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  1. IMHO biggest reason for scoring output decline are all the drive killing drops and penalties. Particularly drops/tips that result in interceptions.
  2. There's a reason most teams hover around 8-8. Good teams are a few games better, and bad teams a few games worse. Of course there's always a 14-2 or 2-14, but they're the outliers. We're a good team, and with 3 games left we could end up between 8-8 and 11-5. Just the way of the NFL.
  3. Actually, in this case the "algorithm", or as referred to in baseball as "the book", would have been the best choice particularly given the opposing head coach whom DQ should have known would go for it with 4-and-less-than-1. The proper decision in that situation was to accept the penalty.
  4. Judging from his responses to last nights decision making issues as well as other times (28-3) where his game management skills have been very questionable I don't get the feeling that he thinks he's made poor decisions. More like he thinks he's making choices from equally viable options, and thus anyone that questions his decision making process are just Monday morning quarterbacks.
  5. Bought two tickets for tonight's game with the Saints via ticketmaster around noon, and immediately tried to transfer one to my son. He tried accepting the transfer, and it's been hung up all afternoon with the message "Ticket transfer incomplete - You've already accepted these tickets." Of course, if he tries to see the ticket on his phone it just spins. Attempts to contact TicketBast##d have been unsuccesful.
  6. This 2017 Falcon's team has done nothing to show they are consistent enough to win out; so no.
  7. Forgot to answer the OP's question. No!
  8. I totally agree that execution is the biggest reason the offensive output has improved. Every dropped pass, turnover, penalty, etc is, or likely may be, a drive killer. That being said, it also feels like as Sark gets a better grasp of player's capabilities and familiarity with the offense it's starting to appear more like last years offense in terms of getting more people involved and being more effective. We're not talking about a dramatic change in offensive style, but, in my eyes, more outside run plays and bootleg play action passing. Without stats to look at it's more of a feeling than anything.
  9. Why is it impossible to believe that a first time NFL offensive coordinator, with unfamiliar personnel and an unfamiliar system, wouldn't learn a few things as he got into the season, and make adjustments?
  10. I don't have any stats to back this up, but two things I noticed with the play calling when Freeman was out was it felt like there were more wide,stretch runs, and play-action boot legs. We had a lot of success with these two types of plays last year, and didn't seem to run them as often this year until the last few games. Did we run them more because Freeman was out, or is it just coincidental to Sarkisian getting more comfortable calling plays, or am I imagining things?
  11. No evidence to back this up, but I suspect Collins either came back from suspension out of shape, or with a bad attitude, and DQ said see ya. With Ra'Shede Hageman they could have waited to release him until after his suspension, but they knew they weren't going to keep him so they just let him go right away. Since they didn't release Collins right away they probably were going to keep him if he returned from suspension ready to play.
  12. Aren't most games won or lost in the trenches?
  13. Saw a stat that about 30% of the players that enter the concussion protocol don't miss a game (other than the one they were injured in). Hopefully Trufant's was mild.