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  1. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29380577/new-england-patriots-fined-11-million-lose-draft-pick-film-crew-fallout?platform=amp Don’t let the Cam signing distract us from the fact that the Patriots were once again fined and docked a draft pick for cheating.
  2. As much as this hurts me to say, we should even take a look at Jeff Ireland. He’s been a huge part of the success they’ve had in the scouting department and in the draft... Having said that, F the Saints!
  3. Ryan will be OUR QB for a looooong time rather you like it or not PERIOD!! Even if he doesn't win it all next year he will be here and the year after that, he is the future of the Atlanta Falcons! And unlike some of you, i for one am excited for the future of our team! if your not excited about the direction our front office and team are headed in then maybe you should go root for some other team!
  4. More successful in the fact that for the first time in our history we have back to back to back winning season, more successful in that fact that in the 3 years he's only gotten better (look at his states). how do u not see that, yeah im upset at the lost too as everyone else is, but when u dont stop an offense or get them to punt ONCE its hard to beat any team!
  5. Answer to what?!?! he didn't ask a question you idiot! he was stating his opinion as i was mine. All he does is compare Ryan to Vick, which is why i (in my opinion) believe he's bitter at the fact that Vick is no longer a Falcon and Ryan is!!
  6. hahaha is that even a serious question?!?! Obviously he's still bitter at the fact that Vick is no longer a Falcon and that the Falcons are actually a more successful team with Ryan running the Offense
  7. Atlhomey, if you hate Ryan so much and are all over Vick's jockstrap why don't you do all of us and yourself a favor and join the Eagles message boards and root for the Eagles. Ryan is going to be a Falcon for a very looooong time get use to it!! Ryan is OUR franchise QB of OUR team. Go Falcons!
  8. Yup i believe ex-Falcons and current players. its from 5-8 and they have food and drink specials. lol i dont work there nor am i promoting it just reporting what i heard
  9. I would love for every time they announced Starks name at the Dome on Saturday night everyone in the crowd Yell "WHO"
  10. yeah i think there was one scheduled at Fox grill in Atlantic Station tonight
  11. No one believes he's the second coming besides ESPN and Packer fans.
  12. I also have the football hologram under the UP and i know mine are real since I'm a season ticket holder.
  13. i completely agree, Beirmann and i believe Loften had a shot at sacking him but missed. and also on the other 4 and goal, we rushed 3 and gave Rodgers all day to throw, then he hit Nelson in the endzone. If we had stopped them in either of those plays game ends 17-10. and thats with Rogers throwing 344 passing yrds with 114.5 passer rating, thats as good as it gets.
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