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  1. Don't know about Shraeder, but I don't see us letting Fusco go after one injury shortened season.
  2. All Dee Ford had to do was line up onsides, and game is over. Unforgivable mental error.
  3. Sean Payton does a great scrunch face.
  4. Won't lose my mind, but won't watch the game either.
  5. I don't want to derail this thread on the Braves, but I thought Alex has been very open considering he's in the middle of free agency, and much like the police anything he says could be used against him by agents.
  6. I'd pay somebody to prank Kamla into saying something that gets himself fired.
  7. I've been saying this for a while. DQ needs a game-day coach that helps him make the smart decision based upon game situation.
  8. Keep Duke on the sidelines, and we win 31-24
  9. Fusco got rolled up from behind and broke his ankle. Not sure how you train your body for that.
  10. If Grady is able to fully practice today then I'll be hopeful for Monday
  11. There's no advantage to the Falcon's being any more forthcoming about player health than the minimum required by the NFL, and there's a reasonable argument that it's to a team's disadvantage. So, why would any Falcon fan want the team to publicly disclose any more information than absolutely necessary?
  12. The OP could have just left the title as "Duke is a Complete Liability", and been spot-on.
  13. New Orleans Voodoo
  14. I believe Matt Ryan is on pace for the most sacks in his career, and it's not just because of the Steeler game. The OL is mediocre at best.