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  1. The same could be said for most throws on crossing patterns over the middle. The receiver knows he's probably going to get hit as soon as he touches the ball.
  2. Defenders need to be able to count to 2. If you take two steps after the quarterback has released the ball, and then hit the quarterback, it's probably a 15-yard penalty regardless of where, or how, you hit him..
  3. That's called open in the NFL. The safety was a good step beyond from Hooper, and the cornerback in trail position. Matt's throw was perfect, and the CB made a good play and Hooper didn't attack the ball.
  4. The safety had nothing to do with the play other than be in position to intercept the deflected ball.
  5. Oh, I'm under no illusion that we keep Miggy for very long, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's purchased by another squad before the next MLS season. My only point was rumors of interest are just that - rumors - and often amount to nothing.
  6. The sale of Almiron to another club is far from a foregone conclusion. Interest from another club isn't any sort of guarantee. AJC article on possibility of a transfer
  7. Top 6 from each of the two conferences make the playoffs. Playoffs occur within each conference with the conference champions playing each other for the MLS championship. 1st (Knockout) Round: Top two teams in each conference get a bye. 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5 with highest ranking team being home. This is a single elimination knockout round. After the 1st Round the format switches to two-match, aggregate-goal series for the Conference Semifinals and Conference Championships Finally, the championship game is a single winner-takes-all match. The description on this page is for the 2015 season, but still applies:
  8. How would you like the salary cap changed?
  9. Sorry, I misunderstood. Yeah, since he's had a hamstring injury his fitness level probably won't allow him to play his normal number of snaps even if his hammy is 100%.
  10. Hamstrings are too easy to re-injure if not 100% healed. Vic has to be either all in ... or out.
  11. Kelce is certainly the best dancer
  12. Have you heard anything specific about Beasley? Sanu injured his hamstring one week ago so he's probably got another month, but Beasley might be getting close to returning.
  13. Real question is whether Beasley, Schraeder, Julio, and Sanu will be back healthy. If so, then we should win handily.
  14. Never thought I'd be paraphrasing Third Eye Blind We're 3-1 after 4 games and have only had one solid outing vs Green Bay. In spite of all the mistakes we've made in the past two games, including 2 pick-6's and 6 total turnovers, we won one and were knocking on the door of winning the other. And this was against Detroit and Buffalo two of the better teams in the first quarter of the season (never imagined I'd say that). Couple that with the inevitable injuries we've suffered, and I'll take 3-1 at this point in our season. More good news. We'll be getting back many of the injured players against Miami, and most of the problems we've had are self-inflicted and correctable. R-E-L-A-X