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  1. Keep Duke on the sidelines, and we win 31-24
  2. Fusco got rolled up from behind and broke his ankle. Not sure how you train your body for that.
  3. If Grady is able to fully practice today then I'll be hopeful for Monday
  4. There's no advantage to the Falcon's being any more forthcoming about player health than the minimum required by the NFL, and there's a reasonable argument that it's to a team's disadvantage. So, why would any Falcon fan want the team to publicly disclose any more information than absolutely necessary?
  5. The OP could have just left the title as "Duke is a Complete Liability", and been spot-on.
  6. New Orleans Voodoo
  7. I believe Matt Ryan is on pace for the most sacks in his career, and it's not just because of the Steeler game. The OL is mediocre at best.
  8. The communication loss is really the biggest problem. Debo called the defensive play, and organized the front 7 while Allen organized the DBs. Total chaos reigns with Debo and Rico out until the new guys get experience.
  9. May not know about Takk until the 46-man roster is announced.
  10. Having dealt with groin injuries I'm making the following predictions regarding Takk. I don't want any of these, and I really hope he plays full speed, but I think one, or more, of these play out: He doesn't play Sunday - I think this is most likely He plays sparingly, and is ineffective. He aggravates the injury, and is out an even longer period of time. We desperately need him against Brees, but I'm not hopefully.
  11. If Takk has any kind of a groin injury he's looking at 4 weeks at least. Groin pull is a lot like hamstring, and has to be 100% healed or it will just get re-injured worse than originally.
  12. It's been said already, but Duke has no football instincts. He's making the same errors, poor angles, poor recognition, missed assignments, poor tackling, that he made in his first rookie game, and there's been no improvement. Done.
  13. Being incorrect is not the same as lying, and If you want to blame anyone then blame the medical staff, but diagnosing a ligament injury just via joint manipulation isn't foolproof. The only way to really know is via MRI which is how the final diagnosis was made.
  14. Certainly with Neal it was the medical staff, and player, incorrectly diagnosing the severity of injury. And I don't recall what DQ said about Tru that was dishonest. Being wrong is not the same as lying.