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  1. With the way the NFL restricts physical practice time it's really on the players to be self-motivated to work on their own to fix technique issues. You can bet Raheem preached to the WRs daily about watching the ball into their hands and running routes properly, but the only way the receivers will actually improve at those things is to physically work on the techniques. That means the WRs need to be motivated to work on those things beyond scheduled practice times.
  2. Best play in the highlights was against Utah when he stayed home on backside contain, and destroyed the reverse.
  3. This has certainly helped the Pats in that it allows them to consistently be a high seed in the playoffs.
  4. Who's the dirty birds player that could give that kind of speech? Needs to start practicing for our victory parade.
  5. Jason Kelce's speech at the Eagle's victory parade. NSFW (it's a Philly event what do you expect?)
  6. Lots of discussion about how long it can take, and how crowded it can be, exiting the Mercedes Benz stadium when it's a full house and everyone stays until the end. So what do you feel is a REASONABLE time to exit the stadium if you're starting from the upper deck, and 70,000 of your closest friends are trying to leave at the same time?
  7. I'm a big MR2 fan, but I'd do the deal in a heartbeat.
  8. Because defense is reactionary, and requires more energy. Whether you're playing defense in basketball, soccer, tennis, or football it's more tiring than being on the attack.
  9. You're right, the problem they have now is very much like a cattle chute. But what happens if you have 20 exits to the chute instead of 5? Chute empties quicker. There's nothing they can do to make the concourses (hallways) larger. If your claustrophobia is that bad, then when you attend exciting, last-minute finish games, where everyone stays until the end, maybe you should just hang around your seat a bit after a game ends to let the concourses clear.
  10. I think adding more doors to the front porch will definitely help since that's where the bulk of the exit paths direct you. As it is now there's the entire front porch entrance is all glass, but only maybe 1/3 of it has doors making everyone funnel to a much tighter area causing the concourses leading to the porch to back up. We'll see, but it certainly can't hurt.
  11. Firstly, let me stipulate that I am a life-long Falcons/Braves fan and attend several of their games a year, but I'm also an Atlanta United season ticket holder and a fan of the team and game. If any NFL team had anywhere near the attendance or tv ratings of the "best" MLS team, the NFL team would be either moving, sold, or fold. Atlanta United/MLS tv ratings (which are what really count) don't even enter into the margin-of-error values of Atlanta Falcon/NFL rating statistics. Yes, there's a lot of passion within the Atlanta United fan base, but that fan base is minuscule compared to the Atlanta Falcon fan base. Never is a long time, but in my lifetime I don't see Atlanta United coming anywhere close to the Atlanta Falcons in terms of quantifiable popularity statistics.
  12. Matt Ryan is the only one I think could possibly be a Falcon's lifer. The only way Julio or the others spend their entire careers with us is if they decide to retire when their skills start to fade rather than hold on for a few more seasons of paychecks (can't blame them if they do).
  13. The question to ask yourself is "do I think Matt Ryan is capable of winning a super bowl if we have at least an average defense"? If the answer is yes, and I believe he is, then you extend him as a franchise QB which means you'll probably have to pay him in the neighborhood of $25/yr for 3 years guaranteed (5 years overall on contract). The market for franchise QB's is pretty well defined. The team may be able to be creative in its accounting to lower the up-front cap hit, but you definitely don't want to mortgage the future and be in cap **** like the Saints are in with Brees where they still owe him $18M, and he's about to be a FA.
  14. I hurt myself laughing.
  15. No coincidence that #12, arguably one of the greatest QB's ever, can attribute a good amount of his success to being with the same head coach and offensive system his entire career, and had the same OC the majority of it (except for the OC's brief excursion to Denver).