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  1. I'm an Atlanta United season ticket holder, and wholeheartedly support this. If I want to read/talk about soccer I can easily move on down the hall to the other forum.
  2. The difference is there's only three large photos ... Fran Tarkenton, Herschel Walker, and Cam in Panthers garb. AFAIK Fran and Herschel haven't played in the NFL in many years, and they were never a prominent player on a division rival. Active enemy players shouldn't have as prominent a place in the Falcon's home. How about replacing Cam's photo with a photo of Adairsville and Falcon's own Vic Beasley.
  3. I saw the photo of Cam in Panther's gear at the open house Saturday and was like WTF? I know it's petty, but I absolutely hate it and want it gone. Even though there's no equivalency in my mind between Cam and Eric Berry I'd say in general they don't need to have giant pics honoring active players who don't play for the Falcons. Period.
  4. Actually, unless you think he will surplant Schaub he probably will lose the 3rd string gig, because the Falcon's normally only keep 2 QBs on the roster, and Simms is out of practice squad eligibility.
  5. Teams are free to cut down whenever they like aren't they? If they choose to keep close to 90 until mandatory cut down day that tells you that's their preference. Heard an interview with Rich McKay yesterday where he said he expects teams to keep close to the full 90 as long as possible with the only exceptions being injury settlements.
  6. The Too true. Way too many disappointments suffered in the Dome. I'm ready to move on and look forward to many happy memories at the Benz.
  7. For soccer matches the 3rd level will be closed and have a curtain of those banners in front of the seats to hide them, and the one banner that was there was just to show what the curtain will look like. Won't be there for football games.
  8. As Ezekiel said main reasons were control of the stadium (revenues) and ability to host events like Super Bowl and World Cup. He also said he wanted open air and grass, but because a roof was a requirement for many events, including Super Bowls beyond the first one for having a new stadium, it negated the ability to have natural grass. Thus far the only stadium I know of that has a roof and natural grass is Arizona, and that's only because they have the space to wheel the field out into the sun when not in use.
  9. Everyone matures at a different pace, and I really hope this version of Ra'Shede becomes his new baseline which he continues to improve from.
  10. I don't recall Coleman looking as lost as Hill did, but I'm old and my memory ... forgot what I was going to say
  11. I can understand a rookie RB making a mistake in pass protection, forgetting to go in motion, or lining up incorrectly, but it's harder to accept a running back still not being able to read blocks and hit a hole after three months of practice (rookie camp, OTAs, and now camp).
  12. I'm not sure I've seen anyone saying to cut him, but many of us are wondering what's going on with him. It's more than just poor play in the first game; everything I've heard about him coming out of camp, including comments by DQ, is that he's doing well on teams, but not getting it done as a RB. To me it's really not good that DQ has called him out publicly this late in camp as being too tentative hitting the hole.
  13. I have to admit I'm not familiar with Wyoming's offensive system the past few years. Is the Falcon's run game so different that it's difficult for a RB to pick up that hasn't been in a ZBS before?
  14. I hope the light has finally turned on for Ra'Shede. The fact that he increased his bench by 100 lbs in one year at the age of 26, after 4 years of college and 3 years in the NFL, tells me everything most of us thought about him was true. Immense physical potential with no maturity, discipline, or work ethic.