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  1. Really puts the actual trade into context. If Hurst performs anywhere near expectations in our offense I think it's a win. We weren't going to be able to re-sign Hooper so sure seems, on paper, to be a nice move.
  2. Not a Falcon's season ticket holder, but am an Atlanta United season ticket holder, and Atlanta United has done away with the season ticket cards. I always used my ticket card at matches, because of the unreliability of TicketMaster and the inconvenience of having to pull up the ticket on my phone vs wearing the card on a lanyard. It will be especially inconvenient early in the season until the usher in my section knows me. PITA to have to get the phone out with a beer in each hand.
  3. In the end, yes trade value is dependent upon your trade partners need's and valuation. At best point system simply provides a starting point for negotiations.
  4. First thought I had is - resign.
  5. Great weekend. Saints and Patriots both lose in overtime on their own field.
  6. More frustrating than satisfying for me.
  7. How many years in a row, where our season is over by the end of October, will it take for people to accept that Quinn isn't a head coach?
  8. Never understood the point of paying for a PSL. If I wanted to, and I don't, I could go buy a ticket from a season ticket holder every week sitting in the same section, if not row, the entire season. I might pay more than face value, but it would be a long, long time before it totaled up to the cost of a PSL.
  9. Maybe the defensive linemen voted for the offensive linemen
  10. That's what they said when we won the final 3 last year.
  11. In his 5 seasons with the Falcons DQ's teams have had too many extended losing streaks. Time to go. (Edit - fixed 2019 stats) 2015 - 7-9. 6 game losing streak, and 7 losses in 8 games 2016 - 11-5. Superbowl season. 2 game losing streak 2017 - 10-6. 3 game losing streak, and 4 losses in 5 games 2018 - 7-9. 5 game and 3 game losing streaks. 2019 - To Date: 3-7 with 6 game losing streak.
  12. The Falcon's are in the loser league of their own in Atlanta United had a really good season, and came within one match of playing for the championship again. The Braves are an exciting young team that should be in the hunt for championships at least the next five years The Hawks are also an exciting young team that is probably two years behind the Braves in their rebuild process. The Hawks should make the playoffs next year, and be a contender to represent the East in Finals for an extended window. Georgia Tech seems to have a really dynamic coach, and I expect are the worst they will be in the coming years. Georgia will be a force in the college football scene for the next decade.
  13. How about one that isn"t last in every defensive category, and does something, anything, well?
  14. Is it unseemly to beg teams to take Beasley's, Freeman's, and Trufant's contracts?
  15. Beasley is definitely ineffective. Lazy, don't know.