Branch.
  2. The way Mitchel been running the past 2 weeks, he might be gone before the 2nd round lol
  3. Not sure what round he's projected to go, but I would love to get him in the 3rd as insurance incase Coleman chases the money after the '18 season.
  4. Does anyone else notice Freeman and Hardy running the same route with 1 defender covering both of them...? Also on the Freeman TD. Julio and Free nearly run into each other right before Free catches the pass, it could have been bad. On the Sanu TD that was overturned. Its actually Julio that runs into Sanu jarring the ball loose. I know our offense has been out of sync all season, but these are the type of things that shouldn't be happenings in week 17... Maybe I'm wrong and someone with more knowledge can explain, just seems odd to me.
  5. This loser mentality has got to stop!
  6. Our defense is playing great, and that's with very few takeaways (3 INT's). If we can somehow start getting some of those tip passes to land in our favor and if our offense can just execute better. I really think we can get going at the right time.
  7. Team execution. We’re 8th in total defense and 9th in total offense... We are top of then league in drops and bottom of the league in takeaways. If our receivers can get it going and our defense can get a few more take aways, watch out!
  8. The thing is that we already know what we can get from Beasley, he might not put up 15+ sacks again, but there is no reason to believe he can't get 8-10 sack if used correctly in the years to come... Trading him for a 3rd or even 2nd doesn't guarantee us anything, much less a quality starter. Best thing is to keep our young core players together as long as possible, and keep building from there. Remember players like Upshaw, Rubin, Clayborn and Poe will be FA next offseason, and unless Reed takes a pay cut. He could very well be gone after this year.
  9. No, you don't trade him. Our defense is finally coming together and is considered a top 10 defense. We've held two of the hottest teams in the NFC under 17 pts in back to back games and he's part of the reason... Although he's having a "down" year in the sacks department, he's also being asked to drop more into coverage or spy. He's still getting pressure when he rushes. I saw a hold and a hands to the face that could've been called against the Saints on Thursday. He has 2 more years left in his rookie contract at a reasonable price. You keep building and hope he can return to double digit sacks. After his rookie contract is up, we'll either resign him to a good contract, tag him or he signs a huge contract with another team, if that's the case we end up with a 3rd as compensation anyways.
  10. The touchdown to Hooper was set up perfectly. We lined up Poe as a FB as we had previously on the Coleman TD. It fooled the Cowboys into thinking it was another run up the middle... As many have mentioned, the play call hasn't been perfect but its more so execution and dumb penalties that is holding this offense back.
  11. To each his own I guess and I agree with you. I've been down there and you can't see anything behind all the huge lineman, equipment and coaches standing around.
  12. I was there yesterday, as I have all season. The game was sold out and loud during crucial times. The problem is what others have stated, there are so many places to hangout and watch the game that many fans are watching it from those areas. It's a beautiful new stadium with plenty of bars and clubs. So it was expected, at least for the first year. The sections in the lower level between the 20 yard lines, all have field access as you can see in your pictures behind the players benches. They also have a huge bar and food down there. The 200's level have acces to the Harrahs club on both sides of the field. Consider all that with the many bars and terrace the stadium has to offer and that is why you see empty seats.