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  1. Quite a few got Oliver, but only one got Senat. Nobody got em both. Everybody's still in this thing.
  2. Yeah, those were the reasons I decided to swap out Ridley & Moore at the end. Didn't think either would be there & didn't really buy into the rumors the last week or two that we might go WR in round 1. But Ridley was the guy I wanted if we didn't go DL/OL and with the way the draft fell, he was an excellent value pick IMO.
  3. WOW! Nobody had Ridley. He was the last guy I swapped out on my list. I wanted him, but didn't expect him to drop that far.
  4. I have rarely been on the boards the last year or so, I'm not even sure who the mods are anymore. Almost forgot about your game and I wanted to get in. Hope they will lock it down. I"ll try to PM one to ask also.
  5. 1. Da’ron Payne DT 2. Taven Bryan DT 3. Nathan Shepherd DT 4. P.J. Hall DT 5. B.J. Hill DT 6. Poona Ford DT 7. Folorunso Fatukasi DT 8. Isaiah Oliver CB 9. D.J. Reed CB 10. Christian Kirk WR 11. Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma 12. Will Hernandez OG 13. Dante Pettis WR 14. Austin Corbett, OG 15. Javon Sims WR 16. Deasean Hamilton WR 17. Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, EDGE 18. Equanimeous St. Brown, WR 19. Dimitri Flowers, FB 20. Mike Gesicki, TE Tie Breakers: 1. DT, DT, TE, OG, CB, WR 2. DaRon Payne, Mike Gesicki, B.J. Hill 3. TE (as our original 2nd round pick, not if we trade back into the 2nd) 4. 2 trades, one of each.
  6. Hey, are you still going to do the IMD draft?

  7. no problem. Sorry it hurts your feelings to know someone has a different opinion than you.
  8. So yay! We have drafted Kroy, Jr. We've got a pass rushing specialist that can only play 1 down. At least he does have more upside than Kroy and should be able to become a decent starter in a couple of years, but we could have done a LOT better at #8, or even trading down.
  9. It's like Christmas eve! Draft tomorrow!

  10. Okay, 2 rounds of free agency. I removed teams who didn't bother finishing the draft. The times will be the same for Thursday and Friday. The Bucs can pick any time between now and 8am. Once the team in front of you has picked, you can pick. If the team in front of you does not participate in free agency, you still have to wait until your time slot....UNLESS they state here that they are not going to participate. 8-8:30 Buccaneers 8:30-9 Titans 9-9:30 Jaguars 9:30-10 Raiders 10-10:30 Redskins 10:30-11 Jets 11-11:30 Bears 11:30-12 Falcons 12-12:30 Rams 12:30-1 Vikings 1-1:30 Browns 1:30-2 Saints 2-2:30 Dolphins 2:30-3 Texans 3-3:30 Chargers 3:30-4 Chiefs 4-4:30 Bengals 4:30-5 Steelers 5-5:30 Cardinals 5:30-6 Panthers 6-6:30 Ravens 6:30-7 Cowboys 7-7:30 Broncos 7:30-8 Colts 8-8:30 Packers 8:30-9 Seahawks 9-9:30 Patriots
  11. Saints Ravens (from Dolphins) Dolphins (from 49ers) All need to pick Chiefs are OTC until 7am Sunday. Rams waiting on deck. Let's finish this up.
  12. lol
  13. Serious, serious buzz kill. Had started getting so pumped about the 2015 Falcons. Loved the Quinn hire, liked the Reed, Durant, Schofield, & Clayborn signings. I am much higher on the Hankerson signing than I think most are (he's going to be very good here). Letting Douglas walk was a good move. But now this just destroyed all of that excitement. This had better be a vet minimum, 1 year deal, if we went multi-year for a good chunk of change when Kroy wasn't getting looks from anywhere else around the league, then this signing just went from awfully bad to abysmal.
  14. 2 rounds, like we usually do. I'll post it late in the 7th round. It will be the same as always, 2 rounds, 30 minutes per pick and it's 1 round per day. Everybody will have a time slot to make their pick in, but you can pick early if the pick ahead of you is in.
  15. I'd definitely love to see it happen. I just think its a ploy of some kind, either Bennett's ploy to try an rework a salary or a ploy by the agent to boost Hardy's value.