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  1. Totally agree. I get so tired of people saying teams break contracts. Teams only do exactly what the contract allows them to do, and contracts have to written within the guidelines CBA. Julio could have chosen to become a UFA or sign a shorter deal, but he chose to sign a six year deal where he knew the last three years would be at the Falcon's option. A few years ago Joe Flacco did the opposite; he turned down an extension and bet on himself, and it paid off big time.
  2. No way they guarantee 6 more years on a 29 year old WR with a history of foot and leg problems.
  3. If the Falcon's refuse to up his deal Julio has three choices: play under his current contract, sit out and collect fines, or retire. Nothing he can do to force the Falcon's to trade him if they're feeling vindictive. Of course that would hurt the Falcon's cap-wise, but they can't be forced to trade him if they don't want to. If I had to guess I'd say the Falcon's may offer him a bit more - maybe guarantee his next two years salary, but no way they rip up his deal pay him the current market value for receivers.
  4. Sorry to disagree, but Julio is only worth what someone will pay him, and the Falcon's have cornered that market.
  5. In the case of Julio, and any other player under contract, your logic is flawed because they are in a single bidder market. Julio is worth what the Falcons are willing to pay him, and that's it.
  6. We had way bigger problems than Julio's broken foot during Mike Smith's last season as head coach.
  7. TO's post declining the ceremony is classy and respectful. I have no problem with him not wanting to attend the ceremony, and I completely disagree with anyone saying he's being a hypocrite about not attending the ceremony after stumping for so long to be inducted. He felt he deserved to be in the HoF (deservedly), and said so. He's a Hall of Famer regardless of the ceremony.
  8. How many games are won, or lost, by 3 or less points? Matt Bryant.
  9. I would trade Julio in a second for two 1st round picks, but since the likelihood of that kind of haul for a 30 year old receiver is virtually nil I guess we'll keep him This has got to be the biggest non-story of the off season.
  10. Only 32 opinions that count on this - the business owners. They set behavior policy for their employees; especially when the employees are in a public setting representing the business.
  11. Not in the title, but yes I missed the qualifier in the OP. In that case I'll take the first superbowl I can get.
  12. May very well be true.
  13. Won't the Falcon's win the Superbowl in the Benz if they go undefeated this season? Have our cake and eat it too!
  14. I'm all for signing anybody that is affordable and an upgrade over whomever we have regardless of position. I don't think Incognito qualifies on either count.
  15. My thoughts exactly. He's under contract for three more years at which time he'll be 33 entering UFA. If by some miracle he's still able to perform at that age like he did in his prime then the Falcon's can look to give a few more years of top-receiver money.