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  1. They both played OT/OG in college. Read several scouting reports that both are good RT, but could be even better OG’s in the pros. Quinn/Dimitroff want versatility, and Dimitroff has stated its takes longer for rookie OT’s to adjust than OG’s. Going based on that, I would think they would sign a FA OT to compete with Ty. Ford and Risner could be really good guards!
  2. Unless Oliver falls, I would be perfectly fine taking Cody Ford or Dalton Risner and sticking them next to Mack and our RT.
  3. Like some have said, it’s a 3 yr, 18M at MAX VALUE. Which means a lower number plus incentives. The incentives are probably games played, to a number of snaps or even roster bonuses throughout his contract. It’s not a bad deal. If he’s a back up, he’ll get paid as a back up. If he stays healthy and starts, then he’ll get paid.
  4. Lol these are all great! Keep it up
  5. We have an MVP caliber QB, potentially having a HOF career, who’s played in multiple offenses vouching for a certain OC... We get him what he wants.
  6. Worrilow wasnt part of that team. Our starting LB’s were Nicholas, Peterson and Spoon.
  7. -Experience coach -Experience within the divison -Ryan’s favorite OC -As a HC, always gave the Saints fits We’ll be fine with Koetter as the OC
  8. Brees and Brady rarely go deep anymore. Quick 5-8 yard passes and let the RB/WR do the rest. I have no doubt Ryan could do the same.
  9. Exactly. Most of his 5k seasons and passing records came on the backs of those five 7-9 seasons. Where he’s padding his stats thanks to the Sproles, Spillers and Kamaras of the world. Those YAC are nice though Even the great Brees throws some duck INTs with pressure in his face, yet some folks around here want to cut Ryan even though he’s the most pressured QB in the league
  10. I agree! Apple got smoked a couple of times and Lattimore grabs more than Alford... Saints have a good front 4, but live by the blitz on 3rd downs. Teams with an above average OL and QBs will pick them apart. Btw I’ve said this for a few years now, take the check down away from Brees/Payton and see how average that offense looks.
  11. Well said! Rumor has it Martino is leaving after the season to coach a National team (Mexico), wants to coach in another World Cup... Hopefully we win it all this season!
  12. I mean don’t get me wrong, the PSL isn’t the problem solely. They’re still plenty of Falcons fans walking around and not in their seats during the games... Why someone would pay admission to stand around and watch a game on one of the TV’s in the lounge area, jumbotron or bar; I may never understand, but it’s not my money and they can do as they please.
  13. I’ve been to multiple United and Falcons games. Biggest difference is what the PSL/season tickets did to the blue collar Falcon fan... It completely cut them out. The Falcons games are sold out, but a ton of those PSL’s were purchased by huge corporations, that then turn around and give their tickets to customers/employees who aren’t necessarily Falcons fan. Most of them choose to walk around and watch the game from one of the many restaurant/bars the stadium has to offer. Most of these “fans” never make it to their seats. Many of these United fans are indeed Falcons fans. It’s just a lot cheaper to attend a United game. Plus waaaaaaay better atmosphere!
  14. It was on the pitch play to Ito in the first half where he got -5 yards and almost ran into Ryan... I rewatched the game last night, on that play Ridley is on the bottom of then screen. Comes out of his break, take 2-3 steps and comes up limping. Couldn’t tell if he just rolled his ankle because of the Fox scoreboard graphics on the bottom of the screen, but it was definitely none contact.