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  1. Pitts is well on his way. After game 1, Pitts has 4. receptions/0 TDs, and Jones 3 receptions/0 TDs. If Julio stays true-to-form Pitts will definitely end the season with more TDs.
  2. At least AS isn't condescending or rude, and he'll even joke it up a bit with the press. Seems like a pretty "real" guy to me.
  3. I have Atlanta United season tickets, and before this year the weather had to be a perfect 75 and sunny with no chance of rain for the roof to be open. Now, it's open more than it's not.
  4. https://mercedesbenzstadium.com/health-safety/#:~:text=Masks will be required for,suite doors will remain open. Mask required in enclosed spaces such as team store and elevators; other wise optional. No proof of vaccination,or lack thereof, required.
  5. I'm guessing it was the roster spot as the salary cap savings were miniscule. If I weren't lazy, I could probably look at the roster moves made between his release and resigning to figure it out, but that would take work
  6. Does anyone know the actual reason for the release / re-sign? What was the cap or roster manipulation that occurred? Just curious.
  7. I watched virtually every snap Franks took at Florida, and truthfully he has not improved much IMHO. He still makes the same mistakes he made as a red-shirt freshman, and I have no confidence they can be coached out of him. I think he is what he is.
  8. Totally agree. Felipe didn't put anything on film that would cause another team to want to waste a spot on their 53 man roster.
  9. That's Franks entire collegiate career (or at least while he was at Florida). Unnecessary sacks and trying to force throws were persistent issues for him.
  10. Collingsworth was funny last night bemoaning the Falcon's completely vanilla offense while recognizing that's being done intentionally by AS.
  11. Doesn't really mean much, but not fair to equate Takk and Beasely. IMHO Takk wanted to be great, but injury won out. Didn't seem like Beasely cared.
  12. OL as position group and pass rush as a concept. If both are greatly improved, everything else will take care of itself.
  13. First off, here's hoping that the only snaps whomever is holding the clipboard on Sundays sees is end-of-game mop up duty. That being said, he's got more physical ability that McCarron and is more polished than Franks so I hope he's got his act together and wins the backup role.
  14. I hope we use no huddle more this year, particularly the mid-temp no huddle that is primarily designed to keep the defense from making substitutions, but still allows the offense to be in a more normal cadence.
  15. Felipe made the assertion that he is capable, at this stage of his career, of being Matt's backup and I disagree. Sorry if that bothers you. This isn't youth rec league any longer.
  16. I was reacting to Felipe saying he has confidence in himself, not in the signing as a UDFA. If you read my other posts about Felipe I liked the signing since it's a no risk, high reward even though I doubt he'll ever really pan out.
  17. I'd have more confidence in Felipe if he: Wasn't a rookie Wasn't erratic/inconsistent in his two preseason games Wasn't erratic/inconsistent in his entire college career
  18. I'd be surprised to see some of the key, proven vets that aren't coming off injury to play much if at all. MR2, Grady, Lindstrom, Jake Matthews, Debo, etc. may not even dress.
  19. Wildly overdrafted? Revisionist history. Before the draft: nfl.com- 1st or 2nd round https://www.nfl.com/prospects/kaleb-mcgary/32004d43-4703-7471-27c0-bc59a6bb256c draftscout.com - 1st or 2nd round https://draftscout.com/dsprofile.php?PlayerId=131155&DraftYear=2019 Bleacher report - 2nd Round https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2824341-kaleb-mcgary-nfl-draft-2019-scouting-report-for-atlanta-falcons-pick Falcoholic- Late 1st, early 2nd https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2019/5/1/18524207/falcons-nfl-draft-scouting-report-ot-kaleb-mcgary-washington-201 Falcon's drafted him 31st, bottom of 1st. No overreach whatsoever.
  20. We can all agree that watching the 1st preseason game against the Titans was painful, but perspective is needed. Going into the game, we had 90 players on the roster, and we will be down to 53 for the start of the season. I don't know the actual numbers, but a whole lot of the snaps taken last night were by players who won't be on the team game one. Before the 1st preseaon game, I had no idea how the team will do in 2021 and after the game I am no better informed.
  21. Felipe's biggest problems in college were making bad plays worse, and trying to force the ball into coverage. He did neither yesterday, and actually threw the ball away a couple times rather than take a sack. I was pleasantly surprised. I hope he can continue to grow.
  22. Two things. Arthur Smith has a great personality I wish I could hear the questions at these pressers.
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