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  1. There's always hope, excitement, and hype with a new regime. But you are correct that it's hard to believe after all of the disappointments we've had over the years that this group will be any different than the past ones. I personally can't buy into it anymore. I'm always going to be excited for the new season but I can't believe anymore until I see results. I do like the hires, especially the coaching ones, much better than I have since Dan Reeves lost the power struggle with Vick. Knowing I won't see DQ on our sideline is enough to make me smile every day. And it does seem that the coaching staff and front office are working together for a change. We were so disjointed in the DQ era and to a lesser degree in the MS era. Too many chefs in the kitchen, each trying to stir the pot in a different direction the last few years. So it does look like we could be on the right track, but I just have hope and not faith that we are. Good to see you by the way, it's been a long time since I've been on here.
  2. 1999 is the first one that came to mind for me. 2013 would be 2nd probably followed by 1980. Agree 100% that you have to have expectations for it to be a serious disappointment.
  3. Thanks again @Draftnut57, always a fun game and something I look forward to coming back to the boards every year to do. If you ever consider tweaking the game any, maybe look at having everyone start with a mock draft of Falcons picks and then filling out other guesses below that to round out the 20 - 30 players that you decide to go with. Make the "mock" the first tie breaker if they got player & round right.
  4. Even without counting Lawrence, the Jags had a very good draft.
  5. 3 usually wins this. A lot more may hit that number this year. I'll probably lose on tie breakers like the other times I've had 3 right, if there wasn't someone with 4.
  6. Please tell me you had Pitts though.....
  7. We can still salvage this draft debacle in rounds 5/6. 5 (4) Daviyon Nixon, DT, Iowa 5 (38) Hamilcar Rashed, OLB, Oregon St 5 (39) Seth Williams, WR, Auburn 6 (3) Adetokunbo Ogundeji, DE, Notre Dame or Israel Mukuamu, CB, South Carolina if one of the above is gone at our pick.
  8. We need to rename these boards to Talk About Arthur Blank's Fantasy Football Team. TAABFFT
  9. Gotta go D at 35 or we need to ship Font back to the aints before he can screw up our 3rd pick too.
  10. Was still holding out hope we could get a Dallas or Denver to come up and we could get some D value at 9 or 10. Parsons or a CB.
  11. Even Reeves knew better than to take one top 5.
  12. New regime, nothing has changed. Our FO still thinks this is a fantasy football team they are running. Disappointing.
  13. Kyle Pitts Justin Fields Trey Lance Micah Parsons Caleb Farley Kwity Paye Patrick Surtain Asante Samuel Jaycee Horn Jayson Oweh Najee Harris Richie Grant Carlos Basham Javonte Williams Jevon Holland Gregory Rousseau Davis Mills Hamsah Nasirildeen Landon Dickerson Jamar Johnson Michael Carter Jaelan Phillips Adetokunbo Ogundeji Hamilcar Rashed Tyree Gillespie Seth Williams Patrick Jones Tarron Jackson Robert Rochell Talanoa Hufanga A. Name the first 4 positions we take in this draft in Order ? TE, DE, RB, C B. What round will we take our first D# player ? 1st C. What round will we take our first O# player ? 1st D. What position do you think we will take at least 2 players, be specific , examples,, QB, OT, OG, OC, DE, DT, ILB, OLB, S, CB, WR, TE, RB, etc. Or None. None
  14. I go from being giddy to feeling bad for celebrating people losing their jobs, but back to giddy again.
  15. Well, i despise Urban, so there may be a reason he wasn't mentioned. Plus i don't think he'd translate well to the pro game. And then there's his health.
  16. Pederson really hasn't done much, outside of the 1 year. But at least he finished the final game when he got there unlike DQ. Other than that season, he's a .500 coach. Nagy hasn't shown much in Chicago either. His best offense was his 1st year there and they ranked 21st. He dropped to 29th last year and is at 27th this season. So yeah, that's a strike against to me. Also, would Bieniemy be such a hot prospect if Mahomes wasnt the guy in KC? I'm just not sold right now on him.
  17. The bad thing is that this is the year to draft a QB. It's a strong class. 2022 doesn't seem to be as good. If there is any way to get into a full rebuild now, we need to go for it. But we are in terrible cap shape.
  18. I know Eric Bieniemy is at the top of everyone's list, but I worry about hiring him for multiple reasons. 1st, he's an OC under Andy Reid, a position that has historically been a position in name only. Reid doesn't let any OC have very much control in his system, he keeps a tight reign on it. 2nd only 1 former OC for Reid has become a HC and that is Pat Shurmer, who holds a 9-23 record and looked completely overwhelmed at least in part due to lack of decision making input under Reid. I think we need an offensive minded coach who can bring in a strong DC, so here are some candidates not named Bieniemy. My preference is a young offensive coach with some HC experience. That’s extremely limited, like maybe only Josh McDaniels limiting, and I’m not too thrilled with that either. Another offensive coach, that isn’t young, but has experience is Jim Caldwell. Caldwell has gotten a bad wrap, but he’s a good coach. ****, he took the Detroit Lions to the playoffs in 2 of his 3 seasons there as HC. Experienced coaches without HC experience are plentiful. If we don’t go with one that has HC experience, I’d like to see a coach with a lot of assistant/OC experience. Brian Shottenheimer is a guy with the pedigree similar to Kyle Shannahan. He’s not the coach Kyle is though, but hard to argue what he’s done in Seattle the past few years. Another coach is Pete Carmichael, the Taints long time OC. It’s hard to say, but he’s been a **** good OC for that team. Who better to piss off taints fans than bringing in one of their own who knows how to attack their defense? Greg Roman who is running the offense in Baltimore has multiple OC stops. He was OC with Kaepernick in SF, OC for the Bills in 15/16 which he probably hopes people would forget. But now he’s with Lamar. So he’s definitely used to working with QBs like many fans would want (Justin Fields maybe)? The less experienced coaches who are or will become hot names are the ones that get people excited. Bieniemy is one of those, here are some others. Joe Brady, the Panther’s OC. He’s VERY raw, only 3 years in the NFL and the Panthers is his first OC job at any level. He’ll be a name in the future for some team, but too early for him now. Brian Daboll has a little more experience and comes from great coaching trees (Belichick, Saban, Crennel). He’s built a very good offense in Buffalo and will be a hot name this offseason. Byron Leftwich, our former QB for the gap year between Vick & Ryan, has been an OC under Bruce Arians for the past 3 seasons. This year he’s getting experience with the GOAT as his QB. So there are a lot of candidates out there not named Bieniemy. My immediate reaction rankings are: 1. Pete Carmichael 2. Jim Caldwell 3. Greg Roman 4. Brian Daboll 5. Byron Leftwich
  19. Execution and on field decision making is a big problem at times, but coaching decisions far too often put our players in bad matchups and make it harder to execute. Could go back an pull out many examples, but a perfect example of this was rolling Ryan out to the right on 4th down in the red zone and the only receiver (2 receivers on the field), but the ONLY eligible receiver was Gage, the #3 receiver who they motioned over to the right and into double coverage. Ryan couldn't do anything but take the sack because of stupid situational playcalling.
  20. Bingo. After the scripted plays were done, the entire coaching staff reverted to their traditional full (I used a word here that required my mouth to be washed out) mode. (sorry, too old to be PC).
  21. Experienced fans have seen this far too often, especially from DQ teams. The team was completely unprepared week 1. Same thing you saw with preseasons in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019. The no preseason excuse doesn't fly with me because what was Seattle doing playing 4 preseason games while we played none???? Oh yeah, they didn't have a preseason either, but their balanced playcalling all game and smart/effective passing game saw only 4 incompletions all game from Wilson. People keep going back to "it worked in 2016" but ignore the fact it didn't work before or after that season. They have a word for repeating the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.
  22. Disagree a little. DL & OL both looked improved over last year, just not consistent yet. but play calling and secondary, yeah, they both still suck a..
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