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  1. They restructured a couple of big contracts this season, but... In 2019 they will already be 10.7M over the cap and that’s with a projected cap going up to 190M. With pending FA like Graham, Warmack, Agholor, Darby, Hicks, Elliot and Ajayi. In 2020 they will have around 47M with a projected cap going up to 200M. With pending key FA like Kendricks, Wisniewski, Vaitai, Mills, Clement, and Wentz... In comparison the Falcons will have 77M in ‘19 and 112M in ‘20, with key FA like Ryan, Jarret, Coleman, Matthews, Beasley, Jones, Campbell and Neal... It’s safe to assume we are in better shape on retaining our own FA’s than the Eagles are in the near future.
  2. Poe as a player is a great pick up, but was it a huge need...? Who’s playing SS, OG, WR, helping McCaffrey carry the load? Not sure if you remember but we discussed this exact problem back in ‘16 after the draft... Panthers were fresh off a SB appearance and you like some Falcons poster we’re saying how great it was to take the best player available (Butler). I disagreed and said it was way better to take a need which would have been a CB in the 1st rd instead of Butler. Here we are two years later... Butler is still a backup, and 2 of the 3 CB’s selected aren’t on your team.
  3. No faith in Butler? That ‘16 draft class is looking pretty bad
  4. That ‘16 draft class is looking worst and worst... No faith in former 1st rd pick Butler?
  5. This is exactly why we need to get a backup TE in FA, and worry about getting a WR in the draft.
  6. If they sign him. The NFL better place the Rooney rule when it comes to them signing WR’s lol
  7. I could see him going to Carolina. They have a need at WR, cheap vet, good on getting open once the QB breaks the pocket, and is tall enough to catch Cam’s overthrown passes. Or he’ll be a Patriot...
  8. Annnnd... the Patriots just signed him lol
  9. They released Nelson... Annnnnnd the Patriots just signed him
  10. I'm on the same boat that we need both a TE and WR this offseason. The only reason I would be hesitant to sign a WR in FA is b/c of the money tied up to that position already and how much it would cost us...Even though I do love this years TE class, I feel we could get a good #2 TE in FA (Wilson or Dickerson) and not spend as much money as we would if we signed a Moncrief or resign Gabriel. Consdiering we should go OL and DL with out first two picks, I feel like we could get a quality WR in the 3rd or 4th.
  11. Nice mock! I'm a big fan of Godwin Igwebuike or Dominick Sanders in the later round, especially with Kazee getting more reps at NB. @Kayoh, What do you think of DE Duke Ejiofor? With him not participating in the combine, I believe he could be a steal in the 3rd rd. Very productive college career.
  12. Put it this way, if someone is telling you “make me an offer” Do you give them your best offer or worst...? I’d go with the latter, then counter if I’m really interested.
  13. What’s there not to understand about negotiating?!? Of course they might laugh, say heck no and hang up; but then you either counter with something better or move along. We really don’t know the reason Seattle is “willing to listen to offers”. Maybe Thomas requested a trade? Maybe they need the cap space? Maybe they want anything in return, since he might not resign? Who knows... I do know Manuel and Quinn love Allen, will cost close to nothing and would fit in the system Seattle plays. We don’t need to move Allen either... but you still make the call and see the asking price and if it’s reasonable, offer something. That’s negotiating 101
  14. I see what’s your saying, but some are missing the point... Seattle is said to be willing to listen to offers. It’s not Atlanta approaching Seattle, and trying to trade for a players that is said to be off the table. Its actually the opposite. Seattle is trying to move a player, for whatever reason. You entertain them with a decent offer, if they take it then, GREAT! If not then you move onto FA and the draft... If someone would have told me you could get Bennett and a 7th for a 5th and Marcus Johnson... I would have said no way, and who in the heck is Marcus Johnson.
  15. If someone told me all it would take to get Michael Bennett was a 5th and WR Marcus Johnson. I would have laughed as well... I actually edited my original post and added a 4th, just to sweeten it up lol