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  1. If Takk has any kind of a groin injury he's looking at 4 weeks at least. Groin pull is a lot like hamstring, and has to be 100% healed or it will just get re-injured worse than originally.
  2. It's been said already, but Duke has no football instincts. He's making the same errors, poor angles, poor recognition, missed assignments, poor tackling, that he made in his first rookie game, and there's been no improvement. Done.
  3. Being incorrect is not the same as lying, and If you want to blame anyone then blame the medical staff, but diagnosing a ligament injury just via joint manipulation isn't foolproof. The only way to really know is via MRI which is how the final diagnosis was made.
  4. Certainly with Neal it was the medical staff, and player, incorrectly diagnosing the severity of injury. And I don't recall what DQ said about Tru that was dishonest. Being wrong is not the same as lying.
  5. Where'd this come from?
  6. He's had all week to work with team, and he's done it before in the NFL so I wouldn't expect any huge problems.
  7. This is true, but I don't think Oliver was drafted to beat out Poole. I think they drafted him to eventually replace either Trufant or Alford on the outside.
  8. Oliver's injury is why they added Deante Burton to the 53 from the practice squad yesterday.
  9. At least the defender made a play against Sanu. Hooper and Ridley just dropped uncontested passes.
  10. 3 drops by Ridley, and 1 by Hooper. This crap has got to stop.
  11. I hate to say it, but the answer for defensive players is to target the knees. Then when the runner crouches to absorb the hit, as usually happens, the hit will hopefully be to the hip area.
  12. Sorry, but it has everything to do with recognition, not speed. The Safetys have a 20 yard head start and the only way a receiver gets past them is they don't see what's happening.
  13. I've always thought Alford had more physical ability, but for the longest time he needlessly held. He seems to have figured it out, and is playing better than Trufant, but that doesn't mean I don't like Trufant. Teams need many good DBs.
  14. He did make a really nice catch on the sideline, but yes so far not impressed.