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  1. Only one worth trading up for was Okudah and we couldn't get that high. Should have worked harder on a trade down. Terrell could have gone 10 picks later.
  2. Welp, didn't get him in a trade down. Still would have preferred a different direction since we stayed put.
  3. Chaisson & a package later to get back into the 1st
  4. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG The Jags just made me so happy. We can't make the Henderson mistake!!!!!
  5. 1st pick to surprise me. Didn't think they'd really waste that pick on Herbert.
  6. agree, that's where I had him in my mock
  7. Sucks I missed your draft game. Wish I had come back a day or two earlier. I think it's either Kinlaw or Chaisson. If we trade up for a corner now, we've completely blown our draft. We've got to build that DL.
  8. Okudah obviously as the far & away top corner. I like Reggie Robinson from Tulsa in the 2nd though. Wouldn't be terribly upset with Terrell, Arnette, or Fulton with a trade down from 16.
  9. Whats up peoples????? Long time since I've been in here. Hope everyone is doing well. Looking forward to this draft. Just don't F it up. No trade ups for CJ Henderson PLEASE.
  10. Hey, are you still going to do the IMD draft?

  11. no problem. Sorry it hurts your feelings to know someone has a different opinion than you.
  12. So yay! We have drafted Kroy, Jr. We've got a pass rushing specialist that can only play 1 down. At least he does have more upside than Kroy and should be able to become a decent starter in a couple of years, but we could have done a LOT better at #8, or even trading down.
  13. It's like Christmas eve! Draft tomorrow!

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