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  1. Fixed*
  2. Other fans can make jokes all they want. Reglardless if we had lost in a close game, blow out or blown lead, a lost is a lost and it hurts. We weren't the first team to lose a SB nor will we be the last, some other fan base will face the same fate in 9 months. Before us everyone was mocking the Seahawks for not running the ball at the 1 yard line... We should all be very optimistic about our future, the fact that our young team and 2nd year coach made the GOAT Brady and Belichick look like a high school team for 3 quarters should put the NFL on notice. If rival fans mock us with the 28-3. Simply reply 24-10 to Panther fans (SB 50 score), New Orleans new name is the 79ers and ignore Buc fans, they've been irrelevant for 10 years.
  3. Lol Trust me, I have taken noticed. That's why I find it quite ironic that you post the exact same things... Literally word for word. But that's besides the point, regardless if it's plagiarism or not. You seem like a good dude and passionate fan like all of us here. Just don't expect to change our minds with your page long articles and short clips, that only fit your narrative when someone doesn't agree. Especially on a Falcons page. Having said that, in my opinion all of the NFC South teams upgraded their RB position but just like you believe McCaffery could be the next Westbrook/McCoy/Bell, he could also be the next Bush/Spiller... only time will tell. My Ranking; • Atlanta - Freeman, Coleman, Hill • Saints - Ingram, Kamara, Peterson • Panthers - Stewart, McCaffery, CAP • Bucs - Martin, Rodgers, McNichols * Newton does add an element to the running game for Carolina, which could rank them above New Orleans and Atlanta, but this is strictly about the RB position.
  4. SamMills goes by the name Saca312 on the Panthers board, he literally posts the same crap on here as he does there, then brags on the Panthers forums about how a "random" Panthers fan is going hard on the TATF lol. I've read plenty of his post... On here he'll pretend to post some unbiased Falcons opinions. Then do the exact opposite as Saca on the Panthers forum.
  5. Same here, but luckily for us here on the forums. We have knowledgeable fans like yourself that do a very good job of breaking down these plays(ers), formations, or concepts down. I always look forward to reading your post, keep up the good work my friend!
  6. I agree, you could even add Cody Kessler to that list. He wasn't a top 10 pick as the others, but Sark definitely put him in a position to succeed for the Browns to take him in the 3rd Rd... Like i said, i don't know much about Sark besides that he runs a WCO, but if all the QB's that went to the NFL under him became busts, one has to assume it was the play caller helping the athlete and not the other way around.
  7. Has potential IF healthy, just don't understand how a franchise that claims to be decimated by injuries year in, year out keeps on drafting players with huge health issues coming out of college (Kikaha, Anzalone, Lattimore). On top of that, add Anzalone to their offseaon spending of Klien, Teo, Okafor and the somewhat emergence of Robertson and Stupar... Where does that leave former 1st rd pick Anthony? Loomis and the Saints have no direction.
  8. Don't know much about Sark, but if his offense and/or play calling help Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez and Jack Locker all get drafted in the top 10 of the NFL draft... I can't wait to see what he can do with the leagues reigning MVP!
  9. Agree, especially considering he missed a ton of games due to hamstring injuries and was basically a 1 year wonder. I could be wrong, but having Hooker at FS helped either Conley or Lattimore get drafted higher... Saints would have been better off trading back the 32nd pick to NE for Butler and getting a DE in the 1st.
  10. I agree, they have no identity or sense of direction. Are they rebuilding or trying to win now? Horrible FA signings and bad drafts. On paper this draft looks great, but the Kamara and Ramczyk picks were luxury picks. Kamara cost them a 3rd & future 2nd, and will be their #3 RB. Ramczyk also won't have an immediate impact and sit on the bench and wait to replace Strief next season, which also indicates that Peat who was selected at #13 in the '15 draft is no longer viewed as a future OT, but rather a decent G. The two players they selected as needs (Lattimor & Anzalone) have a history of injuries, as did Kikaha coming out of college. Saints fans like to complain about the injury bug hitting their team... Well, stop drafting so many injury prone players! By drafting Anzalone and signing Klein, Okaford, and Teo in the offseaon; Where does this leave Anthony, another former 1st round draftee? Are they ready to move on from him? Thier current roster has no one left from their '14 draft class AND no key contributors from their '15 draft class besides Peat. At what point does someone take responsibility, is it Loomis that can't draft? Is it Payton that can't develop players... and the few that do develop (Cooks, Stills, Graham, M.Jenkins) are let go or traded lol. ...What a mess of a franchise and I love it!
  11. Can't wait to see what coach Marquand Manuel can make out of this kid. Look how much Brian Poole, CJ Goodwin and Ricardo Allen have developed under him.
  12. It was McDermott and Brandon Beane doing all the picking.
  13. Expect Brandon Beane, current Carolina Panthers assistant GM to be named Bills GM. Has ties with coach McDermott. Bills traded up in front of Carolina multiple times and took players Carolina had interest in, sounds like Brandon Beane tipped off the Bills staff... Pretty dirty, but not my team lol.
  14. Definitely need depth at LB. I expect our draft to look something like this; Round 1-3: FS, DE, G (not necessarily in that order) Round 4,5,7: LB, TE/DT, OT Anthony Walker, Duke Riley or Steven Taylor are LB's I like in the later rounds. A lot could change if we trade up for a player like Reddick in the 1st or if we trade down and take someone like Tyus Bowser in the 2nd, but if we stay put I expect our draft to look something what I posted above.
  15. I see your sticking to your narrative, but injuries happen to every team. We lost critical players for the season as well... Starting TE, starting LB, a top of the league CB, starting DE. The difference was we had depth to make up for those losses. And come on man, cant keep using the Kalil excuse. He was injured late October once your team was already in a hole at 1-5, where was he then? Funny enough we once had a guard turn center who couldn't snap and still manage to play .500 ball. Bottom line, injuries shouldn't be your excuse. Your excuse should be that your team didn't do enough during the '16 offseason to help your teams overall depth. Your key acquisitions were a Punter (Lee), DT (Soliai), and a draft that consisted of a DT,CB,CB,CB... So during a whole offseason (draft & FA) the Panthers manage to add depth to two positions, with one starting and a punter! It's no knock against Butler, Bradberry or the others, cause they could turn out to be special but acquiring no OL help/depth after witnessing SB 50 is what ultimately hurt you in the '16 season in my opinion. Now trust me. Knowing that we NEED a starting OG, another DE, and depth at key positions (LB, FS, swing tackle) I would be pretty upset if we drafted a RB in the 1st, followed by 3 consecutive OG's.