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  1. Lol You’ve missed the point COMPLETELY! No one is cutting Alford or Sanu just because we are eager to do so. TRUST ME, they will play the ‘18 season... but there is a thing called the salary cap, and we can’t pay everyone. Before I even try to explain...I hope you realize that Ryan, Matthews, Grady, Vic, Debo and Neal need a new contract soon, and they won’t be cheap. Do the math; this is why Ridley, Oliver and Smith make sense.
  2. This draft was for depth and we nailed it! We came out with the #1 WR, #4 CB and #8 DT (excluding Hurst) and 4 of the top 100 prospects according to Mike Mayock. What we did this draft is allow our team the flexibility for cap space in the future to sign our core guys (Vic, Debo, Grady, Neal, Mathews). If Oliver, Ridley and Smith pan out as expected. We have the option of letting Coleman chase the money, we can cut Sanu or Alford in '19 with very little dead money attached and allow us the cap space to resign those core guys. This is what teams that stay competitive do, this is why teams like NE, GB and Pittsburgh can compete year in year out.
  3. I came in here thinking we were bringing back the red jersey with black pants uniform.
  4. I'm leaning towards Bryan. I see him more of a Justin Smith/Michael Bennett type player. One who can play inside or out and be very disruptive. Payne is the better run defender and physically NFL ready... Drafting Bryan would probably mean double dipping at DT or signing a FA (Rubin) to help ease the load. In my opinion Bryan is raw but with better upside, had no help on that Florida DL.
  5. They’ll build another one, just to get their fans excited.
  6. Mark it down, Saints will make that Thanksgiving matchup a memorial game for Tom Benson, will probably reveal a statute outside, honor his family...
  7. I like it, Get McPhee. Go DT in rd 1, WR in rd 2 and 3rd and 4th open up the draft to best player available (TE,OL,RB,DB) or double dip on DT.
  8. They restructured a couple of big contracts this season, but... In 2019 they will already be 10.7M over the cap and that’s with a projected cap going up to 190M. With pending FA like Graham, Warmack, Agholor, Darby, Hicks, Elliot and Ajayi. In 2020 they will have around 47M with a projected cap going up to 200M. With pending key FA like Kendricks, Wisniewski, Vaitai, Mills, Clement, and Wentz... In comparison the Falcons will have 77M in ‘19 and 112M in ‘20, with key FA like Ryan, Jarret, Coleman, Matthews, Beasley, Jones, Campbell and Neal... It’s safe to assume we are in better shape on retaining our own FA’s than the Eagles are in the near future.
  9. Poe as a player is a great pick up, but was it a huge need...? Who’s playing SS, OG, WR, helping McCaffrey carry the load? Not sure if you remember but we discussed this exact problem back in ‘16 after the draft... Panthers were fresh off a SB appearance and you like some Falcons poster we’re saying how great it was to take the best player available (Butler). I disagreed and said it was way better to take a need which would have been a CB in the 1st rd instead of Butler. Here we are two years later... Butler is still a backup, and 2 of the 3 CB’s selected aren’t on your team.
  10. No faith in Butler? That ‘16 draft class is looking pretty bad
  11. That ‘16 draft class is looking worst and worst... No faith in former 1st rd pick Butler?
  12. This is exactly why we need to get a backup TE in FA, and worry about getting a WR in the draft.
  13. If they sign him. The NFL better place the Rooney rule when it comes to them signing WR’s lol
  14. I could see him going to Carolina. They have a need at WR, cheap vet, good on getting open once the QB breaks the pocket, and is tall enough to catch Cam’s overthrown passes. Or he’ll be a Patriot...
  15. Annnnd... the Patriots just signed him lol