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  1. I hurt myself laughing.
  2. No coincidence that #12, arguably one of the greatest QB's ever, can attribute a good amount of his success to being with the same head coach and offensive system his entire career, and had the same OC the majority of it (except for the OC's brief excursion to Denver).
  3. Actually, it was an incompletion
  4. DQ should be in both the Pros and Cons sections. Pros for all the reasons listed, and Cons for game management; his game management issues are well chronicled on TATF.
  5. The shovel pass call was fine, but once again execution sucked; Matt's delivery was awful. Ward is expecting the ball to come as a forward pass and his eyes are expecting to see the ball come on a level or downward slope to him. Instead Matt throws it underhand with a steep upward slant making it a much more difficult catch for Ward.
  6. Man, the entire team could be green, and I'd meet them at the airport if they win the SB.
  7. No reason to take a running back until the third round, minimum, and I'd prefer even later. OL, DL, and maybe CB are my preferences early in the draft.
  8. No way we should take a running back first round, but I don't think it matters, because based upon the value the NFL places on the running back position these days I think it's very likely at least one, and maybe both, fall past the first round.
  9. How many turnovers has the defense created that were then overturned by a defensive penalty on the same play? I think it's at least 4.
  10. I imagine that's because lot's of contact is allowed, and it's much easier to see fouls since most fouls involve the sticks which are held away from the body.
  11. Third worst with drops and -4 in turnovers. Fix those and scoring improves.
  12. NBA, MLB, and NHL refs have to be paid like they're working full time jobs, because they are. No way refs from those leagues could hold down another full time job, and be full time refs, but in the NFL it's very doable. Also, I can't speak to the NHL because I don't watch much of it, but NBA and MLB refs/umps get their share of call-outs for bad/inconsistent referring. I just think with the advent of HD TV it's easier for spectators to see the bad calls, and faster athletes and action makes it harder for the refs to call things correctly.
  13. OP, the opposite of passion is apathy. Anyone that takes the time to read and post on this site are passionate fans, and everyone expresses their passion in different ways. Since when does being a fan mean that you blindly accept everything the team does poorly? I have no problem with people pointing out their team's failings, and when the same problems keep showing up every week it certainly is understandable someone may express the opinion that they expect the same problems to continue showing up. Regardless of how a "True Falcon Fan" expresses their feelings the only common denominator in fandom is the fans will continue to passionately follow the team's success and failures.
  14. He's the worst, because anyone else equally as bad would have already been fired.
  15. The worst thing about the out-of-bounds-hit penalty on Rico was that the Bucs committed an almost identical foul later in the game, and a flag was thrown, but subsequently overruled by another official. Total BS.
  16. At this point in the season it should be clear to everyone that anything is possible with this team. Sure losing out is a real possibility, but so is winning out.
  17. This years offense is top 10 in virtually every offensive category except points/gm. Why are we only 15th in points/gm, because we're also 22nd in turnover margin (-4) and 3rd worst in drops? Hard for me to blame the OC for issues with turnover margin and drops.
  18. Worst part about the first PF on Allen was it directly led to the Bucs first TD. If that bogus call isn't made it's 4th down and the Sucs punt.
  19. That was an NFL game last night? I thought it was the Dickies Underwear Bowl; first college bowl game of the season
  20. That mock draft has us picking at #23 which I think means they have us winning at least win 1 playoff game.
  21. IMHO biggest reason for scoring output decline are all the drive killing drops and penalties. Particularly drops/tips that result in interceptions.
  22. There's a reason most teams hover around 8-8. Good teams are a few games better, and bad teams a few games worse. Of course there's always a 14-2 or 2-14, but they're the outliers. We're a good team, and with 3 games left we could end up between 8-8 and 11-5. Just the way of the NFL.
  23. Actually, in this case the "algorithm", or as referred to in baseball as "the book", would have been the best choice particularly given the opposing head coach whom DQ should have known would go for it with 4-and-less-than-1. The proper decision in that situation was to accept the penalty.