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  1. I'm sick and tired of this organization not addressing what is both the glaring need and outside of a couple players, the most important part of a team (i.e. OLine and DLine). With that said, sometimes you need to make tough decisions and Beasley is one as well Trufant. Both don't deserve the money they are making and I'd rather sign a guy like Preston Smith who will cost a pretty penny, but would come in cheaper than Beasley. With him you're getting a guy with non stop hustle and real talent. Beasley might come around, but we don't know for sure if that will happen and 12.3M, really??? As far as I'm concerned Quinn should be gone if he doesn't get what a lot of us think we should out of him this year. After all, he is 'working with him' now, which begs the question, where was he before during the below average seasons. As for Trufant, anyone who can't catch a football shouldn't be making 13.9M, it is ridiculous. He isn't even a 'shut down' CB and makes that coin. I hope they prove me wrong with Beasley but I think the smarter play was to go after someone else (i.e. Smith) and chuck him to FA. We're stuck with Trufant unless they restructure which is a double edged sword. They need to fix this OLine and not with guys like Fusco or Schweitzer if we want to take advantage of big name (big dollar) players like Ryan, Julio, Devonta, etc. Give Matt real time and a running game and we're top 3. The D is young and will come around with guys back like Deon, Neal and Allen. Kazee can play nickel. Riley is a complete waste, but we're ok at LB. We of course need a DT as well. I see our main need in FA as OL and through the draft, OL, DT, DE and CB.
  2. Good post. It definitely enlightened me as to why I didn't see the explosion and consistent pass rush. Now I'll admit, this guy doing the video goes over the top with the blow-fest, but I've changed my tune on Gregory. Again, good analysis, but the gushing was a little much. I'd be happy with him at 8.
  3. Not that I wanted him back, but I'm thinking what happened was they let him play the market. It clearly spoke volumes to him and he's now come back at (what I'm hoping) is a dirt cheap deal. I cannot wait to see the details.