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  1. 100% You see this crap all the time. A nonsensical 'weakness' that follows a player through to the pros. It's probably already in the initial bio summary for analyst review.
  2. One year deal, absolutely. Question is do we have the money. I think Kerrigan is out there as well.
  3. Hope not. We could spend the money elsewhere, like DE.
  4. I'd lose my **** if we somehow got those first two.
  5. A big fan of Mike Davis. Like Patterson for some plays here and there, but at some point I want a back in the draft.
  6. Not sure how you could possibly have him ranked behind Lawrence with his limited experience at D2. Not trying to be combative but there have been many prospects with physical talents and that can't be a reason to him rated that high, not when you're considering the selection in the top 5, top 10 or even top 15. For the QB position, there has to be tape to back it up and not just 1 year (and that's with not even taking into account the opponent level). Again, my opinion, but the risk is just too high. There are legit BPA and for those thinking we need to get a QB this year, simply not tr
  7. An actual pass rush will help the CBs we have. Just took AJ last year in the first, going CB again (in the first) like some have suggested with the pass rush we have isn't the way to go IMO. Especially considering what it means in players we would have passed over for that. And for those who think having a better back end will help the pass rush, I will acknowledge there is substance to that. However, I'm a firm believer in OL and DL winning titles and history has consistently shown that.
  8. LOL. This is absolutely correct. It's 'special' because the experts (who are often quite wrong about QBs, with a long history to prove it) are saying so? It's the same crap we see almost every year boiling down to the importance of the position. They love the terms 'upside' and 'potential' or better yet, 'ceiling'.
  9. Amazing how many people still cling to the so called 'experts' thoughts on a guy and not just think (and watch) for themselves. Don't watch highlight reels either. Lance has ONE full year under his belt in D2. What in the **** are people thinking with him being in the top 10?? Just because he's a QB, lol. And how about the impact of missing on a guy who is clearly a risk and setting back the organization for years? Kiper, Jeremiah ... all these guys have made mistakes in evaluating QBs. They are human. Jeremiah in the video re: Lance talks about being set up for 10 years with this pick
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