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  1. I'm all in on Trask in the 3rd. Maybe mid-late 2nd if we make some moves. Trask has all the intangibles that you can't teach.
  2. If I were to watch 30 seconds of Zach Wilson play, that would be 30 seconds more than I've seen. Unless you've watched hours-and-hours of game film, you're probably not in a position to evaluate him.
  3. I'm posting with bourbon chaser so maybe I'm completely off base too.
  4. We will probably have 5-6 on the roster going into training camp. Sure, some will be camp arms, but it does seem to point to a 1st or 2nd round QB being picked.
  5. Maybe it's not unusual, but I don't recall seeing a single QB on a roster.
  6. IDK. Dumping all the QB's other than Ryan makes me think we'll be drafting one pretty high.
  7. So, you think Spurrier misused him, and he should have played quarterback?
  8. As far as I can tell, we currently have 1 QB on the roster (assuming Schaub is actually retiring). Any doubt we either draft an early QB, or are, somehow, active in the FA QB market?
  9. All I will say is, a prolific offense helps the defense.
  10. No way I draft a DB first pick until the DL is fixed.
  11. Probably, but if you think Pitts is a game-changing player it's not always about value.
  12. With Pitt's skillset you're not drafting him to be a 6th offensive lineman, or if you do you've made a mistake. As long as he's willing, with his size his blocking should be more than adequate given the offensive production you can expect to get from him.
  13. He wasn't asked to block a lot at Florida, but everything I've read says he's he's a willing blocker - just needs practice at it.
  14. I'm not endorsing drafting a WR or TE with our first pick, but you have to admit that having a super dynamic offense that scores a lot of points will also help our defense as it forces the other team to try and keep up. Our success in 2016 was directly related to having an offense that forced the other side to take a lot more offensive risks to keep up.
  15. Joe Burrow is a lot more mobile than Mac Jones which may be why he wasn't thought of as so dependent upon players around him.
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