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  1. Thanks. I've been gone too long. Days used to be 24 hours long, now they seem like they are only 10 hours. Never enough time. I do come & browse through from time to time though.
  2. Falcons are FINALLY getting serious about winning football games. Love these 2 picks. This offense is going to be nasty again. Run game will work. Pass game will be even better. And the D that we were all high on in 2018 is healthy again. Oh yeah, first time in a while I've been excited by our draft and this one isn't close to over yet. We've got picks to play with and can still package & move around.
  3. Hey, are you still going to do the IMD draft?

  4. no problem. Sorry it hurts your feelings to know someone has a different opinion than you.
  5. So yay! We have drafted Kroy, Jr. We've got a pass rushing specialist that can only play 1 down. At least he does have more upside than Kroy and should be able to become a decent starter in a couple of years, but we could have done a LOT better at #8, or even trading down.
  6. It's like Christmas eve! Draft tomorrow!

  7. lol
  8. Serious, serious buzz kill. Had started getting so pumped about the 2015 Falcons. Loved the Quinn hire, liked the Reed, Durant, Schofield, & Clayborn signings. I am much higher on the Hankerson signing than I think most are (he's going to be very good here). Letting Douglas walk was a good move. But now this just destroyed all of that excitement. This had better be a vet minimum, 1 year deal, if we went multi-year for a good chunk of change when Kroy wasn't getting looks from anywhere else around the league, then this signing just went from awfully bad to abysmal.
  9. I'd definitely love to see it happen. I just think its a ploy of some kind, either Bennett's ploy to try an rework a salary or a ploy by the agent to boost Hardy's value.
  10. If headlines were honest.... User Actions FollowClarence HillVerified account‏@clarencehilljrPer multiple sources, Michael Bennett is seeking requesting a trade to Atlanta and to get a new contract from Seattle.
  11. At first they were just laying the foundation of the characters, now they are starting to really cross over into what the movie universe is doing. Great concept, unique like 24 was when it came out.
  12. Never saw the shots that hit her when she was down, so you never know.I was surprised at the Garrett twist, I thought Hand was the Clairvoyant. After that, when Ward was headed to the plane with Hand, I did assume that it would probably turn out the way it did. But deep cover does make sense as well. There was no hail hydra there at the end which I did expect them to do after he shot the 3.
  13. ummmm, uhhhhhh, wellll......

  14. Starting the couch to 5K running program tomorrow. My goal, run in a 5K on 9/11/11 and be home in time to watch the Falcons go 1-0.