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  1. I go from being giddy to feeling bad for celebrating people losing their jobs, but back to giddy again.
  2. Well, i despise Urban, so there may be a reason he wasn't mentioned. Plus i don't think he'd translate well to the pro game. And then there's his health.
  3. Pederson really hasn't done much, outside of the 1 year. But at least he finished the final game when he got there unlike DQ. Other than that season, he's a .500 coach. Nagy hasn't shown much in Chicago either. His best offense was his 1st year there and they ranked 21st. He dropped to 29th last year and is at 27th this season. So yeah, that's a strike against to me. Also, would Bieniemy be such a hot prospect if Mahomes wasnt the guy in KC? I'm just not sold right now on him.
  4. The bad thing is that this is the year to draft a QB. It's a strong class. 2022 doesn't seem to be as good. If there is any way to get into a full rebuild now, we need to go for it. But we are in terrible cap shape.
  5. I know Eric Bieniemy is at the top of everyone's list, but I worry about hiring him for multiple reasons. 1st, he's an OC under Andy Reid, a position that has historically been a position in name only. Reid doesn't let any OC have very much control in his system, he keeps a tight reign on it. 2nd only 1 former OC for Reid has become a HC and that is Pat Shurmer, who holds a 9-23 record and looked completely overwhelmed at least in part due to lack of decision making input under Reid. I think we need an offensive minded coach who can bring in a strong DC, so here are some candidat
  6. Execution and on field decision making is a big problem at times, but coaching decisions far too often put our players in bad matchups and make it harder to execute. Could go back an pull out many examples, but a perfect example of this was rolling Ryan out to the right on 4th down in the red zone and the only receiver (2 receivers on the field), but the ONLY eligible receiver was Gage, the #3 receiver who they motioned over to the right and into double coverage. Ryan couldn't do anything but take the sack because of stupid situational playcalling.
  7. Bingo. After the scripted plays were done, the entire coaching staff reverted to their traditional full (I used a word here that required my mouth to be washed out) mode. (sorry, too old to be PC).
  8. Experienced fans have seen this far too often, especially from DQ teams. The team was completely unprepared week 1. Same thing you saw with preseasons in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019. The no preseason excuse doesn't fly with me because what was Seattle doing playing 4 preseason games while we played none???? Oh yeah, they didn't have a preseason either, but their balanced playcalling all game and smart/effective passing game saw only 4 incompletions all game from Wilson. People keep going back to "it worked in 2016" but ignore the fact it didn't work before or after that season. They
  9. Disagree a little. DL & OL both looked improved over last year, just not consistent yet. but play calling and secondary, yeah, they both still suck a..
  10. All the offseason talk of change goes out the window once the first 15-20 scripted plays of the season run their course and then everyone reverts to their real self. Nothing different to see here is the call to pass in the superbowl.
  11. Quinn should have been fired after 2018. He hasn't done a thing to change that.
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