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  1. I'm pretty certain football and soccer don't share locker rooms in the Benz. Since these locker rooms are only used gameday no need to mix position groups. In fact it would probably help to have position groups co-located
  2. I can't blame a player for a physical mistake like that; sometime a player just gets beat. Mental mistakes, Shanny and Quinn, are much more of a problem for me.
  3. Avg $8/year may be doable, but all that really matters is guaranteed money and how it hits the cap. Any other numbers are just talk show fodder.
  4. I'm not thinking of a hometown discount per se, but paying Freeman his true value not top RB money. If Freeman is looking to be the highest paid RB than he's gone.
  5. Dimitroff has said they know the market value when answering a question about resigning Free. That being said, they're probably not going to offer Free top running back money, and they shouldn't. Devonta may have to decide if he wants to play for a sorry team/organization to maximize his income, or play for what appears to be a team set up for several years of high level success with a well run organization.
  6. There's an Atlanta United facebook ticket group where people buy/sell single game tickets.
  7. Dimitroff has already said they will be looking to sign Free to a new contract in the fall, because that's when they typically re-up existing players. I'm sure there's a reason for the timing having to do with the timing of when contracts are signed, salary cap, and just availability of front office to have the cycles to do a big contract. Free's under contract this year so they are probably taking care of other business, with tighter deadlines, first. Patience.
  8. Yeah, AB hasn't shown any hesitation to spend money.
  9. That schedule probably assumes a typical 8-hour work day. I'm sure it can be done faster if necessary.
  10. I like the attitude, but Devonta don't go looking for contact. You won't survive the season.
  11. I'm going to sound like the crusty old guy, but I am what I am When it was announced that essentially the first half of the season would be played at Bobby Dodd my only real concern was the having to sit/stand in the afternoon GA sun for several hours. Even though they still haven't got the concession lines figured out yet the first couple of games weren't too bad because it hadn't heated up yet, but yesterday's experience for me wasn't good and it's only going to get worse heading into the real summer months. The biggest issue is concessions, or more accurately, the concessionaire's inability to deliver product. I went to get a bottle of water at halftime, stood in line for 15 minutes, and finally went back to my seat without, without water, a few minutes into the 2nd half. I have no doubt that if I had stayed in line until served I probably would have missed the first 20 minutes of the 2nd half. Making matters worse, the concessionaires insist on removing, and keeping, the caps on all water bottles so it's not even practical to buy several before the start of the game. At this point the enjoyment of attending the live match is quickly being overwhelmed by the negatives, and since they televise most/all of the games I will probably be couch-gating for the remainder of the day games at Bobby Dodd.
  12. To be clear, I would have bought season tickets even if I had known up front that the entire season would be played at Bobby Dodd, because I would have wanted to keep my place in line for seat selection at the Benz. I won't be attending any more day games at Bobby Dodd, but fortunately there's not too many of them left, and I'm still excited about seeing the inside of the new stadium in September.
  13. In a salary cap league cuts can also be because a good enough replacement is available at a cheaper price. That doesn't mean the cut player has nothing left.
  14. Enjoying the news is just a matter of playing mental games with yourself. Revel in the Saint's misfortune without enjoying a player's injury (as long as the player isn't a d-bag).
  15. For me metrics are really to confirm what you're seeing on tape; particularly when the player being evaluated isn't necessarily playing the "strongest" competition.
  16. The total misses by the draft ranking gurus just goes to show you how much weight teams give to intangible and immeasurable qualities.
  17. - Turn from your wicked ways Saints. Touch'em Lord, touch'em. Touch their heart. - There's a lot of effort they (the Saints) put into being stupid.
  18. What's the historical hit rate, league-wide, on rounds 4-7? I'm think rounds 4-5 you're pretty much hoping to get somebody that can contribute on special teams, and rounds 6-7 you're just playing with house money.
  19. The problem is that the NFL has pretty much also eliminated the ability of players to deal with excessive celebrations, because the over-the-top celebrations are almost always done by receivers and the "defenseless player" rules have made it very difficult to give a disciplinary de-cleater to them.
  20. If Free's deal gets done Oct/Nov time-frame as indicated by TD most, or all, of the cap hit will probably be deferred until next year and beyond.
  21. The Falcon's aren't the only NFL team taking a flyer on a collegiate track athlete hoping to turn them into a WR. I guess not surprisingly the Seahawks are trying it too, and have signed LSU's Cyril Grayson. Seahawks sign Cyril Grayson
  22. What is the downside of signing this guy? At worst he's training camp fodder like 30 other guys the Falcon's will bring in that basically have no shot at making the team, but at least he has obviously got what DQ and TD feel are athletic abilities that differentiate him from most other warm bodies. Why would anybody have a problem with this?
  23. Right back at ya. Let it go.
  24. Good read, but I'm really concerned that Quinn just doesn't understand why throwing a pass at that point in the game was the worst option to choose when considering risk/reward/situation.
  25. I guess the roof design didn't spec the correct kind of lube to open the roof sphincter.