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  1. There's always hope, excitement, and hype with a new regime. But you are correct that it's hard to believe after all of the disappointments we've had over the years that this group will be any different than the past ones. I personally can't buy into it anymore. I'm always going to be excited for the new season but I can't believe anymore until I see results. I do like the hires, especially the coaching ones, much better than I have since Dan Reeves lost the power struggle with Vick. Knowing I won't see DQ on our sideline is enough to make me smile every day. And it does seem that
  2. 1999 is the first one that came to mind for me. 2013 would be 2nd probably followed by 1980. Agree 100% that you have to have expectations for it to be a serious disappointment.
  3. Thanks again @Draftnut57, always a fun game and something I look forward to coming back to the boards every year to do. If you ever consider tweaking the game any, maybe look at having everyone start with a mock draft of Falcons picks and then filling out other guesses below that to round out the 20 - 30 players that you decide to go with. Make the "mock" the first tie breaker if they got player & round right.
  4. Even without counting Lawrence, the Jags had a very good draft.
  5. 3 usually wins this. A lot more may hit that number this year. I'll probably lose on tie breakers like the other times I've had 3 right, if there wasn't someone with 4.
  6. Please tell me you had Pitts though.....
  7. We can still salvage this draft debacle in rounds 5/6. 5 (4) Daviyon Nixon, DT, Iowa 5 (38) Hamilcar Rashed, OLB, Oregon St 5 (39) Seth Williams, WR, Auburn 6 (3) Adetokunbo Ogundeji, DE, Notre Dame or Israel Mukuamu, CB, South Carolina if one of the above is gone at our pick.
  8. We need to rename these boards to Talk About Arthur Blank's Fantasy Football Team. TAABFFT
  9. Gotta go D at 35 or we need to ship Font back to the aints before he can screw up our 3rd pick too.
  10. Was still holding out hope we could get a Dallas or Denver to come up and we could get some D value at 9 or 10. Parsons or a CB.
  11. Even Reeves knew better than to take one top 5.
  12. New regime, nothing has changed. Our FO still thinks this is a fantasy football team they are running. Disappointing.
  13. Kyle Pitts Justin Fields Trey Lance Micah Parsons Caleb Farley Kwity Paye Patrick Surtain Asante Samuel Jaycee Horn Jayson Oweh Najee Harris Richie Grant Carlos Basham Javonte Williams Jevon Holland Gregory Rousseau Davis Mills Hamsah Nasirildeen Landon Dickerson Jamar Johnson Michael Carter Jaelan Phillips Adetokunbo Ogundeji Hamilcar Rashed Tyree Gillespie Seth Williams Patrick Jones Tarron Jackson Robert Rochell Talanoa Hufanga A. Name the first 4 positions we take in this draft in Order ? TE, DE, RB, C B.
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