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  1. That's the new term for a camp body. So, he's a Holland ... might make the practice squad.
  2. And, history has proved out that Mullins made the wrong choice. The minute Franks got injured, the Gators became a better team. Mullins was enamored with Franks physical ability, and overlooked the lack of intangibles such as pocket awareness, situational awareness, and decision making that separate mediocre QBs from good ones.
  3. I think Mullins kept starting Franks, because Dan Mullins prefers a dual-threat QB and didn't want to give up the QB run aspect of his offense. It could also be that Trask performs better in games than practice. In the end, Trask proved he was the better gameday QB.
  4. I've watched enough of Felipe's play to question whether he will ever be a decent NFL QB, but I certainly have no problem getting a guy with his physical ability as a UDFA. Maybe he can be coached up, maybe not, but it's certainly a no-risk, high-reward play pickup by the Falcons.
  5. Initially, I was all for taking the Falcon's future QB at #4, but closer we're getting to the draft I'm leaning towards taking the guy that is most likely to succeed at a high-level for a long time - Pitts.
  6. Great to hear that about Pees, but did it annoy anyone else that Ray Lewis kept calling Grady "Jarrett" like it was his first name?
  7. I watched every game he played at Florida, and he got great athletic ability, but lacks accuracy and makes very poor decisions. Personally, I don't think he can be coached into a quality NFL QB, but sure, take a flyer in the 6-7th rounds. Stranger things have happened.
  8. Best part of that video was watching Pitts block. He's not gonna pancake guys, but he got in position to shield off the guy he's blocking and did his job.
  9. Totally disagree on that assessment. Matt Ryan was a clear top 10 selection as QB the year he was drafted precisely because he had the intangibles Franks doesn't have. The biggest concern I can recall about Matt then, and now, is arm strength.
  10. In my opinion, physical tools are not what make/break a QB, but the intangibles. Decision making, pocket awareness, poise, processing speed, etc. are the differentiators, and I don't believe they can be taught. Franks lacks in the intangibles.
  11. Gator fan here, and I watched most, if not all, of Franks' games with Florida, and I'd give a hard pass on him. He's Doug Johnson 2.0. Great physical tools, but poor decision making.
  12. Perhaps Shannahan wants to do better than "ok". The only reason the 49ers would pay the price they paid to move up to 3rd overall is to be able to pick one of the top four QBs not named Trevor Lawrence (who will be gone at 1).
  13. How can anyone not like this guy as a teammate?
  14. I don't know what he can do for the Falcons, but I'm sure we'll get all he's got.
  15. I haven't seen a minute of Lance playing and only a few games by Fields, but I will say that Fields has the advantage of Ohio State talent being better than most of the teams they play. I doubt that's true for North Dakota State.
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