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  1. First off, I posted the article, not because I think we have the best receiver corps (I actually don't, I'd say 3rd top to bottom), but because there's no way in **** the Pats or Bucs should be sniffing the top 5. The Bucs might sneak in to the back of the top 10 this year if OJ can play at the NFL level (questionable), the Pats though based on actual talents of their receivers (not their QB) should be in the 14 - 17 range. Second, either you didn't watch the super bowl, or you're too stupid to realize what you were watching. The Pats never shut down our offense. A QB that completes 74% of his passes, averages 12.3 yards PER ATTEMPT (Jameis could only muster 11.8 yards PER COMPLETION & 7.2 yards per attempt this season), and a team that only had one 3rd down the entire game didn't get shut down on offense.
  2. Edelman's a nice possession receiver. Won't beat a D-lineman deep, but has good hands & runs good routes. He only averages under 11 ypc for his career though. Also only 2 healthy seasons out of 8 for his career. Amendola, another possession receiver that won't beat anyone deep. He averages less that Edleman with under 10 ypc for his career. Both put up a lot of receptions for Brady in the short passing game, but nothing from either of them to really scare a DB anywhere. Amendola, like Edleman, is fragile as glass, also having only 2 completely healthy seasons out of 8 for his career. Hogan, did anyone in the NFL benefit more from their supporting cast than him? You talk about Gabriel & Sanu benefiting, Hogan put up 41% of his career yardage total this season on fewer targets than he had in either of the previous 2 seasons. On any other team he's a WR5 averaging 11 ypc. Cooks will be the best WR on the Pats next year, simply because the others are at best a WR3 on most teams. Cooks would be a WR2 on about 30% of the teams in the NFL, so that makes him the best by default. Cooks has benefited from Brees in New Orleans. Brees has at least 627 pass attempts in each of the last 7 years (the 627 was when he only played 15 games, he averaged 42 passes a game that year. That's the only year he was under 650 attempts). Brady has 627 or more attempts only twice in his career (628 & 637, the last was 4 years ago). You can expect a significant dropoff in stats from Cooks in the Pats offense and many will be calling him a huge disappointment. Gronk, no question he's the best TE in the game.......if he's on the field. Considering he hasn't played a full season since 2011. In the last 4 years he's played in 45 games and missed 21. Doesn't matter how much talent you have, if you're in street clothes for 32% of your games, that talent isn't doing anyone any good. New England has a slightly above average receiving corps, bolstered by a talented TE. But this group is hurt by their fragility. The entire corps is plug and play with Brady at QB, you could replace Edleman, Amendola, & Hogan with Torrey Smith, Jeremy Kerley, and Quinton Patten from the 49ers worst passing offense in the league last year and have the same results as the 2016 Pats WRs.
  3. Would be cool, but Dallas had just done that the year before Miami. Dallas lost Super Bowl V beat Miami in Super Bowl VI and then Miami went 19-0
  4. It's not that I think Hooper is a great TE, but I think Matt likes using the TE and there really isn't much option outside of Hooper. Part of it is that we do have all of the other options and that leaves the TE almost unaccounted for which does help. Given that he was a rookie last year, I expect some improvement as well. I don't think 700 is out of the question at all.
  5. maybe slightly, especially on the TD side, but I think there's a chance he could push to beat the Falcons single season record for receiving yards for a TE. There is really nobody to push him for playing time. Toilolo has his role, but it's not the role that Hooper will fill. The rookie (Saubert) has a chance to be decent, but he's not going to be ready to see much action this year. So Hooper is really the only TE threat outside of the red zone. If he can average 15ypc (14.3 last year), he'd need about 63 catches to break the record. Our TEs had 58 receptions last year, so there's a shot. Don't think it'll happen but 700-800 yards is realistic.
  6. JMO, giving way too much weight to the TE position then (especially TE's who have never played a down in the NFL)
  7. I think the passing yards is definitely in jeopardy of falling. I expect Matt to hit 5k at least once if not multiple times in the next few years & it should start in 2017. We should have made it a point last year, we only had 1 pass attempt in the 4th quarter against New Orleans in the final game while throwing for 331 in the first 3 quarters. I think all receiving records are going to be safe because of the number of weapons & the way Matt spreads the ball. I'd love to see JJ get 2k yards or TC breaking 735, but don't think it happens. The one record that might be the exception here is the TE single season record of 930 yards by TG. Hooper really doesn't have much competition in the TE passing game (I think Saubert will need a year or two of development before pushing him hard). Toilolo is a red zone threat, but not an every down receiving threat that will keep Hooper off the field. So this is the only receiving record that I think has a chance to fall. I don't think Vic breaks the record, and probably doesn't really come close. But I do think he has a much more consistent season and finishes with 12 or 13. Last year, through the first quarter of the season, he only had 1 sack and picked up the final 14.5 in 12 games and had 2 games with 3+ sacks. I think fewer multiple sack games, but more games with sacks.
  8. Agree. Also think Oakland has an argument. But NE / Tampa 1 & 2, nope. Personally, I think if San Diego's receivers could stay healthy, they could get into the conversation too.
  9. So, if you ever needed yet another reason NEVER to use Bleacher Report for any sort of legitimate NFL or sports analysis, here you go.... This ranking has the Falcons with the 3rd best WR corp in the NFC and 5th best in the NFL. ****, they say our receiving corps is only 2nd best in the NFC South. Thought you guys might enjoy.
  10. There are still 2 tickets left if anyone can go tomorrow night.
  11. Just an FYI to all you vets out there. If you're not familiar with Vet Tix's, you should check them out. There are tickets for all type of events. This year they have had quite a few Braves tickets to give away, almost every home game I believe. It's only for veterans and you have to prove that to register an account. I've used them for several different events (Braves, Hawks, concerts). They are a good organization and the link to them is:
  12. Already sent Droopy a message, but if it turns out he can't go, then I'll hit you up next ryanATL.
  13. Any military vet here free to go to a Braves game on Wednesday? I got 4 tickets that were donated to vets, but now I'm not going to be in Atlanta this week like I had planned. I am supposed to find another vet to go in my place if I can't go. So if you're a vet & can go, PM me. I can transfer the tickets to you through ticketmaster. No cost, I already paid for the tickets.
  14. ROFLMAO.
  15. Hope so. They were able to watch him all of last year, we weren't, so maybe he's ready for the job & if so, it makes sense.