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  1. It's also part of the reason he didn't go until the 2nd round. Same with Settle IMO.
  2. I think Settle is a good player, but will need some development time. I don't particularly like him as a 1st round selection, I think that would be a reach. I would suspect that we could have a shot at him in the 2nd round and use our 1st round pick a little differently. JMO.
  3. Exactly how I feel. My mock draft that I keep had us going VV/Payne in the 1st, OG Teuhema in the 2nd, and DE Rasheem Green in the 3rd. I had us signing Justin Pugh for LG through FA.
  4. They did a good job there finding and getting a body on Jones all game.
  5. I'll disagree slightly. I think this is a pretty good draft for guards (considering several college OTs are projecting to NFL Guards). Nelson is elite level talent, but outside of that, I think there will be some long-term quality guards taken in the 2nd-4th rounds this year. That 2nd tier of guard quality is pretty good IMO & there are quite a few that will come in and start day 1.
  6. I would expect that the hope is we address it some in FA prior to the draft. I also think that if we're addressing the O-line, we're probably looking at the interior. There is really only 1 guard that is 1st round worthy (Nelson) and he'll be gone by the 10th pick. So, given where we are picking, DT (at this point in the offseason) is the more logical place to look. There are several good guard prospects that will be taken in the 2nd round. I'm really high on Maea Teuhema in the 2nd round, I think he could come in and start immediately at RG, so if we can get a LG in free agency, we probably don't need to address the OL in round 1. JMO.
  7. Would LOVE to get him, but it would take a Julio style trade to get him. I expect him to go top 7 or 8.
  8. Agree the effort needed to be better (that was pretty weak), but if we're setting those moves up, it doesn't take much to make aggressive corners bite.
  9. This this this. Sark does well in the college game where you can line up players who are just physically so much better than the players they are up against. Doesn't matter what you draw up, your guys just win the matchups the majority of the time. That is why Sark is not a good fit in the NFL. The talent level opposite your talented players is just too great to be able to expect your players to win on talent alone. This was obvious as early as preseason game 1, but you held out hope that it was vanilla gameplanning & early in the season, you had to hope he was just trying to learn personnel, but it's not. He doesn't understand scheming for a full game. This is not something that should be learned on the fly, this is why good coordinators at the NFL level work their way up the ranks into the coordinator position. I know there is no hope for changing OC's, so instead, what I'm hoping for is that we can bring in an offensive assistant that has a relaxed schedule, but would be available to work and teach Sark how to be an NFL OC. Guys like Kubiak or Arians who retired due to health or family time reasons might be amenable to a situation like that if the price is right. I know it's a long shot, but anything other than just hoping Sark will be able to learn from his own mistakes is better IMO.
  10. Completely agree. I meant that he reports like a fanboy, but he's technically a professional reporter. I know it's not a personal blog, he just does not come close to acting professionally.
  11. Later in that same "article", he says this: Guy is nothing but a fanboy with a little access, nothing professional about him though.
  12. Probably not, just a really weird coincidence how it turned out on 2 different things right there together.
  13. If you take the separate issues and look at it as a whole, they could conceivably do that. Would be better if they made it 2 games. Choking taunt Charging the official Tripping the head ref after the game (physical contact with a ref is suspendable right?)
  14. Looked like the ref was pointing at him to stay on the sideline too.
  15. I think I remember reading a few years back about a digital system that teams use to help gameplan that does what you are talking about. It tracks teams plays, offense & defense and uses algorithms to analyze how they would likely react in different situations. If could also be used to sort by coach, so like in the case of Shannahan, teams could have tracked him in Washington & used that to gameplan when he was in Cleveland and added Cleveland's data to figure out what he would tend to do when he got here. Might have to go try and track that article down again.