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  1. How about passing more to KYLE PITTS?? You know, the KYLE PITTS we drafted 4th overall. Run a few TE screens, do something to get the ball into his hands!! .... thanks
  2. In some cases it can be difficult, but there are enough which are absolutely clear. And based on what I've seen from McGary and Hennessy, it's my opinion they have been poor. I don't like crapping on guys, but if we're going to honestly discuss what the team's problems are, it's fair to call them out. I'm truly hoping with the new regime, they are much more consistent with OL draft picks. For the record, I really liked the Mayfield and Dalman picks and hope they quickly pan out. We've been struggling for quite some time with the previous regime's OL picks (obvious exception is Matthews).
  3. I think Mayfield will come around. He played better this week considering he went against the Philly front 4 and then come back against the Bucs front 4. My biggest concern is with Hennessy and McGary. Both have NFL time under their belts and they're still playing poorly.
  4. I love Nick's enthusiasm, but I don't see how that happens with or crap OL and mess of a D.
  5. While I think Ryan is starting to really show his age, he should give them crap. Aside from Matthews and Lindstrom, the OL has been poor. I give Mayfield some leniency considering his situation, but too many holes in the OL. Hennessy is crap as is McGary. While I'd leave McGary in, I'd give Dalman a shot. So tired of seeing Hennessy.
  6. Thought the exact same thing. I thought this was a TE friendly offense? He only got 8 targets, that's a joke for his ability and talent, especially against that secondary.
  7. I'm 49 and been a fan since the mid- 80s, so that SB loss was significant. Past couple years I've been a more casual fan, but when we drafted Pitts, I was excited. So I'll watch like I usually do, but it'll be more because of him. Still cannot understand how he wasn't used more today, that was a huge failure IMO.
  8. It's a mess right now. I can't help but think about the miss on TJ Watt when I see these awful pass rushers on the team since.
  9. Yup, figure this would be a somewhat big year for him considering he'd want to get paid. Where's John Abraham???
  10. We got some pressure on corner blitzes but there wasn't much else there.
  11. Agreed, but I felt there needed to be better adjustments after the half. Our D is really sad. Not sure what's happening with Jones and you're right Terrell is currently avg at best. I have hopes for him though. Grady is solid. Just cannot keept missing on draft picks. Really hoping Grant pans out, we need something at that level. Goodness our pass rush sucks.
  12. Agree 100%. Smith is on the hook for this and he should be getting an earful. Completely unacceptable.
  13. As he should. He did nothing with Pitts, ridiculous. Where was all the player movement, isolations and misdirection? Pathetic game by Smith. Pees needs to wake the f up as well. 1 sack, barely any pressures, same old crap defense.
  14. Shanahan messed up big time, but so did Quinn. When Julio makes that ridiculous catch, it should have sealed a fairly straightforward FG for Bryant (who was insanely good that year). The play was reviewed and there was time for DQ to talk with Shanahan about the next couple plays. At that point of the game (think it was around 4 min left), you run three straight times forcing them to use their timeouts and set up the FG for Bryant. On OLine was beat up bad. If he misses, so be it. Have to play percentages there. He hits it, the game is done up 2 scores with just the 2min warning remaining. They need to score a TD with the 2 pt conversion, recover an onside kick, then hit a FG just to tie (or vice versa on the scoring). Regardless, the percentages of that happening is very low. DQ and Shanahan are the culprits here.
  15. Oh ya, the snowflakes will be loving it when he's inducted as a Falcon. Dear goodness people, get a grip and don't take what's happening personally. You have zero clue what's happening behind the scenes. Plus, it's time for both the team and Julio to move on. Relax and take some deep breaths.
  16. As long as Julio's team isn't playing against ATL, I will root for him. All you saying 'f him', seriously?? That's what you have in your heart and head? And all because he said he's out of here? He 'sh*t on ATL fans?? LOL, wow. You have no idea what has happened behind the scenes. The way I look at it, he's been an incredible player and leader for ATL and he deserves a championship and really should have one if not for Quinn and Shanahan. I'll never forget that ridiculous catch to put us in the position to go up two scores and essentially seal the win. I wish him well, except for playing vs ATL and would like to see him win a title.
  17. Haha, very true. Seriously though, I'm going to miss Julio. He's been an absolute phenom for ATL, on the field and in the locker room. Think of all the diva WRs that cause crap and complain. He's been refreshing from that perspective and we're lucky to have had this guy who is clearly a Hall of Famer. My favourite player of all time.
  18. I like Kerrigan as well, not sure if he's still available. But Houston would be my first pass rush specialist.
  19. 100% You see this crap all the time. A nonsensical 'weakness' that follows a player through to the pros. It's probably already in the initial bio summary for analyst review.
  20. One year deal, absolutely. Question is do we have the money. I think Kerrigan is out there as well.
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