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  1. As much as this hurts me to say, we should even take a look at Jeff Ireland. He’s been a huge part of the success they’ve had in the scouting department and in the draft... Having said that, F the Saints!
  2. We need to bring a lawsuit against the NFL! Goodell must be question now!
  3. Patriots? Did I mention them or did you?
  4. Lol Winning a SB takes a team effort, and calling running plays by the OC in the 4th quarter.
  5. In light of the NFL top 100... Only 3 QBs in NFL history have over 40,000 yards, 260 TDs and a comp % over 60% for their first 11 seasons: -Peyton Manning -Matt Ryan -Drew Brees Of the 3, Ryan is 1st in yards, 2nd in TDs, 2nd in comp %. He has the least amount of interceptions, he has the highest passer rating, and has been sacked 113+ more time than Manning and Brees. Put some Respek on his name!
  6. 1 year prove it deal. Plays for his home state, and ex DC Bob Sutton.
  7. Article also named Trufant and Foye, but didn’t go into detail.
  8. The comparison starts with taking a risk on a player who’s been out of the league for a few season and it ends there... Yes, Gordon had a good rookie season followed by a great season 6-7 years ago. That’s exactly why Belichick ended up trading a 5th for a talented guy who practically had been out of the league for 3 years. Was considered a “low risk, high reward” type deal by most, correct? If it worked out great and if it didn’t they still had Hogan, Edelman and Dorsett. Hageman has all the tools to succeed in the NFL and was finally starting to come along in ‘16 as a quality starter. He wasn’t let go due to injuries, age or another player out performing him, he made a dumb mistake. If Hageman even lives up to what he was in ‘16, there’s no one out there that can tell me a rotation of Grady, Davidson, Senat, Crawford and Hageman doesn’t get you excited... Still a have a draft too.
  9. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the wait and see approach. That’s probably the best thing to do, even for the folks claiming he’s just another camp body. I will say this... Hageman didn’t lose his job over some injury, or because someone out preformed him, or because he just forgot how to play (Schraeder I’m looking at you). He lost his job over a dumb incident that had nothing to do with his talent on the field. As of right now he’s definitely behind Grady, Davidson, Crawford and Senat and on the outside looking in to make the team. He may never be a pro bowler, but he was a quality starter and definitely better than what we had in ‘17-‘18. McClain, Vellano, Zimmer, Mbu and Bennett. ...and the comparison to Gordon is because both players came into the league talented and as high draft picks (2nd rounders) and yet both have missed multiple seasons. Gordon missed all of ‘15, ‘16 and the majority of ‘17 and has had one really good season 6 years ago. I can assure you, if the Patriots or even the Aints would have signed Hageman, the reaction on this board wouldn’t have been “meh, just a camp body”. It would have been more along the lines of “We never take chances on players” or “Hageman is going to ball out”.
  10. Josh Gordon has missed a ton of time from suspensions or just not being mentally right. Yet when a team like the Patriots sign him, half the board thinks it’s a brilliant move because of talent alone.... Hageman at worst is a camp body, at best he’s a solid contributor. The talent is there, hopefully he’s hungry and ready.